My Journey as a Front Liner
by Susheel Bathla, DPM (’94)
Member, NYCPM Board of Trustees

I was deployed at ICU/CCU SIUH, Staten Island from March 27th until April 26th. I had a great deal of mixed feelings, excited to be a front liner, nervous and scared at the same time. Thousands of questions and concerns crossed my mind as I was standing in a line to be fitted for N95: Would I be able to handle the pressure? What am I supposed to do once I am done with my shift? Will I be bringing Covid-19 back home to my family?
    I was briefed for about 15 minutes regarding my duties and responsibilities while I am putting my PPE on. While trying to concentrate on what Dr. D was explaining, I was struggling to put all the pieces of PPE in a correct order at the same time. My vision was getting foggy with my reading . . . Read more