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Land Use & Transportation Committee (LUTC)
Summary & Follow-up items
One informal vote was taken regarding the "Healthier Hawthorne" advocacy request. The group opted to take the information back to their neighborhood associations to discuss further and take action locally. No recommendations were made to the SE Uplift Board.

*Also worth noting that among the "alternatives" being analyzed for SE Hawthorne Pave and Paint project, one emphasizes bicycle travel through the corridor. All alternatives, including no change, will be shared with the community as part of the next phase of outreach. See project update below.
Action Items
1) Neighborhood Association Representatives will share the " Healthier Hawthorne " concept with their Neighborhood Associations and the other PBOT alternatives when those become available. Neighborhood Associations are encouraged to weigh in in the next phase of the Hawthorn Paint and Pave Project.

2) Share feedback/suggestions about the monthly LUTC (in the time of Covid-19) with Leah. Results from Monday night's poll revealed that attendees want to continue meeting virtually at least every other month at a reduced time (60-90 minutes), and hear primarily non-COVID-19 related information from government and non-governmental presenters. If you have additional suggestions or topic requests, please send to LeahF@seuplift.org

3) Are you interested in meeting in smaller groups to talk about the Residential Infill Project amendments, design topics, or other topics? I'm happy to set up zoom meetings and send out invitations. Send interest and topic suggestions to me at LeahF@seuplift.org
The LUTC heard from a mix of city staff (PBEM) and community volunteers last Monday night on the topic of emergency preparedness. Glenn from the Portland Bureau of Emergency Management shared resources available on their website for individual and community preparedness. Duane highlighted the benefits of becoming a NET Volunteer and tips for preparing yourself for future emergencies. Jan reiterated the importance of being prepared, and also shared how she is reaching out to support her neighbors during this time. Tip - ask and listen!
Project Updates & Announcements
Bureau of Planning and Sustainability (BPS) now has their monthly project updates available on their "News" site. Go here for the latest on projects you are tracking in the community.
Brooklyn Rail Yard Relocation Feasibility Study - Update

See the SE Uplift June Agenda for an update on this project/effort. Draft feasibility study will be shared at June 1st SE Uplift Board meeting.
Stay Home, Stay Safe Series

Join SE Uplift and partners for the last training this Thursday! If you missed past trainings, they will be posted to the website below. Thursday at 2pm join us to learn more about safety resources available from the Community Safety Team. Learn more and register here .
Central City 2035 is BACK?!

The Central City 2035 Plan, a new land use, transportation and environmental plan to manage growth and development in Portland’s urban core in, was adopted in June 2018 and when into effect a month later. 

However, the plan was appealed to the Land Use Board of Appeals (LUBA) and then to the Court of Appeals. On March 16, 2020, the Oregon Court of Appeals remanded the Plan. City Council must now readopt the plan to address the items identified in the Court’s ruling.

The Re-Adoption Draft is available online . City Council will hold a virtual public hearing on May 28, 2020 at 2 pm . The record is now open for the public to provide testimony. To testify, register in advance. Go here for more information.
SE Hawthorne Pave and Paint Project - Update

The Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT) is continuing to work on the project in anticipation of upcoming maintenance repaving on Hawthorne in Summer 2021.

PBOT just released a draft:  SE Hawthorne Pave and Paint Project Report, Part 1 , which provides a summary of background information related to the project, existing conditions, and feedback from the community events.

PBOT is in the process of evaluating a number of design alternatives and other community-generated suggestions and will be updating the report with the findings from this work in the coming months. Following that, PBOT will hold a number of virtual opportunities over the summer and early fall for feedback to hear more from the community.
Residential Infill Project is Wrapping up - Review Amendments and Weigh in by June 3rd
Background:  Residential Infill Project (RIP) has been over four years in the making and will update Portland’s single-dwelling zoning rules to meet the changing housing needs of current and future residents. The project addresses increasing the range of available housing options while limiting the size of buildings and improving building design. Learn more  here .

June 3rd at 2:30pm Commissioners will hear testimony related to a number of amendments including: 

  • Changes to align the proposals with recently adopted projects for consistency.  
  • Changes to align duplex allowances with state mandates in HB 2001. 
  • Changes to respond to the SB 534 requirement to recognize certain substandard platted lots.  
  • Creating a combined process for lot consolidations and property line adjustments. 
  • Provisions for a “Deeper Affordability Bonus.” 
  • Historic Resource Demolition Disincentive. 
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