As the weather warms up and we transition from spring to summer (it happens so fast!) you may notice you are suffering from allergies. Do sneezing, watery eyes, and itchy skin (atopic dermatitis in pets) sound familiar? You may not be the only one in your house that is suffering seasonal allergies, your pet's can suffer too! Allergies occur because of irritating substances in your pet’s environment. Common allergens are dust, grass and pollen. Pollen is the most common airborne allergy and can travel up to 100 miles! Common signs that your pet may be suffering from allergies are red or itchy skin or paws, hair loss, hot spots, itchy ears or redness and irritation of the ears or face. What's more-an article posted by the AVMA in November 2019 provides details on researchers from the University of Nottingham School of Veterinary Medicine reporting finding that the severity of the itch in dogs with atopic dermatitis was directly linked to behavior that is considered problematic.... Read more
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