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May 2021
May 9 - Mother's Day
May 31 - Memorial Day (SCD Closed)
Governor's Conservation Award
Blaine Hitchens, of Laurel, is the 2021 Governor's Conservation Award recipient for agriculture in Sussex County.
The Trap-White Wetland Creation Project is the 2021 Urban Conservation winner in Sussex County.
Let's talk native plants
Last year we met up with Jim Passwaters, owner of Sussex Landscaping, to learn how native plants are grown and why they are so important.
(Disclaimer: Video was filmed prior to COVID-19 restrictions.)
Attention Homeowners
Make your yard more beautiful
• Help the environment
• Free soil test
• Earn free plants
Learn how to fertilize your lawn
University of Delaware Cooperative Extension Horticulture Agents Carrie Murphy and Tracy Wooten give step-by-step directions for how to purchase fertilizer for your lawn. They also provide recommendations for how and when to fertilize.
Do you know the law?
If you make a granular herbicide treatment such as a crabgrass preventative, weed-n-feed, etc., these granules must be swept or blown off of non-porous surfaces. These surfaces include sidewalks, driveways, and roadways. Granules left on these surfaces pose a health risk if they come into contact with small children and pets and can hurt the environment through runoff causing algae blooms, fish kills, and damage to the ecosystem. By not removing these granules from non-porous surfaces after the application, you have violated the Delaware Pesticide Law, 3 DEL.C. Chapter 12, Subchapter IV 1224.c(1) Operating in a faulty, careless, or negligent manner.
For seven years, George Hudson watched the ditch behind his home erode, losing approximately one foot of soil per year. SCD repaired the erosion and stabilized the ditch bank, protecting Mr. Hudson's property for years to come.

Cover Crop
Destruction Forms
Due June 1

(in case you missed it)
On March 23, 2021, the SCD Board of Supervisors increased the cover crop cap to $75,000!
FY 2022
Cost Share Sign Up
Begins June 14
• Air Seeder •
• Cover Crop •
• Tax Ditch •
Air Seeder
CP King uses the air seeder to plant cover crops into his standing corn.

Early establishment of cover crops improves soil health, water quality, and his bottom line.
Corn Growers
SCD is now offering free pre-sidedress soil nitrogen testing (PSNT) to corn growers.

Pesticide Container Recycling

HDPE pesticide containers are collected at the SCD maintenance yard on Shortly Rd, Georgetown, Del.

If growers or commercial applicators have large quantities of containers to recycle (greater than 100), on-site pickup by the Department can be arranged.

The containers are processed and the plastic is reused to make park benches, pallets, pilings, fence posts, etc. They are not used in consumer packaging.

Upper Nanticoke Watershed Project
In 2019, SCD requested funding through the NRCS Watershed & Flood Prevention Operations Program to address the aging tax ditches in the Upper Nanticoke River Watershed.
Brood X Emerging Soon, You Can Help

Join Cicada Safari to help map the 2021 emergence of the periodical cicada Brood X. Simply download the free app from the Apple app store or Google play, then go on a safari to find periodical cicadas. Read More
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