May 2020
Happy May!
Greetings from a distance of at least 6 feet AND with a mask now! We hope this newsletter finds you safe, healthy, and preparing new ways to cope with the Coronavirus in our community. It doesn't look like it's going to go away any time soon, so as we proceed with our adjustments, let's remember to hold each other in our thoughts and prayers.

Just before shutting our doors, I was contacted by Austin Monthly magazine informing me Nature's Treasures had been selected as one of their businesses recognized in their annual "Best of ATX" issue. I had a lovely chat while walking around the store with Executive Editor Madeline Hollern and a quick photo shoot with Drew Smith. Below you can read the whole article as published in their May issue "Best of ATX ".

In talking with other businesses across the continent, I began to feel the rippling affect this calamity has caused. Other vendors shared their disbelief, experiences and trepidation of how this economic wrinkle will be effecting their business operations and lives. Some of you may remember the healing tibetan bowl seminars we have had with Suren Shrestha of Serenity Tibet. In an effort to bring calm and peace during trying times Suren and his family have created a powerful special meditation they wanted to share with everyone. "It is an offering to remind us of the power we have within and find peace and fortitude during troubled times," says Suren. Check out the link below to experience Suren's specially made meditation.

Providing minerals and stones for everyone to enjoy is a very small industry filled with independent miners and small business living from one holiday or sales event to another, and depending on each other to keep the cycle of supply and demand ongoing. Loosing momentum for 2-3 months will drastically affect pricing and availability of product for an extended period of time. We will do our best to maintain the level of inventory and the best of prices we have always offered our customers while surviving and thriving in the changes thrust upon us.

On that note, we have decided the best action to support the health and welfare of our employees and customers is to wait until May 9th to "officially" open our doors again. We can't wait to see you again, but please review below the new conditions we have put in place in order to provide the safest shopping experience possible. We will have limited staffing and shorter hours during the rest of this month.

I want to thank all our loyal and faithful customers who have reached out to help. Blessings to all of those who continue to work on the "front lines" for us, keeping our lives as healthy and operative as possible during these time of uncertainty. For now the best way you can help us most is to continue going to our online store and find those treasures we have for you. If you don't see it online, then email us to get in touch with your personal online shopper to go out into the store and find what you are looking for. Remember May 10th is MOTHERS DAY!!!! We all know what wonderful Mother's Day gifts Nature's Treasures has and now you can do a quick run by pick-up and have your gift in plenty of time for Mother"s Day.
Karen and the Staff
Nature's Treasures Plans to Reopen & Do Our Part to Stay Safe
Nature's Treasures will continue to review recommendations made by local government and the Center for Disease Control to move forward in a socially responsible way to best support staff, customers, the community and the economy.

If you would like to be added to a COVID-19 Response Notification to stay updated on the Nature's Treasures plan-of-action, please update your e-mail subscriptions HERE .
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The Treasure Tome: A Trove of Knowledge
Stone Of The Nameless Light
Azeztulite  is mostly known as a  clear  or  white  quartz stone, but also comes in other colors such as  pink yellow , and a  golden  amber color. It is a stone of the New Age and a relative newcomer to all. It is an extremely high vibrational and positive stone that never needs cleansing or charging. The name comes from star or inter-dimensional beings named the Azez who connected with those credited with the rediscovery of the stone in 1991. One of these founders,  Robert Simmons , was told to name the stone Azeztulite for the "Nameless Light".
It's a fascinating story.

Read all about it HERE

$25 Gift Certificate! 

Noah W.

Thank you for your encouraging words and patronage during this time of crisis.

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May Birthstone
The Stone of Venus
Although Emerald is the most well known birthstone for May,  Chrysoprase  is an alternative stone that is gaining popularity worldwide. Known in ancient times as the Stone of Venus it seems a fitting choice considering the month opens up with Taurus, an astrological sign ruled by Venus.
To learn the fascinating history of
Chrysoprase, click HERE.
Meet Our Staff
Amy G.
Growing up in the suburbs of Houston, Amy spent much of her time as a kiddo running around with her Barbie camera taking candid photos of her family and pets. She later received her degree in Digital and Photographic Imaging from Texas State University. After graduating, she moved to the eccentric city of Austin, worked in the hospitality industry, and began to build her portfolio to make photography a full-time career. The stars aligned and she found an opening for a staff photographer for the online department at Nature’s Treasures. Although fairly new to the world of crystals, she immediately loved learning more about the positive light they can impart on a person’s life. In addition to photography, Amy assists with building new product pages, shipping, and graphic creation for online ads and marketing. In her free time she enjoys practicing Tarot, drawing, cooking meals from scratch, going to local breweries, and going on hikes with her 2 huskies, Asuka and Kai. If you don't catch her at Nature’s Treasures be sure to stop by and say ‘Hi’ when she’s bartending at Pinthouse Pizza!
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Amethyst & Herkimer Pendulum - Sterling Silver
"Twin Cross" Iron Pyrite 1 inch
Green and Pink Tourmaline Off the Beaten Path Pendant
Mom loves Green & Pink Tourmaline-- Just ask her!
Hamsa Himalayan Salt Lamp and Essential Oil Diffuser
Amethyst Gold Plated Standup Point
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Large Polished Faced Tourmaline Chunk
New in the Showroom & AVAILABLE ONLINE
Palo Santo Animal Carvings
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Herkimer Diamonds
to brighten your day

