May/June Newsletter
No More Testing Windows! The PVIP Certification Exam is Now Offered Continuously Throughout the Year
NABCEP is doing away with testing windows and will be offering the PV Installation Professional Certification Exam continuously throughout the year as a computer-based test (CBT). NABCEP will be reviewing and accepting PVIP applications on a rolling basis, and you will have two years from the date your application is accepted to take the PVIP exam. In most cases, a candidate’s application will be reviewed within a week. The paper-and-pencil (P&P) version of the PVIP exam will still be available twice per year.
You Can Take Your NEC Codebook With You to the PV Installation Professional Computer-Based Exam
NABCEP candidates will be allowed to use their own National Electric Code (NEC) Codebooks during the CBT exam. NEC Codebooks will be checked by exam proctors to make sure they conform to NABCEP’s new NEC Codebook Requirements. Codebooks from any year may be used. 

NABCEP and its testing vendor, Castle Worldwide, Inc., also updated the PDF version of the 2017 NEC Codebook, which will be available to candidates taking the exam who don’t have access to their own copy.

Anyone taking the PVIP as a paper-and-pencil (P&P) exam will still have the 2017 NEC Codebook provided to them during the exam, so they will not be able to bring their own copy.
Board Certified Benefit- 365 Pronto
365 Pronto is Seeking NABCEP Board Certified Professionals and NABCEP Accredited Companies
365 Pronto will be in San Diego to interview and on-board NEW companies & technicians to service our premier customers with their solar & EV installations in your area. 

Earn a new revenue source in your off or free time! Get paid immediately after completing each completed call. We are the UBER of residential O &M and we are here to revolutionize the solar service industry.
NABCEP and 365 PRONTO Invite you to a
Recruiting Event in San Diego, CA
Be interviewed. Earn Revenue. Join our Pilot Launch

Wednesday, May 2 nd from 5:30 pm to 8:30 pm
600 5 th  Avenue
San Diego, CA

Come Join Us as we Interview and On-board NABCEP Board Certified Professionals and Accredited Companies for 365 Pronto O&M Automative Service
 *This is a soft launch with 4 manufacturers/customers and we expect a slow service ramp up time of 120 days where we need our Pronto Pilots “online” and ready to service our FIRST service calls with these four manufacturers.  ONLY NABCEP Certified Professionals can join the pilot.
Insource Renewables, LLC Achieves NABCEP Company Accreditation
Insource Renewables, LLC has just received Company Accreditation by the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABECP). NABCEP awards accreditation to companies that meet a rigorous set of standards around installation, employee training and qualification, safe work practices, and customer accountability. Insource Renewables joins nine other NABCEP Accredited Companies around the country that have distinguished themselves by adhering to a set of industry-recognized best practices.

Based in Pittsfield, Insource Renewables is a full-service solar contracting firm that serves residential, commercial, and municipal clients across much of Maine. Solar professionals with the company have already earned four individual certifications from NABCEP for their expertise in solar installation and technical sales, including the first certified solar technical sales professional in the Maine. Insource Renewables has a demonstrated commitment to promoting best practices within the solar industry through their installation work and by participating in efforts at the state and national level to develop and improve codes and standards related to solar technologies.

The company’s commitment to quality was well evidenced during the accreditation process, where Insource Renewables received perfect scores from NABCEP for their installation practices during the inspection process.

“We are dedicated to helping build a high quality solar industry within the state of Maine,” said Insource Renewables president Vaughan Woodruff. “Earning NABCEP Company Accreditation demonstrates our commitment to high standards for quality in how we sell, install, and service solar energy systems and for how we develop the professionals that will help shape the future of Maine’s solar industry.”
Technical Educational Workshops at Intersolar
Apply Today!
NABCEP invites its NABCEP Registered Training Providers to apply to hold a one hour Technical Educational Workshop at Intersolar North America.

Deadline: FRIDAY MAY 25, 2018
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