Providing therapy in a virtual setting requires innovative thinking and thoughtful planning, in order to ensure students can continue making progress towards their individual goals.
Tracie Murray, MSPT, Staff Physical Therapist. gives us a glimpse into her approach and the importance of the team dynamic.

What parents, students, teachers, and therapists have accomplished in the past few months is truly amazing. For preschoolers we are using books to provide movement opportunities. For example, the book “Bear Sees Colors” by Karma Wilson and Jane Chapman, takes the students on a scavenger hunt looking for colors. The bear in the story meets several animals along the way and we walk like the bear, hop like the hare, and stomp like the badger. We explore the environment searching for colors that match the book’s description. Many of the parents purchased their own hard copies of the books to follow through with the activities at home outside of therapy time. We are all changing roles and learning new ways of working together so that we are providing the best possible outcomes for the children."