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Dear Members and Other Friends, 

"I place my hope in business. Good businesses are what is going to inspire change in the world."

Thank you for this quote, Robert U. Craven, CEO of MegaFood. I wholeheartedly agree.

I've pinned Robert's words on my office wall, written them on the dry erase board and committed them to memory ever since Robert gave us this quote as the keynoter of our 28th spring conference. He also gave us the message: " Do it right, make a difference, and be bold."

If you missed his keynote, you can listen to David Goodman's interview with Robert   and learn more about the evolution of Robert's career and his goals to inspire more CEOs to lead "Change The World" companies. Also, you'll want to keep an eye out for the keynote video we'll soon post on YouTube. 

Robert's keynote -- and as a matter of fact, the whole conference -- was inspiring and motivating, just as we'd hoped.  We are so grateful to the MANY presenters, volunteers, Program Committee members and awesome staff who worked to make the event a success. Thank you all!


Jane Campbell
Executive Director

P.S. The networking continues...with our next Networking Get-Together on June 21st at Gordon's Window Décor in Williston. Sponsorships are available, and registration is open. See you there!

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VBSR Get-Together Hosted by Gordon's Window Décor in Williston -- June 21st

Sponsorships are available--see below!

VBSR members and friends are invited to a Networking Get-Together hosted by Gordon's Window Decor in Willison, VT. Open to anyone interested in the triple-bottom-line approach to business; free for VBSR members, $10 for nonmembers. Hors d'oeuvres provided by our generous host, with a cash bar!  Attendance is limited and will be first come, first served, and we'll see a demonstration of how they make their products.   Register Today!  

Since 1986, Gordon's Window Decor has designed, manufactured and installed quality window decor. They have always focused on building the most attractive, best valued, energy efficient window coverings possible, and their EcoSmart shades are high quality with a sleek design and proven energy efficiency. Gordon's Window Decor is an active member of the local Vermont business community and proud to be part of it!

Join us as we make new connections and learn about some of the ways a small business can use its power to "do good." 

Sponsorships are available for this event, contact our Membership Manager Toby Aronson at or call (802) 862-8347.
Event Sponsorship includes: 
  • Logo on event web page
  • Logo on postcard, circulation 1,000
  • Logo on signage at the event
  • Organization name in press releases
  • 30 seconds at podium during the event

Many thanks to our early sponsors:
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This Newsletter is Sponsored By:
Let's Grow Kids 
Let's Grow Kids is a statewide campaign about the need for more high-quality, affordable child care in Vermont to better support our children, families, women, communities and economy.

The 2018 Session of the Vermont Legislature is Over ... or Is It?

VBSR Policy Headline

As I write this, lawmakers are preparing to return to Montpelier for a special session, less than two weeks after adjourning for the year. The focus will be a budget and tax showdown with Gov. Scott and attempting to override a number of gubernatorial vetoes that may arrive in the next few days.

Overriding the Governor's veto requires two-thirds majority of lawmakers present in the House and Senate. That's a huge hurdle for the Legislature on any issue, especially one that has faced opposition from the Governor's office.

Now is the time for Vermonters to contact their legislators and urge them to support a veto override vote on the following bills:

S.40, minimum wage: This bill slowly increases Vermont's minimum wage to $15 an hour by 2024. Raising the minimum wage is a raise for tens of thousands of working Vermonters who are struggling with the consequences of income inequality. VBSR believes this is a fair and important bill that will boost the take-home wages of working Vermonters on a timeline that works for small businesses.

H.196, paid family leave: The lack of paid family leave for working Vermonters is a giant hole in our communities and economy. This bill establishes a state-level insurance program that would offer up to 12 weeks of paid time off (at 70% of a person's salary). It is paid for by a 0.136% payroll tax on employees. 

S.260 & H.576, clean water: Vermont faces a water pollution crisis and both of these bills help the state move forward in cleaning and protecting these vital resources. S.260 will help identify important revenue sources for this effort and H.576 requires the owners of large parking lots to address runoff, a major source of water pollution. Both of these bills are modest and common sense approaches to a problem that is ignored all too often by policy-makers.

If you see your local state representative or state senator in your community over the next two weeks, tell them how important these bills are to you and the business community. Need help finding out who your legislator is? Visit 

Daniel Barlow
Public Policy Manager

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Post Your Fall Internships Now!

Want to explore a special project?  Build capacity for current employees? 
Create career pathways for new employees? The Vermont Intern Program can help! 
A program of VBSR, the Vermont Intern Program connects college students, recent graduates and young professionals with employers who have paid internships. We post and promote positions, recruit interns, and offer one-on-one support - a FREE service available to all Vermont employers. Interns receive assistance with the application process and a complimentary membership to VBSR.

