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June 24:  Celebrate Shabbat at Home with Friends and Family
July 1: 7 PM Shabbat Experience "Dough" Film at Montgomery Cinema.  No Services at OC
July 8: 7-8 PM  All Music Shabbat Service 
July 15:  Celebrate Shabbat at Home with Friends and Family
July 22: Celebrate Shabbat at Home with Friends and Family
July 29: 7-8 PM  All Music Shabbat Service 
August 5: Celebrate Shabbat at Home with Friends and Family
August 12: Celebrate Shabbat at Home with Friends and Family
August 19: 5:30-7 PM Shabbat Experience at Stockton Market
August 26: Celebrate Shabbat at Home with Friends and Family
In Our Community

Refuah Sh'leima (Get well) to...
Susan Blaicher  
Barbara Sansevere
Dorothy Saks
Beverly Kornstein
Vivian Forman 
Barbara Gruber
Lyra Tomljanovich
Kimberly Bemen
Estelle Breines

Condolences to ...
Steve and Susan Albert on the death of Steve's mother Mildred Albert

Sue and Gary Parilis on the death of Sue's mother Dolores Hagan

Mazel Tov to ...
The Albrecht family on Amanda's confirmation

The Beckman family on Shay's confirmation

The Tomljanovich family on Lyra's confirmation

The Belkin family on Jared's confirmation

The Tovi-Jones family on David's confirmation

The Witzling family on Josh's confirmation

The Schlessinger family on the occasion of Emily becoming a Bat Mitzvah

The Turner family on the occasion of Matthew becoming a Bar Mitzvah

The Tauscher family on the occasion of Scott becoming a Bar Mitzvah

The Loew family on the occasion of Katie becoming a Bat Mitzvah

The Parliyan family on the occasion of Tali becoming a Bat Mitzvah

In order to help us be a more caring community, please share your lifecycle events with  Rabbi Forman
Feel free to click on a hyperlink to send a note and let someone know you are thinking about them.
yahrzeit photo
May the memories of the following individuals be for a blessing:  

June 17th
(to be read on July 8th)

Ann Gorin
Debbie Weiss's beloved grandmother

I sidor Soodik
Harvey Gold's beloved stepfather

Ethel Pearl
David Moutner's beloved aunt

Ted Pytlar
Ellen Pytlar's beloved father

Marliese Hirsch
Caryn Speizer's beloved mother

June 24th
(to be read on July 8th)

Minnie Singer
Harvey Gold's beloved aunt

Richard E. Ingram
Susan Ingram's beloved husband
Andrea Harvey's beloved father

July 1st
(to be read on July 8th)

Selma Simon Ingram
Susan Ingram's beloved mother-in-law
Andrea Harvey's beloved grandmother

Rose Rabiner
Betsy Zalaznick's beloved great grandmother

Boris Rabiner
Betsy Zalaznick's beloved grandfather

Irving Senator
Laura Senator's beloved grandfather

Leonard Weil
Paul Weil's beloved grandfather

July 8th

Lorryne Lane
Jacquelyn Freedman's beloved mother

Harold Smith
Connie Smith's beloved husband

Paul Adelman
Laura Senator's beloved grandfather

Wayne Wolfson
Craig Wolfson's beloved brother

Marcus Leon
Betsy Zalaznick's beloved grandfather

Irving Crystal
Judi Levine's beloved father

July 15th
(to be read on July 29th)

Diane Sigel
Meridith Sigel-Willey's beloved mother

Sarah Winter Lerman
Isabel Mahalick loved one

Joe Zalaznick
Bruce Zalaznick's beloved grandfather

July 22nd 
(to be read on July 29th)

Ilmari Bernard Erkkila
Craig Erkkila's beloved father

Morton Garb
Lori Blutfield's beloved father

Ida Wolfson
Craig Wolfson's beloved mother

Victoria Hanbicki
Alexa Parliyan's beloved mother

July 29th 

Israel Louis Levin
Ellen Pytlar's beloved father

L. George Rosskam
Nancy Kanter's beloved father

Ida Ettinger
Shelly Weller's loved one

Henrietta Weinstein
Susan Albert's beloved grandmother

August 5th
(to be read on Sep. 9th)

