May/June 2020
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Letter from the Principal
May/June 2020

Dear Marist Families:

When I think about the effects of the pandemic on the Marist Family, my emotions are so mixed. While some have suffered financially, others from the sheer anxiety of sheltering-in-place, or worse yet, have suffered the loss of a loved one, still many blessings abide. We've grown in our understanding of technology, strengthened our resilience, and reconnected with our immediate families. In many ways the pandemic masked not just our faces, but our emotions about the closing of the school. However, in the last two days I have been reminded of our shared sadness: Marist will close its doors for the last time on June 30.

During the faculty meeting on Tuesday, the teachers and staff were vocal about their concerns for one another and our students. They fretted about the alumni who wouldn't get one last visit. They wondered when and if we, as colleagues, would see one another again in person for a final goodbye. Most of all, as always, they were most concerned about how our students must be feeling.

This was brought into clear focus yesterday when one student came to the school during the food distribution to pick up a textbook. Ms. Heymer walked the student to the classroom to get the book. Later, with tears in her eyes, Ms. Heymer told me how the young man pointed out where he had sat in that classroom and asked if he could take pictures of the room.

Marist, as we have all said time and time again, is a "home away from home" for so many of us; for present students and those of us who work here now, but also for all those who have called themselves "Marist" since 1954: Brothers, teachers, staff, students, parents, families. It is surreal to think that the shouts and laughter of students will no longer ring in the halls, that the chalk tapping on the board in Br. Maske's classroom will be silenced, that Ms. Gail's booming voice will no longer silence the cafeteria, or that the bouncing of the basketball will cease.

But what will live forever? The Marist Values, the family bond we shared, the friendships we've forged, our faith in God, our reliance on Mary, Our Good Mother, and most especially the blue and gold that runs through our veins. I have told this story often, so forgive me if you've heard it before:

Over the years, during freshmen orientation, I spoke to the young students about what it means to be a Marist Knight, the significance of the Marist emblem, the story behind the motto: "In this sign, we will conquer." Anyway, I told them that the first day that you put on a Marist uniform, you put on the armor of the Marist Knight. And that each day, as you grow into what it means to be Marist, that armor would become a better and better fit. In fact, that armor would become one with you. It would literally, get under your skin.

Whether you were a part of Marist for one day, one year, four years, or like me, thirty-three years, we all wear the same armor. We have all shared in the same gift, the gift and soon to be the memory that is Marist.

As I close this, the last family newsletter in the history of Marist, I promised to share with you what all of you have been wondering about: end-of-year events. You'll find that information below. If you have any questions, thoughts, or concerns about what follows, you know how to reach me.

As ever,
Ms. Alice J. Miesnik
End-of-Year Processes:

Remote Learning Continues: We will not be returning to face-to-face classes. Even if the Governor allows it, the change of routine and fears of gathering would only disrupt the educational process.

Final Exams: Neither the seniors nor the underclassmen will be taking final exams. Teacher may require a culminating or summative assignment, but that will be considered part of the fourth quarter grades.

Final Exam Grades: The final exam grade that will appear on the final report card and transcript will be a simple average of the four quarter grades and the mid-term exam grade.

Last Day of classes for Seniors: As previously established, seniors last day of classes will be Friday, May 15.

Credit Recovery for Seniors who fail one or two classes: This will be held virtually from Monday, May 18 - Friday, June 12

Last Day of classes for Underclassmen: As previously established, the last day of classes for underclassmen will be Friday, June 5.

Credit Recovery for underclassmen who fail one or two classes: The students may, more than likely, need to arrange this with their next school.

Prom: Due to restrictions beyond our control, the prom had to be cancelled. The money raised by the Student Council for that purpose will be repurposed for an event to be held in the fall when the graduates are back home from college.

Baccalaureate Mass: This will be held virtually on Wednesday, June 10 at 7:00 pm.

Graduation: Scheduled for Saturday, June 13 at 10:00. How this will be structured is dependent upon state regulations at the time. Seniors will share their ideas and concerns through a series of Google Hangout Meetings; the first is to be held on Friday, May 1 at 1:00.

Final Visits to the School:
  1. Visit #1: We are in the process of designing a safe way for the students to take one last walk through the school, keeping in mind the restrictions of social distancing. The intent would be to have the students empty their lockers, retrieve items from athletic lockers, claim artwork, return textbooks, purchase Marist gear, walk the halls, take photos if they wish. This will be scheduled so that no more than 15-20 students are in the building at the same time. Students will be required to wear masks and gloves; they must adhere to their allotted day and time. Obviously, this cannot occur until the Governor lifts certain restrictions, so stay tuned.
  2. Visit #2: On Thursday, June 11 we will have a schedule by which the students can safely come by the school, without entering, to pick up all materials: report card, health record, final transcript, copy of IEP, yearbook, and any award certificates. They will not be able to go to their lockers at this time. We hope to have the entire staff present to wave goodbye.

Other Events to Note:

National Honor Society and Spanish National Honor Society Inductions: By invitation only, the inductions will take place in a Google Hangout on Tuesday, May 5 @ 6:00. Parents/families of Inductees are encouraged to view the event.

Progress Reports for 4th quarter: Emailed May 7 or earlier

Academic Awards: Families will receive a pdf version of the program booklet in early May. Awards will be made available for pick up on Thursday, June 11.

AP Exam Schedule:   AP Calculus: Tuesday, May 12 at 12:00
                                   AP Euro: Wednesday, May 13 at 4:00
                                   AP Music Theory: Tuesday, May 19 at 12:00
                                   AP Statistics: Friday, May 22 at 12:00
                                   AP Spanish: Friday, May 22 at 4:00

No Classes:                 Thursday, May 21 Ascension Thursday
                                    Friday, May 22
                                    Monday, May 25 Memorial Day

HCCC Dual Credit Schedule: Last class is May 18.
And Let Us Remember . . . To Pray for Each Other:

These names were gathered this past week. If you'd like your loved one's name on either list, please email Ms. Miesnik at and we can include it in the Monday e-mail blast.

For those who are ill:

Pat Pope, friend of Mr. DeGennaro
Lester Roberts, grandfather of Orlando Purnell
Narcisa Elena Garcia Flores, grandmother of Joshua Singh
Samira Soliman, grandmother of Elizabeth Soliman
Gail Russell, friend of Ms. Miesnik

For those who have passed away:

Vincent Amato, brother-in-law of Mr. DeGennaro
Roy Palanca
Donald Maloney, friend of Mr. Holtz
William Wilson, former co- worker of Mr. Holtz
Julie Benjamin, great aunt of Eduardo Aguilar

Saint Marcellin Champagnat . . . Pray for us.
Mary, Our Good Mother . . . Pray for us.