Rose Quartz Necklace
to show love & appreciation

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Magnesite Chunks
to alleviate frustration

petrified wood with copper mineralization

In The Community Events Center
We have rescheduled some of our May group events.
Keep up with us on our Calendar for updates.

We will see you in June for some great events!
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Nature's Treasures has a 2,200 sq ft Auditorium 
and 1,200 sq ft Studio Space available for your event. 

Check our  calendar  for availability and email our Events Director at -
Looking Ahead
Austin Reformed Congregation of the Goddess celebrates Litha and the Full Moon .
Join Leslie Werling for her Guided Angel Meditation!

Spiritual Life Productions presents this FREE monthly event. Read more HERE !
Adrienne Goff begins her Crystal Enrichment Series with Part 1: Manifest !
May REMOTE Practitioners
In order serve you during this time of isolation,
these practitioners offer remote services!
Walter Ernst - Internationally known Psychic, Medium, Channeler, and Spiritual Teacher
Available: 10a-8p
Call: 406-334-0646

Sheryl Martin - Psychic Medium, Dream Interpretation, Reiki Master, Spiritual Counselor, Life Coach, Empath, Ordained Interfaith Minister, Holistic Theology
Available: Flexible Hours, Divine Timing
Call: 559-779-5510

Julie Reeves - Sighted Intuitive Astrology, Tarot Reading & Past Life Consultation
Available: 11a-2p
Call: 512-694-7406

Stefanie Fix - Tarot Reading & Dream Interpretation
Available: By appointment only

Alice Rodriguez - Psychic Medium & Curandera
Available: M-F, 10:30a-6:30p; Sa, 11a-2:30p
Call: 512-577-7310

Peter Hansen - Psychic Angelic Reading & Healing
Available: By online appointment only

Thumper Donnelly - Psychic, Medium, Past Lives & Coaching services
Available: Flexible Hours, Divine Timing
Call: 737-224-3135

Madame Zee Professional Tarot Counselor & Intuitive Goddess Healer
Available: By online appointment only

Adrienne Goff - Remote Reiki & Crystal Healing
Available: By appointment only

Laura Tree -Reiki Master Teacher, Crystal Consultant, Atlantean Healing, Diamond Violet Flame Transmutation
Available: Flexible Hours, Divine Timing
Call: 512-998-6089
Yuci Edwards - Spiritual Counseling, Tarot Reading, Angel Guiding, Coffee Cup Mapping, Akashic Records
Available: M-F, 10:30a-5:30p
Call: 210-452-7303

Kramer Wetzel - Astrology Chart & Tarot Reading,, Good Humor
Available: Most Afternoons, E-mail for Appt

Rebecca Andrews - Remote Healing, Herbal Consultations, Acupressure
Available: Flexible Hours, Divine Timing
Call: 512-351-1032

Azhalea (Sally) Ramirez - Angel Card Reader & Clairvoyant Medium
Available: M-F, 5-9p; Sa, 10a-9p
Call: 210-859-1718

Sheela Goodrich - Intuitive Advanced Energy Healing, Reiki Healing, Metaphysical & Spiritual Mentoring, Life & Relationship Coaching
Available: By appointment only
Call: 512-577-4055

Freedom Jennings - Aura Soma, Reiki Healing & Tarot Readings
Available: Su-W & F, 10a-7p
Call: 512-923-9228

Mia Michel - Intuitive and Healer, Akashic Records Consultations, Past Lives and Soul Readings
Available: Flexible Hours, Divine Timing
Call: 210-560-1189

Tara Ventura - Numerology Reading, Tarot Reading, Clairvoyant Psychic, Intuitive Counseling, Chakra Energy Healing
Available: Flexible Hours, Divine Timing
Call: 512-203-6320

Anne Berlin - Psychic Medium
Available: By Appointment; Su, Th, 1-3p
Call: 512-695-5851
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