Simi Rotter
Naomi Zwerling's beloved mother

Dick Coriell
Brian Coriell's beloved father

Ben Bland
Beatrice Abrams's beloved father

Ira Korfin
Andy Korfin's beloved father

August 12th
(to be read on Sep. 9th)

Ada Kadet Levy
Robert Levy's beloved mother

Barbara Vrabel
Susan Albert's beloved cousin

Jay Gilbert Fuhrman
Jay Fuhrman's loving grandfather

Barbara Rabiner
Betsy Zalaznick's beloved mother

Stanley D. Weinstein
Susan Albert's beloved father

Sanford Borgman
Estelle Breines's beloved father

Rose Breines
Ira Breines's beloved mother

Sophie Rabiner
Betsy Zalaznick's beloved grandmother

August 19th
(to be read on Sep. 9th)

Jessie Mazzocchi
Sherrie Mazzocchi's beloved daughter

Lily Jacobsen
Caryn Speizer's beloved grandmother

John Stoter
Ken Stoter's beloved father

August 26th
(to be read on Sep. 9th)

Eugene Bobnar
Sharon Bobnar-Becker's beloved father

Helen Viola
Nancy Beckman's beloved mother

Helen Halper
Ruby Halper-Erkkila's beloved mother

Muriel Sinoway
Stephen Sinoway's beloved mother

Albert Solomon
Wendy Solomon's beloved father

Mishloach Manot
Larry & Beatrice Abrams
Steve & Susan Albert
Steven & Susan Albrecht
Ben Atkinson & Faith Fuhrman
Robert & Galia Barlow
Ken Becker & Sharon Bobnar-Becker
Adam & Audrey Belkin
Paul & Elyse Belkin
Douglas & Kimberly Beman
Jeff & Christine Berg
Tim & Miriam Blanke
Ray Blumenfeld & Audrey Hackel
Jon & Lori Blutfield
Ira & Estelle Breines
Scott & Maryann Breslow
Carl Christensen & Deborah Beer-Christensen
Brian & Carol Coriell
Brian & Faith Costello
George Eckelmann & Jane Engel
Craig Erkkila & Ruby Halper-Erkkila
Carmine & Eileen Freda
Dan & Jacquelyn Freedman
John & Maria Gendelman
Harvey Gold
Matthew & Jaimee Gold
Robert & Julie Goldstein
John Graybeal & Laura Senator
Steve & Sage Grumbach
Chris & Leslie Hann
Phillip & Andrea Harvey
Alan Hecht & Maria Jose De La Hoz
John & Rebecca Hennings
Mark & Jessica Hodkinson
Pierce & Stacey Hubbard
Gerald Jones & Karen Tovi-Jones
Nancy Kanter
Craig & Sudha Kantor
Andy & Michele Korfin
Jack Kurlansik
John Langer & Annette Ivry
Cindy Lehrer
Perry Lehrer
Barry & Alison Levine
Judith Levine
Adam & Jana Levison
Robert & Shirl Levy
David & Robin Lewy
Elizabeth Lewy
Jim & Mary Clare Lewy
Edward & Cheryl Lifshitz
Darren & Elizabeth Loew
Alan Marrus
Paul Melamud & Farah Whitver-Melamud
Vadik & Kate Metelitsa
David & Katherine Moutner
David & Rita Orlans
Doug & Stephanie Orr
Stuart Oxenhorn & Robin Schutz
Gary & Susan Parilis
Nisim & Alexa Parliyan
Darren & Yulia Pincus
Stephen & Diana Propper
Ellen Pytlar
Matthew Rainey & Michelle Segall-Rainey
David & Randi Roberts
Elliot Rosen
Rick & Jill Rosenthal
Joseph & Carolyn Sansevere
John & Toby Sarinick
Don & Sara Schenker
Rebecca Schindler
James & Barbara Schlessinger
Robert & Alice Schwade
Stephen Sinoway & Beth Golden
Victor Sloan & Sandra Gong
Glenn & Lydia Sokoloski
Wendy Solomon
Louis & Caryn Speizer
Andrew & Jane Stein
Joe Strauss
Mike & Lisa Tauscher
Chris & Melissa Tiber
Marc & Caryn Tomljanovich
Gerard & Liz Tracey
David & Kimberly Turner
Edward Tyler & Renee Trambert
Glenn & Eve Wasserman
Paul & Andrea Weinberg
Paul & Maureen Weiner
Ross & Susan Weinick
Gary & Debbie Weiss
Amara Willey
Richard Willey & Meridith Sigel-Willey
Mark & Kristina Witzling
Craig Wolfson & Vicki Tuschak
Sergey & Honeylet Wortman-Vayn
Bruce & Betsy Zalaznick
Eric & Naomi Zwerling