Whether semester-long or project-based, part-time or full-time, we can connect you with a diverse applicant pool of 2,000+ candidates statewide. Let us help you reach this hardworking population!

Here's How It Works:
  1. Create a position description using our form.
  2. We post your position and promote it to a diverse pool of over 2,000 young people in Vermont.
  3. All applications are sent to you via email. If interested in an applicant, you contact them directly.
  4. After the position has closed, we contact you to see if you hired any of the interns we referred.
Once hired, the Vermont Intern Program offers support to both you and the intern. The intern receives a FREE VBSR Membership, including access to networking, educational and professional development opportunities.
We can integrate with your existing application process or screen for qualifications upon request.

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Norwich Solar Technologies 

Norwhich Solar Technologies

Norwich Solar Technologies provides turnkey services including Solar System Development, Design, Engineering, Procurement, and Construction, Financing, and Long-Term Operations and Maintenance.

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Does Your County Have Enough?

In its outreach work in communities across the state, Let's Grow Kids found that many parents struggle to find child care that meets their needs.  It was clear that Vermont had a shortage of child care (particularly high-quality care), but in order to better understand the problem, they wanted to define it in numbers.  The 2018 "Stalled at the Start" report  shows there continues to be a critical child care shortage statewide and in every county for children "likely to need child care (LTNC)." 

To see the numbers for your county, look at the left-hand column of Stalled at the Start.


Take the 2018 Nonprofit 
Salary Survey

Hiring and retaining great workers is one of the biggest challenges we face as nonprofits. That's why has teamed up with NH Center for Nonprofits and Maine Association of Nonprofits to collect the latest data on wages and benefits from our tri-state area.

Your contribution to this data is vital. So many of our Vermont nonprofit colleagues regularly contact us for this information as they set benefits and wages for new and current employees. The 2018 edition of the Report on Nonprofit Wages & Benefits in Northern New England will be published this fall. Survey participants will receive the report for FREE and be entered to win a $150 cash prize!


Represent Your Locally Owned Business in the 9th Edition Buy Local Coupon Book & Mobile App

Every year VBSR distributes thousands of Buy Local Books & Mobile Apps to consumers around the state. Last year over 250 locally owned and independent Vermont businesses advertised through the Local First Vermont Program (LFVT) coupons. Make sure that your business is included in our next edition by contacting our Local First Vermont Program Manager Melissa Kosmaczewski at The team behind LFVT works year-round to promote Vermonter owned businesses and educate Vermonters on the importance of shopping locally. 


Member Events

Distributed teams working across the country and globe are increasingly becoming the norm! However, it is hard enough for our collaborative teams to be on the same page in the same office, but how do you do it across the distance?! Collaborative remote meetings can certainly be tricky on a conference call. We've done the research! We have 4 hacks (tested and proven) for enjoyable and engaging collaborative meetings that you can immediately start using in your team to facilitate collective alignment, increase accountability, strengthen your strategy AND build community!

Vermont Employee Ownership Conference, June 9

Come learn about the unique benefits and challenges of employee ownership at 16th annual Vermont Employee Ownership Conference! This full-day event, featuring 19 informative workshops and a keynote by Dave Fitz-Gerald, Chair of The ESOP Association.

Nonprofit Summer Camp is an exciting and accessible way to receive the training you need in an amount of time you can work with. Join the Center for New Leadership at Marlboro Grad School for a day of skill-building, connecting with your colleagues and innovating sector leaders, and eating s'mores.
This year, we've got nine great workshops to choose from in three tracks: personal leadership, management tools, and diversity/inclusion.  This is where we prove that nonprofit management can and should be fun!

You can see the full listing of member events on our website calendar

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To learn more, contact our Membership Manager Toby Aronson 

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Internships: Paid vs. Unpaid?


With our Vermont Intern Program, we only list paid internships. Why? 

One of the primary reasons is that unpaid internships widen the social equity gap. Some students can afford to work for no compensation but many cannot.

Also, anyone who is working at your company is ... working. We don't expect employees to work for free, Yet some companies expect interns to work for free. Structured properly, the internship offers educational training, and the experience can help the intern learn new skills, experience different workplace cultures, and sample new fields and potential careers.

In turn, companies providing internships are investing in the next generation of workers, managers, leaders and entrepreneurs. At the same time, they are learning about the younger generation's priorities, culture and needs.
Thank your customer, tell them how valuable they are to you, but don't go overboard. Insincerity is easy to spot.

You can check out our  Employer Toolbox for  more tips on hiring and supervising interns.

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To foster a business ethic in Vermont that recognizes the opportunity and responsibility of the business community to set a high standard for protecting the natural, human, and economic environments of our citizens. We are committed to a multiple bottom line approach to business that values people, planet and profit.


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