May 2023
Welcome May Flowers!
If the old adage “April showers bring May flowers” is even remotely right I’d say we’re in for some exquisite floral landscapes this month. Sunday marked the last day of our 17th Annual Tucson Trunk Show. What a great show we had and thanks to all who came for multiple visits. We hope everyone was able to find their special new energy piece and that unique mineral needing a new home. If one of your maybe pieces was left behind and is still talking to you, come back in and we’ll see if we can help reunite you both.

A list of this month’s key noted holidays include Cinco de Mayo on the 5th, Mother's Day on the 14th, and Memorial Day on the 29th. Please consider taking a few minutes to recognize World Bee Day on May 20. It is said these little creatures pollinate 75% of of the world’s food crops and approximately 90% of the wild flowers growing on this earth. Let’s gather our energy and see if we can’t help these little guys stay alive and active. If you can….plant some flowers.

Try to pay particular attention on May 5th to yourself and the energy around you. Along with Cinco de Mayo, there is both a Lunar Eclipse and a Full Moon scheduled. All this planetary activity, especially the Lunar Eclipse, usually generates emotionally charged, yet very revealing energy. Try not to jump into any changes, instead take the time to process the full picture. Luckily Mercury goes direct on May 14 so hopefully all this crazy car energy that has been plaguing all of us lately will go away, or at least lighten up.

Some highlights in this newsletter include:

  • Learn more about this months featured Practitioner’s
  • Review our blog article for the month - Crystals for Taurus
  • Check out our Depot featured Jasper - Tire Track Jasper
  • Read about some fossilized ancient water creatures called Baculite’s
Please everyone, continue to stay safe and healthy.

Karen and the Staff
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From the Crystal Wisdom: Information & News Blog available online!
Excerpt from "Crystals for Taurus"
From April 20th through May 20th, it’s Taurus time. Taurus is represented by the bull: strong-willed and steadfast, generally calm unless riled. Since Taurus is an Earth sign, Taurus people are grounded, stable, wise, and sensual. Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet of love, pleasure, and money...Consider yourself fortunate if you have a Taurus in your inner circle. They are generous, reliable, trustworthy, compassionate, and true...As with all signs, there are some challenging aspects in the Taurus personality. They can be bull-headed and rigid, with perfectionist tendencies...Working with the right crystals can augment the positive Taurus traits while helping to overcome any growing edges. Here are the top Taurus crystals:

To Read More, Click HERE!
Meet Our Staff

Elaine has been at NT since August. She is also a painter that has had her artwork shown in Texas and California. Her favorite crystals are zebra calcite, moonstone, and labradorite. In her spare time she likes spending time with her pet turtle, Shelly.
Featured Fossil: Baculite
Featured Agate/Jasper: Tire Track Jasper

From Australia, this red variety of Jasper gets its name from a unique pattern that results from a natural process known as brecciation in which the rock layer is broken up and then filled in. Just as the rock survived being broken up, this stone helps us overcome rough times in our lives.
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"[Name]" the Triceratops Poll Update
Last month's poll didn't have any clear winners, but did narrow the names down to 2!
"Rusty" (16.7%) or "Topsy" (16.7%)
The Triceratops

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May Practitioners
Daily Practitioners (including weekends!)
Practitioners will be available for private sessions in-store from 11:00a-5:15p.
Denise Nitti - Intuitive Reiki - 12, 31st
Freedom Jennings - Reiki, Tarot - 7th, 28th
Deborah Dahmen - Energy healer - 26th
JaMecha Dodd - 8th, 22nd
Tore Sol - 2nd, 30th
Merlyn - 20th, 27th
Sheryl Martin - 4th,
Anne Berlin - 6th
Saul Ravencraft - 15th
Tara Ventura - Psychic Medium - 5th, 19th
Kramer Wetzel - Astrology - 9th, 23rd
Yuci Edwards - Spiritual Guide - 1st, 29th
Laura Tree - 3rd, 17th
Mia Michel - 16th, 21st
Ricardo Gonzales - 10th, 24th
Sheela Goodrich - 11th, 25th
Elaine Ireland - 18th
Stern Hatcher - Pet Psychic - 13th, 14th
Crystal Whisperer - online or by appointment

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Our Featured Practitioners
JaMecha Dodd - Psychic Medium, Sacral Chakra Wellness Coach

Willow Peak Wellness is a Veteran owned company. I have perfected my personal craft of energy healing with a combination of Reiki and intuition to provide a unique experience for your personal healing journey. I specialize in Sacral Transformation Coaching, where we base your healing from your Sacral Chakra. An Empath, I have a background in Life Coaching and medical care.

By Online Appointment; Mon-Wed, 12-6p. Website:
Sheela Goodrich

Mixed Media
With a passion for the expressive arts, Sheela’s work incorporates therapeutic art with a curious and playful exploration of energy in motion. Much like her practice as a mixed modality intuitive energy healer, she utilizes mixed mediums in her artworks such as acrylic, watercolor, pastel, charcoal, ink, and paper collage. Her intention is to communicate a depth of beauty & sensual emotion with texture, shape, and the abstract human form and to bring her own vision and that of the unseen world into the viewers experience.
Intuitive Jewelry Services
Call Ahead for Availability, Saturdays Only
Crystal Heart Studio
Ask for Merlyn, a wire-wrapper and jewelry-maker who lets her intuition guide the creation of unique wearable art. Whether you want to bring in your own crystal or have Merlyn help you find the perfect crystal for you in-store, she will then combine the stone with others and harmonize their energies with assorted metals. Available for walk-ins most Saturdays in the Retail Showroom.
In the Community
The Healing Arts Festival & Market

May 7
Hilton Garden Inn & Suites
Pat Booker Rd
Live Oak, Texas

Let's march to our own drums at The Healing Arts Festival & Market - March! You know there's no better place to be and no better community to be with. Join us and let's do what no one else does, do it will all our hearts!
Decisions, Decisions
Nature's Treasures was happy to donate tumbled stones as prizes for the Cowan Elementary Carnival Fundraiser this past March, and we are even happier to announce that our tumbled stones were the only prizes they ran out of!
Earth Day 2023
20% of our Earth Day sales on 4/22 went to
The Rainforest Partnership
and amounted to a magical $2929.44.
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