7th Grade B'nai Mitzvah Gift
Mike & Lisa Tauscher

General Contribution
Harvey Gold
Steven Garfield
David & Kim Turner

Chesed Caring Fund
Cindy Stoter

Oneg Fund
James & Barbara Schlessinger

Confirmation Class Gift
Steve & Susan Albrecht
Mark & Nancy Beckman
Adam & Audrey Belkin
Jerry Jones & Karen Tovi-Jones
Marc & Caryn Tomljanovich
Mark & Kristina Witzling

Jewish Family Services

Jewish Family Services 

JFS is a non-profit, non-sectarian social service agency whose mission is to preserve and strengthen the quality of individual, family and community life based on Jewish values. We provide our services to a diverse socio-economic client population that includes individuals, children, young adults, families and the elderly.

 Click here for information on additional services.  


Meals On Wheels 
Meals on Wheels needs volunteer drivers in our area. Serve your homebound senior neighbors a hot noontime meal. The commitment to drive is only once a month. It will take only an hour or two once a month to get that good feeling of giving. Call our office at (908)284-0735 to offer your time or for more information (and/or check out our website at mowih.org ). Help us, help others. Many thanks.  
Article Headline
A Summer Sabbatical

Just as Shabbat (whose Hebrew root means "to rest") arrives every seven days, similarly does a sabbatical year arrive every seven years.  In the Book of Leviticus (Chapter 25) we are commanded to let the land itself observe a Sabbath - to rest on the seventh year.  The ancient farmers understood that if you did not let the land rest and replenish itself, it would not be able to produce.  So, too, is a sabbatical for  taking time to reflect, renew, and discover creative new ideas to enrich one's self and other -- students, congregants and communities.

Starting June 20th, I will be spending two months this summer doing just that.  I will be attending the Kenyon Institute for a portion of that period at a writing seminar called Beyond Walls: Spiritual Writing at Kenyon for clergy of all faiths.  And I will be finding time to write, read, and learn about new ways of connecting and communicating with all of you.  I look forward to reconnecting with all of you after August 18th.

If you are in need of assistance  - for matters routine or otherwise - during my sabbatical, you can reach out to our president, Kim Turner, who can help or guide you to an individual to best assist you.  Our new administrator, Rebecca Stoker, will be in the office on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Fridays.  She, too, can assist you in getting the information you need or in finding the person to help you.  The office can be reached at 908-806-2122 for any questions or concerns. 

Thank you for giving me this opportunity for renewal.  I wish all of you a rewarding summer.

Rabbi Joe Forman 
President's Message


As we move into summer, we at Or Chadash start to gear up for some of our annual membership activities. Renewal notic es are prepared, our summer search for new members gets underway, and we start thinking about what our membership will look like for the upcoming year. As we embark on these activities I starte d to think about membership and what it means. Along with being  members of Or Chadash, my family and I are members of a variety of other organizations. These include the Flemington YMCA, our school - Far Hills Country Day School - community, the FCUSA  and Tewksbury Travel Soccer Clubs, the Academy of Management, the University of Chicago Alumni Schools Committee, etc. Each of these memberships comes with different requirements, different entitlements and different communities. So what does it mean to be a member of Or Chadash? Like the organizations listed above membership at Or Chadash comes with requirements, entitlements and a community. I'd like to use this month's column to talk about each.

When I was growing up my family belonged to a few different temples, and in between "belonging" we would attend High Holydays at my aunt's or my grandparents' temple. I remember the conversations about paying dues and the discussions about whether we should "belong" somewhere or not. Eventually we settled into one temple where we became members for a longer stretch of time, but the annual conversation around dues persisted. The requirements of membership at Or Chadash also come with a financial commitment. Without the dues our members pay we could not have the building, the programming, or the clerical staff that we all enjoy. Other requirements of membership are not financial and less mandatory but just as important. We ask that our members engage with our community, support each other in times of joy and times of need. Still other requirements are specific to a time of life or an activity. Students preparing for B'nai Mitzvah are asked to usher and attend each other's events, board members are asked to attend meetings and participate on committees, individuals with certain skills are often asked to help our community (anybody know a good IT person?). We strive to ensure that the requirements of being a member of Or Chadash are not overly burdensome and fit our lives, but we also know these requirements are important for both us and our temple.

