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Deborah Wilder
CCMI President 

Washington Prevailing Wage Updates

This month CCMI wants to cover a new requirement for contractors performing work in the State of Washington.
Effective July 1, 2019 contractors are required to receive prevailing wage training BEFORE they bid a public works project.
Exemption: The State has a list of exempt contractors. If you have been in business with a Unified Business Identifier (UBI) for at least 3 years AND have performed work on 3 or more public works projects, you are exempt from this new training requirement. So ideally if you meet that requirement you should be on the list of exempt companies. If not, be sure to contact the Washington Department of Labor and Industry to make sure you are included in the list. Within the next few months the LNI website will include a data base of approved exempt contractors with east search capabilities,  so you will want to make sure you are on the list or are signed up to complete this training before July 1.

Cost and location of training: The contractor can sign up for free training with Washington's Department of Labor and Industry either for online training or in- person training.
CCMI suspects this will impact many new businesses who are unaware of this requirement. If you have bid a project before July 1, 2019, you will be allowed to finish the project without taking the training, but will not be allowed to bid another project until the training is completed. For more information go to: www.lni.wa.gov/TradesLicensing/PrevWage/Training.asp
CCMI always recommends that contractors should take a refresher course every year or so because of the ever-changing face of prevailing wage requirements. Even though CCMI, as a prevailing wage consultant, does not have to take the training, we will do so anyway so that we know exactly what the State is sharing with the contracting community.

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You asked, we answered!

QUESTION:  What is the Rule for Trucking and Supplier Delivery in Washington and California? 
In California , a pure supplier delivery by the supplier or a trucking company the supplier hires is NOT covered by prevailing wages. However, if the contractor controls the delivery, then prevailing wages will apply. Concrete Delivery is covered for all contracts entered into after July 1, 2016. See On-Haul Off Haul rates under the Statewide classifications. Prevailing wage coverage will apply if the supplier delivery in not just unloading the truck and stockpiling the delivery. If the delivery includes distributing the materials to different parts of the project, then prevailing wages will apply.
In Washington, deliver y of materials, as well as travel time, delivery of equipment and ready mix are all covered by prevailing wages under the classification of "Trucking". This also includes the hauling away of excavation materials and "spoils" from a jobsite.
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