May/June 2018 Newsletter
Spring is in the air (finally), and that means we are soon entering our next "season" - road construction! Although the multi-year SR 89 roadway project along the West Shore was finally completed last year , we have more to look forward to this season (details below), including continued construction on the new SR 89 alignment and replacement of Fanny Bridge, bike trail construction north of Meeks Bay, road resurfacing in multiple areas on the West Shore , and a retaining wall at Emerald Bay. In addition, it is worth noting that on 5/19 there will be an evacuation drill for residents in the Kings Beach/Incline Village communities.

I would also like to reiterate that if you belong to a Homeowners Association (HOA) on the West Shore, FOWS welcomes the opportunity to update your group on West Shore activities during your annual HOA meetings this year. Please contact us for more information.

Finally, please note FOWS' third annual community party will be scheduled for a weeknight during August! Notices will be sent out when a date is finalized.

FOWS will remain diligent in our efforts to positively influence projects and plans and keep you informed.
Judith Tornese,
Project updates:
Meeks Bay Marina:
The US Forest Service (USFS) hopes to release the Notice of Intent/Notice of Preparation (NOI/NOP) this summer to consider opportunities for restoration, relocating/modifying some recreational uses, vehicular and pedestrian circulation, and other actions in the campground, resort, and marina. Project alternatives may range from full restoration of the lagoon to renovation of the marina, with a host of different recreational opportunities in between. It will be important for the public to provide comprehensive comments and suggestions on the NOI/NOP because any future alternatives to the proposed action can only be based off of public comment. In a separate project , treatment of the marina to remove aquatic invasive plants is anticipated this summer.
State Route 89 Corridor Planning (Tahoma to South Lake Tahoe):

SR 89 "Corridor" Planning will begin this summer, and will look at issues like parking along the highway, curb and gutter, pedestrian access, etc., although a great deal of discussion has focused on Emerald Bay. Replacing the Bayview Campground with a parking lot is also being considered. FOWS is included as one of the stakeholder groups for future contact. Click here for more information on TRPA's Corridor Planning and here for a recent map from TRPA.
Alpine Meadows to Squaw Valley Base-to-Base Gondola:
The draft Environmental Impact Statement/Report (DEIS/R) was released on 4/27 ( written comments are due by 6/11 ). FOWS will be reviewing the DEIR/S with focus on the analysis of the proposed alignment of the Gondola, the impacts to the Granite Chief Wilderness Area (including proposed infrastructure, scenic, noise, crowding, etc.), traffic impacts, growth-inducing potential, and other effects. An initial review by Sierra Watch noted several concerns. The following public meetings have been scheduled:

Former Tahoe City Firehouse Property:

After a multi-year process, two primary concepts for consideration with regards to future redevelopment of the Firehouse site are being advanced by Placer County: 1) a "Market Hall" with various other amenities and 2) a multi-use community facility focused on arts and culture. Placer County staff presented an update and sought guidance from the Board of Supervisors on April 24 .
Other projects: 

  • Martis Valley West Specific Plan - On March 12, the California Superior Court released a decision in the MVW lawsuit, agreeing the Environmental Impact Report (EIR) had not adequately addressed emergency evacuation issues, but disagreeing (with little to no discussion) that the EIR was inadequate with respect to the analysis of impacts (including those to the Tahoe Basin). The decision will likely enter the appeal phase this summer.

  • Meeks Bay Bike Trail - The project will construct an extension of the west shore bike trail system south of Sugar Pine Point along SR 89 to Meeks Bay. Completion is anticipated by the end of fall 2018.

  • Tahoe City Lodge - The developer has obtained an agreement from Placer County to provide tourist unit development rights. An agreement with the Tahoe City PUD regarding shared parking, a new club house, and other arrangements with the Tahoe City Golf Course is also underway. Construction is anticipated in 2019.

Regional and local planning updates:
TRPA Shoreline Ordinances:

TRPA will release the Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) for a new set of proposed Shoreline Ordinances in early May that allow more piers, buoys, boat ramps, and marina expansions. Although there are some changes meant to benefit non-motorized recreation (e.g. kayaks, SUPs), FOWS would like to see stronger requirements, including for enforcement. Given motorized boat use has also increased in recent years and demand is apt to continue to grow, FOWS hopes the DEIS rigorously analyzes the impacts of motorized watercraft use and incorporates adequate mitigation.
TRPA Development Rights Strategic Initiative:

TRPA staff are recommending changes addressing multiple components . FOWS is primarily interested in two aspects of the proposals that would allow:
  • Conversions between different types of uses like commercial, tourist, and residential. Unfortunately the proposed conversion/exchange rates are only based on one aspect of vehicle use, and do not consider the timing of traffic related to the use and other local environmental conditions.
  • Up to half of the current financial "incentives" that reduce the cost of building affordable housing to instead be used for moderate-income housing without evaluating how this could impact future development of much-needed affordable housing.
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