The entitlement part of being a member at Or Chadash also comes in many facets. Some you probably already know.  As a member you are entitled to tickets for you and your immediate family for the high holydays (you can also purchase additional tickets at a discount). You are entitled to come to all services, activities and events at the temple. You are entitled to enroll your children in our religious school program. Other entitlements you may be less familiar with include specific services from the rabbi - which you can utilize without incurring any additional fees.  These include rabbinical services for namings, weddings and funerals for members and for close relatives - mother, father, child - who live nearby. The rabbi will also provide and hang a mezuzzah for your home, counsel members and spend time with you discussing Judaism. As a member you can also rent out our facility for an event. All of these are entitlements of membership at Or Chadash.

Perhaps more important than any of these requirements or entitlements, membership at Or Chadash means belonging to a community. For some of you that may mean a group to pray with on the holidays, for others it may mean a place to bring your children for their religious education. For some it may mean taking a walk and having coffee with the Sisterhood on a Sunday morning or making beer with the Brotherhood. At Or Chadash we have a strong, vibrant community, and membership in our community can and should be our most valued part of our membership at Or Chadash. In May, my family celebrated my oldest son's Bar Mitzvah. As we prepared for this event I was struck with how important the Or Chadash community was for our family. Other moms who had been through this before offered me tips and guidance (know a place for nice yarmulke's?).  Dave, my husband, watched other dads give Bar Mitzvah speeches from the bimah and took notes on what he might want to say.

Everyone I ran into wished me well (and gave me their best trick for ensuring nice weather!). After the service, members of the community came up and congratulated me. Throughout it all I realized what being a member of the Or Chadash community means to our family. It is not about paying dues and it is not about the tickets to the high holydays, it's not even about knowing that perhaps someday our rabbi will perform a marriage for my children. Being a member at Or Chadash is about truly belonging to a community, and that sense of belonging makes me so glad to be a member of Or Chadash.

Kim Turner, President
Religious School Director's Message

Betsy NYC.jpg
A ping? A somewhat unfamiliar sound last week announced a new message on my Facebook Messenger app.  I was delighted to hear from an elementary school friend, Debbie, and the exchange began with this text message ...


My friend's request started an exchange where we were recalling by name all of our Number 7 elementary school teachers.  (Crazy Fact:  Can you believe that my Dad had the same Kindergarten teacher as me?)  With my kindergarten picture handy, I shared it with my some other Number 7 school friends, Carole and Marc. 
If  "a picture is worth a thousand words", what can one hundred words express about our faculty?  
In April, in preparation for our closing Religious School Assembly, our students shared adjectives and thoughts about their teachers.  Those adjectives were captured in "word clouds."  A word cloud gives greater prominence to words that appear more frequently from the source-in this case our students. The words clouds were framed and presented to our amazing and dedicated faculty.
In addition to our presenting our faculty with word clouds, our students enjoyed our annual end of year slide show.  We also said thank you to all of our Teaching Assistants and an extra special thank you and good-bye to our two 12th grade Teaching Assistants, Abby Weinick and Samantha Tracey. 
To our 2016 faculty; Andy Stein, Stephanie Orr, Dara Nathanson, Andrea Weinberg, Kate Metelitsa, Wendy Solomon, Cantor Kathy Gohr and Rabbi Joe Forman-may these "word clouds" always remind you of the joy our students felt being in your class.  And to all of our Or Chadash Religious School students--I hope that one day you will be able to reach out to one of your OC classmates and reminisce with joy about your special days at Or Chadash. 
Have an amazing summer.  I already miss seeing you and your smiles!
Betsy  Zalaznick, Educator
P. S.  Can you guess where I am in the photo?  Text me!

