North Avondale Regular Meeting May 12, 7:00pm 
Meeting ID: 462 749 2892
Due to the Governor’s State COVID-19 Guidelines,  we will not hold our NANA Annual Meeting on May 17, but on June 14.

The following newsletter is in the process of being printed and mailed out to all the addresses in North Avondale. As you may not get it for a few days, I wanted to send a version of it out to you now. It is in a different format than the normal montly Constant Contact version. It is in a PDF version which you can see if you click on the pages in the following section.

I also have put in pictures of the PDF Version which follow. Pictures do not allow one to click on links and have it go anywhere. Therefore, under each picture, I have put the links from that page so that one can simply click on it to go to that link.

These may be clearer and more easily manilpated to view than the pictures below
Donate To The Neighborhood Flower Pots Click Other and put Flower Pots

Balance Work Using What You Find at Home Video Below