OPICA provides comprehensive, personalized services for adults challenged with memory loss, and for their families. We thank you for sharing this news with others.
Diet Soda: Proceed With Caution... 

The American Heart Association's journal  Stroke , published findings from a recent study that found people who drank at least one artificially-sweetened beverage a day had nearly three times the risk of developing dementia or having a stroke. Stay informed, read the full  article , click  HERE .

I Remember Better When I Paint 

According to this documentary, the many benefits of art for people with dementia is well established, but seeing how it elevates quality of life will keep us inspired! Watch the trailer for the documentary   HERE .

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Mindfulness-Based Art Workshop May 12th

This workshop, conducted in a studio environment, is designed to foster reflective practices, respite, and enjoyment for participants. 

The topic for May's workshop is: 
Learning the Gifts of  Grief  and Loss,
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Caffeine, Memory & Dementia Prevention

I ndiana University released findings that caffeine does boost enzyme production, and may protect against dementia. Find out how   HERE .
Notecards  Featuring Original Art by  OPICA  Members

Support OPICA by sharing art produced by our members. Our newly released set of four note cards elevate awareness about memory loss, and shine a positive light on people coping with dementia. The set is available for a gift of $25, click  HERE   to learn more. 
Why I Chose Dementia Care

After significant loss in my life, I  embraced this  career change with intention to help those most deserving of my support. I am thrilled with my choice and love that I now work with people who are amazingly fantastic. 

My Favorite Part of OPICA

The People! Hearing stories, being a witness, and finding new ways to reach those we might first consider unreachable. I often celebrate finding different ways to speak to members.

OPICA's Brain Train for Early Memory Loss

This weekly, four-hour program is delivered by a professional multi-disciplinary team and is designed to:
  • Reduce personal stress
  • Communicate your needs effectively
  • Manage emotions while coping with difficult situations
  • Provide opportunities for socializing and friendship 
A support group for family CAREgivers offered concurrently provides peer-to-peer support, a greater understanding of dementia and specific care management strategies.  For more information, click HERE.

Bears' Legend 
Gale Sayers 
Battles Dementia

The Hall of Fame running-back was diagnosed with dementia four years ago, at age 69. For the sake of others coping with dementia, his family speaks to how important it is to stay vigilant. Read the full  article  HERE .
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CAREgivers Deserve 
Support - There's An 
APP For That! 

Technology continues to grow in support of family CAREgivers, check out the newest APPs that bring assistance, encouragement, and insight right to your fingertips, click HERE.
The Best Dementia CAREgiver Phrases to Use

Dementia Specialist, Teepa Snow, understands the importance of words and phrases for people with Alzheimer's and dementia. View her  brief  video to be inspired, more confident, and better informed, click  HERE .