  Special Shabbat Film Series

OC Goes to the Movies
Friday, July 1st at 7 PM

Jonathan Pryce (Game of Thrones)  and Pauline Collins (Shirley Valentine)  star in this hilarious new comedy that shows you don't have to be baked to make some DOUGH ! An old Jewish baker (Pryce) takes on a young Muslim apprentice (Jerome Holder) to save his failing kosher bakery. When his apprentice's marijuana stash accidentally falls in the mixing dough, the challah starts flying off the shelves!  

7:00PM movie (subject to change based on theatre schedule)  at Montgomery Theatre - Route 206, Skillman.

Bat Mitzvah - Emily Schlessinger
Emily Schlessinger became a Bat Mitzvah on May 14.  She is the daughter of Barbara and Jim Schlessinger. Emily is a seventh grader at the Warren Hills Regional Middle School. She enjoys field hockey, lacrosse, art and playing the trombone. Emily's Torah portion, K'doshim, focuses on being holy. Emily has enjoyed her Mitzvah project, collecting used sports equipment for kids in need through the Let's Play It Forward organization. Emily enjoyed celebrating her Bat Mitzvah with her friends, family and community.
Bar Mitzvah - Matthew Turner
Matthew Turner became a Bar Mitzvah on May 22. He is the son of Kim and David Turner and the older brother of William Turner. Matthew is in the seventh grade at Far Hills Country Day School, where his favorite subjects are History, Math, and English. He enjoys soccer, baseball, tennis, and fencing. Matthew greatly enjoyed his Mitzvah Project, Helping Hands, which built ten artificial hands for children who had lost a hand. Matthew's Torah portion, Behar, is about the Jubilee year, a Sabbath for the land, and helping one's "kin". Matthew enjoyed celebrating his Bar Mitzvah with his friends and family.
Bar Mitzvah - Scott Tauscher
Scott is in 7th grade at JP Case Middle School. He became a Bar Mitzvah on June 4th. He is the son of Michael and Lisa Tauscher. Scott had the Torah portion of B'chukotai, which discusses rewards and punishments. Scott enjoys cars, riding bikes, playing soccer, playing xbox, and visiting car shows.  Scott did many Mitzvah Projects around Flemington but he is most proud of his time spent at Bakers Treat now Grateful Bites.  He prepared and packed food in the kitchen, cleaned and did other various tasks related to the restaurant.  Scott  enjoyed spending his special day with his friends and family.
Bat Mitzvah - Katie Loew
Katie Loew, a 7th Grader at Readington Middle School, becam e a Bat  Mitzvah on Saturday, June 4.  Katie is the daughter of Darren and Liz Loew, and the sister of Sarah, Meredith, and David.  Katie enjoys  skiing, soccer, piano, the saxophone, reading, and spending time with her family. Katie's Torah Portion is B'midbar from the Book of Numbers. For her Mitzvah Project, she is raising Nate, a golden retriever Seeing Eye Puppy, who will be living with her until March or April of next year.  Katie was excitedly counting down the days to her Bat Mitzvah and enjoyed celebrating with family and friends.
Bat Mitzvah - Tali Parliyan
Tali Parliyan became a Bat Mitzvah on Saturday, June 11 th . She is the daughter of Alexa and Nisim Parliyan and sister of Jazzy Parliyan.  Tali is a 7 th  grader at Ethel Hoppock Middle School in Bethlehem Township.  She enjoys volleyball, basketball, playing clarinet, math, cooking and baking, and  hanging out with friends and  my Hebrew School friends.  Tali's Torah portion, B'midbar, focuses on taking a census of the men over 20 who could fight for the Israelites while the Jews are going to the "The Promised Land" from Egypt. For her Mitzvah project, Tali volunteered at Grateful Bites and enjoyed doing various tasks around the bakery to help out. Tali enjoyed celebrating with her family, friends, and the Or Chadash community. 
2016-17 Board of Trustees

From left to right:  
Rabbi Joe Forman, Caryn Tomljanovich, Debbie Weiss (Vice-President), Estelle Breines (Secretary), Renee Trambert, Louis Speizer, Larry Abrams, Kim Turner (President), Betsy Zalaznick, Laura Senator, Dan Freedman, Jeff Berg (Treasurer).
Not pictured:
Harvey Gold, Michelle Korfin, Victor Sloan, Glenn Wasserman, Adam Belkin, Audrey Belkin
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Last Day of Religious School


Mitzvah Day 2016