BGCS Newsletter Vol. III #2, May 14, 2020
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Dear Friends of Bluegrass Country Soul,

We trust that you are all staying safe and healthy during this pandemic.

We are happy to report some good news. As you will see in the video, below, our Golden Anniversary, First Edition box sets are now being shipped. If you haven't purchased a box set yet, we recommend that you do so soon , as our remaining inventory is extremely limited.

We wish to thank all of our early-bird sponsors, who helped us to get this project off the ground, and who have been so patient during the intervening months. Then, we must thank our advance sale customers, whose orders helped to restore the film and produce the box set. And we thank all the musicians and film crew members who helped with the interviews and gave us invaluable advice.

Watch this video to see what's in the box set!
We completed the first phase of this project in November when we donated an archival copy of the movie to the permanent collection of the Bluegrass Music Hall of Fame & Museum in Owensboro, KY. When COVID-19 hit, it slowed our final preparations to a crawl. But, the second phase of our project has been completed, and all our customers and participating bluegrass artists will soon be receiving box sets in the mail.
Now, we move onto the third phase – getting the word out. Originally, we’d hoped to make the rounds of bluegrass festivals this summer, but that is looking unlikely. Instead, we will do our best to set up interviews with bluegrass radio programs, and send PR to newspapers and magazines.
We hope you will enjoy your box set, and we look forward to hearing your comments!
If you haven’t ordered your own copy yet, we do have some box sets left . This limited, numbered, first edition will definitely become a collector’s item.
Once you receive your box set, make some popcorn, pull up an easy chair, and hold a bluegrass festival in the comfort of your own home. It’s time to experience the excitement, and enjoy the great music, of this legendary festival!
Best Always,
Albert Ihde             Ellen Pasternack
Producer/Director  Executive Director     

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