Climbing the walls yet?...Who’d’a thought..Well here we are. It’s a different world for the foreseeable future. For better or worse we’re seeing cracks in the quarantine. I won’t get into that ‘cause there’s no winning. I’ve been out for some local hikes and plan to get in a canoe shortly. The governor says we’re going to open slowly and cautiously. What does that mean for our club? PARTY!!...’maybe not right yet. Small groups, no car pooling. Try this: Think. Novel, eh?….Keep some distances between ’ya. Don’t hug too much. Don’t share needles. You know the drill. Check the guidelines. As a club, we’re welcoming postings now with this in mind. Be creative! I lengthened my canoe with a glass shield in the middle to prevent unwanted complaining and criticism. I’m now insisting on take out from fancy restaurants.

Makes you long for the good ‘ole days…which brings me to the JUNE BARBECUE! We’ve hired a big band and….well, actually fired’m to get with the times (I think they were going to investigate us) and we’re going to have it later, maybe in the fall – not the investigation. I’m thinking I don’t have to say it’s not in the cards right now. But! Speaking of the good ‘ole times, for the monthly meeting we’ve assembled a slew of photos going back to when the dinosaurs roamed Portland, some of them be’n us’ens. That’s 30 years of slides! No gray hair, the way life used to be. The mountains were shorter, water purer and all options were on the table. This ought to be a lot of fun. – And were trying to make it so you can sound in during the show! You know….”Look at all the hair So’nSo used to have.” Now spread the word!

On another note, since we’ve been almost dormant for the past couple of months you might think your membership is superfluous. Well anything but! Turns out according to my psychiatrist, MOAC is deemed ESSENTIAL. And because of the downturn, we have experienced a lull in dues renewals. This is shameful, BUT! can still correct this! I urge you to join several times under different aliases. The club has expenses that have not been forgiven! On a bit of a serious tilt, we’ve been exploring insurance and liability issues. We need you to agree to the waiver in order to go on trips. 

And one last thing! Almost everybody loves the photos we all take during a trip. Well, as would be the case, they have revealed the identity of a number of people in the witness protection program. And put them at risk. It is common courtesy to ask before you take a photo and ESPECIALLY POST it on Facebook or sell it to the tabloids. My cousin, Vinnie, will be in touch…OK, then, this means, yes!, you’ll have to be a paid up member, otherwise you put leaders in legal jeopardy we’ve discovered. Don’t make me have to hide your pencil, do the rite thing! See you at the show first Wednesday of June!

Thank you.
Dan Kidd, President