National Association of Congregational Christian Churches:
The Messenger- May 10, 2017
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Michael Chittum, Executive Director

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Visiting Maine Sea Coast Mission
Rev. Dr. Peter Smith
In April, representing the Mission and Outreach Ministry Council, I visited the Maine Sea Coast Mission (MSM) in Bar Harbor, ME. I visited with Rev. Scott Planting, president of the mission at the Colket Center, which Tristram and Ruth Colket donated to the Mission in 1972 along with an endowment for its upkeep.
Because many people in this area are starved for meaningful interaction with others, MSM provides community-building activities. The area is also one of the most economically impoverished regions of the nation. MSM also focuses on food, housing rehabilitation, and community services.
I was impressed with the scholarship program for the MSM. Encouraging the dreams of the young people who grow up in the "parish" of MSM becomes an important service to all concerned. MSM values its Christian ministry, and performs valuable service. 

Colket Center
What is CFTS Up To?
Charles Packer, Director of CFTS 

The Congregational Foundation for Theological Studies (CFTS) will hold a one-day seminar for current seminary students in the program following the Annual Meeting & Conference at Piedmont College. We will offer practical wisdom to those preparing for ministry to our churches on matters such as:
  • Connecting to sources of support for ministry within and outside of the NACCC
  • Navigating church conflict
  • Decision-making processes
  • Interviewing with churches and negotiating contracts
  • Working with the NACCC's pastoral search process
  • Understanding clergy tax issues

The students will have the great opportunity to learn from a diverse group of individuals within the NACCC, including Rev. Dr. Mary Biedron, Dr. Michael Chittum, Rev. Phil Jackson, Rev. Dr. Don Olsen, and Rev. Dr. Charles Packer.


If you are interested in learning more about CFTS, please visit our website. All CFTS students can take advantage of such educational offerings as this seminar and many others.


2017 Annual Meeting and Conference

NACCC Word of the Month

[ mi-shən]

1.  the vocation or calling of a religious organization, especially a Christian one, to go out into the world and spread its faith.

The NACCC supports 26 National and International Missions. Learn more about out Missions program on our website.
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