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May 2020 | Issue 9
STILL at Home Edition
Let me win, but if I cannot win,
Let me be brave in the attempt.
From the Editor...
OK. STILL at home. This month we talk about coaches staying active themselves. Of course, more pics of the athletes as well.

Before we start, though...There is a lot of talk about getting back to normal in the media now, but especially for our community, who can be more at risk than just the average, it is SUPER important that you continue to socially distance, keep your hands off your face (and WASHED regulary). Do it, and we will all be able to get back to competition much sooner. Stay Healthy, Stay Active!!
The A26 Fitness Pals continue to reach out to friends, teammates and competitiors to reach everyone they can to tell them to stay in shape. Here are the latest submissions of the effort...
Still strokin - but online instead of in lane...
Coach Hannah running another dry-land super workout. and several of her athletes online...
and several of her athletes online participating...
If your team is working out alone, together, make sure to send us some pictures to show off, and you will be in the next edtion...
Growing activity from the Area fitness explosion...
Jeff Emery and his service dog Missy enjoying the sunlight...
...and playing golf on a very short Par 3!
Dane Liberatore in the lane and on the lanes
 (Wii lanes, that is...)
Vinnie Roubin's dog taking him out for a walk
Hunter Fields at his hoop
Simone Simon hitting the pavement
Pete Connors and his Dad heading out for a 25 MILE ride on the W&O Canal
Zach Fowler out for a ride
Kyle Holdener STILL driving his auto fleet...
Zach Fowler and his Dad Mark in fierce competition with a very small ball
Viv Alonso mid-Boogey...
Jeff Cogswell on the supercycle rolling through the hall...
Fitness-Master Max Hershberger with his all-body workout...
Ben Fowler's dog dragging him around
Allie Robbins holding a perfectly inverted jump rope!!
Trevor Scambos aka Mr. Mason on his way out...
Chef-in-training Olivia Baker working out the perfect amounn of topping for a cake...
Travis Smith staying active indoors and out
If you have other ways to share your activities, or more pictures like the ones in this post, you can send them at the button...

Pease keep sending photos, and we will keep putting them up.
Revealing the Champion in all of us...
Athletes Corner
  • by Billy Duquette
Since I was off for April, I have two stories for you this month. Hope you like them...

 Still Working Every Day...
There are some athletes in Area 26 who are still working in their jobs while we are fighting this crisis of the coronavirus.

Some of these athletes are Bobby Opiela, who is working at Giant Food as a grocery store clerk, Michael England, Austin Ward, Matthew Sapienza, Jacqui Callaway and me, who are working in the area as Custodians.

I myself am working with Goodwill of Greater Washington at the contract site of the United States Geological Survey (that is me in the picture...).

All of these athletes are doing their best while still working at their jobs during this terrible crisis. Please keep us all in your thoughts.
Michael England, Matthew Sapienza and Jacqui Callaway on the way to work
Austin Ward and Bobby Opelia
Running for the Blind...
On the first Sunday of May, an organization called the Foundation of Fighting Blindness holds its annual Vision Walk to help and to support people to find a cure to fight their retinal disease. The vision walk takes place at Cameron Run Regional Park in Alexandria Virginia. It is a 5k course. Most of the participants either walk or run the course, which is mapped out and set up in advance by the Foundation.

They set a goal to raise over $140,000 to donate for research to fight and to find a cure for all retinal disease.

My Sister Michelle, who is a Special Olympic athlete and blind herself, is fighting this same retinal disease and hopefully will see again in the near future.

The Foundation has been a great organization to donate to and support and we hope they will find a cure!
Talk to you next month,
- Billy
May Featured Sport: Powerlifting
-by Mike Troiano
Most SO sports involve athletes competing with each other, but this month, we feature one where the immediate opponent is gravity .

Coach Mike Troiano explains...

POWERLIFTING [pou-er-lif-ting] -- noun
  A competition or sport involving three tests of strength: the squat, bench press and two-handed dead lift.

