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Intestinal Health Newsletter May/June 2013
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Going's On!

Welcome to late spring and the on-coming warmer weather! I have many jewels for you in this newsletter so keep scrolling. I provide you with many ideas for positive health action in your life.


Try A GI Cleanse!
The Arise & Shine Company has discontinued their 7-Day Cleanse and are offering the 14-Day and 28-Day Cleanses. I have one 7-Day Cleanse left and for the brave of heart, I have a few of the 14-Day Cleanses on hand. The 7-Day works best with 3 colonics: before, during and after. The 14-Day is perfect for the 5-pack colonics. The idea is to put in the nutritious and take out the toxic.

Fluids May Prevent Constipation Better Than Fiber!

American Journal of Gastroenterology has an excellent article on Fluids May Prevent Constipation Better Than Fiber. It's a good read and short. Constipation is getting to be very popular these days. Recently, Catherine Stack of Journey II Health published Free Yourself from a Constipated Life. Last month, my 7 chapters on Constipation and Detoxification came out in  Biodynamic Cranialsacral Therapy: Volume Five. Make time to do some reading and have some colon hydrotherapy sessions.


Test Yourself for Metabolic Syndrome!

Many of my clients suffer from 'metabolic syndrome' what I call the gateway condition to diabetes, cancer, heart disease and stroke. Metabolic Syndrome was first named in 1923. Then Stanford University in 1988 named it again and continued the research. Mark Hyman MD, functional medicine doctor, wrote Ultra-Metabolism in 2006. So no excuses that you do not know what it is and cannot list all the characteristics. LOL. In our last workshop, we had people fill out the Do You Have Metabolic Syndrome Questionnaire from Mark Hyman's book! Then we shared our scores.


Take the Test! 


Detoxification is definitely called for with metabolic syndrome. The abdomen is bloated and distended. Microbial build-up and the resulting gas cause pain and much more. Waste has built up in the system for years. The liver is sluggish from so many doses of high fructose corn syrup. Weight and eating are out of control and the person feels very uncomfortable because of that. Some struggle with energy; others with memory. Take a break and cleanse your system at your own rate.

Sheila Shea MA 
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Night Blooming Cactus
Night Booming Cereus Cactus


 Stayin' Alive!



New Workshop Dates


September 20, Friday: 5:30-7:30PM September 21, Saturday: 9AM-3PM


$99/$129 after September 8


We had a great group and a great time at our last Workshop. We have renamed it, Stayin' Alive! It's challenging to find the right name for the whole syndrome of sugar addiction, emotional eating and resulting diseases. The Workshop is designed to keep our life force going: basic tools of nutrition, detoxification, hydration, exercise, meditation, breathing and mindfulness. This workshop is excellent for preventative health. This workshop is a great foundation for those suffering from any one of the 'sugar' or 'emotional' imbalances. More details to follow.


Registration: Sheila Shea 520-325-9686

Try This Protocol!


My friend Maria shared this story about how she coached her dad. High blood pressure and prediabetes are part of the metabolic syndrome complex. Some people like to have a very specific protocol they can follow. Maria's is a great one. Give it a try! 


"The following is exactly what I wrote down for dad after he was diagnosed with vertigo, slightly high blood pressure and pre-diabetic:


Follow this routine every morning for the rest of your life:

  1. Drink large glass of water upon rising.
  2. Drink more water with as much Organic Raw Apple Cider Vinegar
  3. Drink probiotics (I drink Inner-Eco brand)
  4. Take Dr. Schulze's Brain tonic.
  5. When you get hungry (or wait at least 20-30 minutes after you take tonic) drink 1 tablespoon of Dr. Schulze's Formula 2 with at least 16oz of water followed by more water
  6. When you are hungry drink 16oz of juice (go light on the fruit if you have to have it, stick to vegetables/leafy greens)
  7. When hunger strikes again drink a green smoothie.  Make sure you don't use more than one serving of fruit.  Get creative and use chia, hemp, flax, coconut oil, etc.  Toss a tablespoon of Healthforce VMG for more energy.
  8. My guess this will take you through almost dinnertime; at this point eat a great big salad or a raw soup or whatever you want as long as it's clean.
  9. If you are hungry before bedtime snack on something light, preferably more soup or salad or another green smoothie.
  10. Take Formula 1 if you need it to make sure you stay regular.
  11. Remember to drink lots of water, get some exercise and rest.  Don't think of this as a diet because it's not a diet, it's a healthier lifestyle.  

Dad lost 10lbs after he started doing this.  He feels amazing and feels a lot more energized than he has in years."

Special # 1
Colon Hydrotherapy Sessions $60 Each

Offer expires June 21, 2013.

You can buy multiple sessions.

If purchased with 7-Day Cleanse, 20% off retail price of $85 + tax.

Expiry to use sessions is July 31, 2013.
Special # 2

Unlimited Annual Pass for $1500


For those of you who would like to make this your 'year of intestinal health' I am offering you an unlimited number of colon hydrotherapy sessions for one year from the date of purchase. This gives you unlimited opportunity to work on GI, liver, gall bladder, kidney and parasite cleansing. Some use this to have a breakthrough with very challenging personal health issues. The Colon Hydrotherapy is a perfect adjunct for many other therapies you may be using for your health improvement program!


Consider buying an annual pass!


$1500 for an Unlimited Annual Pass


Please call or email Sheila to make an appointment


Special # 3

$120 for Cranial and Colonic Sessions 


Rest, Relax, Release!


Michael Pellegrino practices at my office at the Intestinal Health Institute. You go from his room after the cranial session to my room for your colon hydrotherapy session.


1 hour of Cranial Sacral Therapy (CST) with Michael Pellegrino

1 session of colon hydrotherapy with Sheila Shea


Please call or email Sheila to make an appointment: 520-325-9686, 


Please contact Michael for questions about CST: 520-275-4888


Expiry: July 31, 2013

The Super Greens Directory


Have some with you at all times. Each formula is a mixture of organic or wildcrafted herbs, sea and lake vegetables and grasses. These formulas are highly nutritional and alkalinizing. Most are in powder form, some companies have capsules. They travel easy, go to the office easy, sit on the kitchen counter easy and go down easy! Try them all. BTW they help to cut the sugar craving!


Health Force Vitamineral Greens


Dr Schulze SuperFood Plus


Arise and Shine Great Greens


Synergy Pure Synergy Superfood


Inner Light Super Greens


Natural News Enerfood

In This Issue
Upcoming Events!
Try This Protocol!
Special # 1
Special # 2
Special # 3
The Super Greens Directory
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Stayin' Alive!

September 20, Friday
5:30 - 7:30 pm
September 21, Saturday
9 am - 3 pm

This Workshop is specific for Metabolic Syndrome, Diabetes,  Pre-diabetes and Prevention.

To Register:
Sheila Shea MA
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The Intestinal Health Institute is offering the 8-Hour IACT Certification Course for all those who have given 100 documented colonics and would like to be certified by the International Association for Colon Hydrotherapy. The Course requires membership in IACT and their test administered at my office. If you are interested, I am offering this day course for $600, 25% off the regular price of $800. IACT membership and test fees are in addition.
Offer expires August 31, 2013. 

Call or email Sheila Shea
Offer Expires: August 31, 2013