On Tuesday nights at 7pm when most Fairfax county residents are sitting down after dinner to watch TV the 13 athletes on the Area 26 Powerlifting team are warming up for another practice filled with encouragement, a little trash talk, a lot of fun and yes, big iron weights. Powerlifting is a sport of strength and to get strong you need to train.
The Area 26 Powerlifting Team which started with a few athletes and now consists of thirteen dedicated lifters, trains through three seasons starting in September to be ready to compete at the regional meets we attend in Spring around the state and State Games in June. With a kickoff that includes pulling a plane at the Dulles Days Plane Pull we work-out each week to be ready for meets starting in February and culminating in our overnight trip to State Games in Delaware.
Our program is sponsored by IMP Fitness in Fairfax and our athletes are ably supported by a dedicated group of coaches who not only instruct on technique and safety but give our athletes a path to achieve individual milestones in a team environment that comes complete with the camaraderie and motivation in which athletes thrive. In Powerlifting, you cannot depend on someone else to help you succeed, you use the support of others to achieve things you did not know you could do. There’s an old saying on the sport that ‘First they will ask why you are doing it…Later, after the meet, they will always ask, ‘HOW DID YOU DID IT?!!’
If you want the chance to set a goal and achieve it with the support of your teammates and coaches, if you want to grow stronger with better balance and more confidence in your abilities as an athlete, Powerlifting is the sport for you. Contact Coach Mike at t he button BELOW for more information and we hope to see you when we return to the gym in September. 
Athletes aren't the ONLY ones in motion!!
It is not just the Olympians who need to stay healthy, happy and active right now. Your Coaches and SO volunteers are also making up their own gyms and workout areas to remain strong. Here are some of us (yes, me included...) pushing it...
Coach Matt Elliston pumping iron at home...
and on the firing range pushing lead at work...
Island Girl and Chairman/ Director/ Coordinator/ Coach Elaine Tilton getting her hula on...
Council member and Coach Chuck Adkins-Blanche Cycling IN the house
Coach Ray Holdener getting in some pavement miles
Coach Leo Alonso exercising his couch during the NFL Draft...Hmm...
Council member and Coordinator Abby Lacy holding up the world (or is she about to fall off?) Yoga at its finest
Council Member/Director/Coordinator/Coach Nancy Julia Biking the Suncoast
Coach Barb Lotterer getting ready to drill the players next Fall
Council member, Coordinator and Coach Paul Tierney with his son Matt sterilizing the home environment ( that is, taking out the trash...)
GM Kyler Reese and Coach/Editor/ Webmaster (me...) getting in some pre-season pigskin time
Coach Christine Fowler and her dog out for a stretch
Council member and Coordinator Nancy Robbins jumping rope
Council member and Coordinator Jay Hoffmeier swimming with his daughter Jackie
Coach Tim Figueroa and his sons pumping it outdoors at the local playground, stretched out "social distancing style"...
Coach Ben Vitas
out on a long hike alone...
Council member / Coordinator / Coach Jeff McGiboney and his son Bruce getting ready for a long ride...
Council Member Bernie Woolfley looking professional in better times...
Coach Paul Campo preparing for remote finals
Council member and Coach Bruce Fingerhut and his wife Coach Tanya Gallegos out in the woods for a hike
Council member, Coach and Referee Patrick DeLapp taking de lap with his pooch
Slam-Master Coach Emilio Alonso addressing the hoop in style!
Coach Debbie Bennett
stretching for a run
Coach and Referee Beleny Reese AND her dog Kia climbing (yes, climbing...) a tree
Coach Maya Tischler preparing
to go en pointe!
Potomac Region Senior Director Veronica Jennings teaching us how to make her favorite dish - Mediterranean Chicken on the
Coach and Referee Alina Tilton race walking in place in the basement
Shoutout... by Hannah Walden
Two of our incredible coaches have recently announced their future academic plans! 

Coach Hannah Ikenberry will be attending VCU's Occupational Therapy Doctorate program...
and Coach Anna Platt will pursue a  Master of Science in Genetic Counseling at UPenn.

On behalf of the team, we are so proud of you both and wish you all the best in this next life endeavor! 
Congratulations!! :)
Upcoming Events
Still holding out hope for the Fall Season...
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