Volume VIII, 2022

Jazz Girls Day Indiana 2023

80 participants and lots of jazz!

Pink — small — and punctual —

Aromatic — low —

Covert — in April —

Candid — in May —

Dear to the Moss —

Known to the Knoll —

Next to the Robin

In every human Soul —

Bold little Beauty

Bedecked with thee

Nature forswears

Antiquity —

May-Flower by Emily Dickinson

Dear Friends

It’s difficult to put last month’s experience into words. Both Sides of Joni was released worldwide on March 31, and we presented 15 concerts, Jazz Girls Day, and two workshops in 28 days from Florida to New York City. Alexis Cole took on the task of learning Janiece’s interpretations of the album tracks and we added several new arrangements including Chelsea Morning and Woodstock. We programmed the concerts following the range of Joni’s topics, so it became a journey of reflection, sorrow, anger, regret, romance, to a joyous parade to Woodstock aka paradise, closing in life’s Circle Game. Janiece joined us every night by blending in verses of Don’t Interrupt the Sorrow with the band. The audience laughed and cried and sang along in the beautiful venues including Manchester Craftsmen Guild Jazz in Pittsburgh, the City Gallery in Erie, the Timucua Arts Foundation in Orlando, the legendary Deer Head Inn, Seneca One Auditorium in Buffalo and many more. And I know Janiece was dancing and singing along with us every night. Much love and appreciation to everyone who helped along the way and joined us to celebrate. For physical copies of the album, go to www.bothsidesofjoni.com, add the tracks on your favorite streaming services and share on playlists. June and July we will celebrate with our European audiences and more tours on both sides of the Atlantic are in the planning for Fall and Spring.

I’m slowly adjusting to my life on two continents having accepted the position of Professor of Artistic Research and Dean of Music Education at the Jam Music Lab University in Vienna but spending several months a year in our Indiana home. My artistic practice provides the research basis and there are many exciting projects in the making and proposals submitted – good news coming soon!

In the meantime, enjoy pictures and videos from the tour below, check upcoming dates, and send me your updates. Artist friends, if you’d like to do a Talking Jazz episode with me send me a note.

Happy Mother’s Day


Both Sides of Joni at Timucua Arts Foundation

A very special treat just for you as subscribers - Both Sides of Joni at the Timucua Arts Foundation in Orlando, please support this wonderful organization.

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Thursday, June 15. Jazzclub Cave 61 in Heilbronn, Altes Theater

Friday, June 16, Hemingway Lounge Karlsruhe, Germany

Saturday, June 17, Cotton Club, Hamburg

Monday, June 19, Altes Pfandhaus - Cologne, Germany

Tuesday, June 27, B-Flat, Berlin Germany

Thursday, June 29, Dulkhaeusle, Esslingen - Germany

Monday, July 3, Porgy&Bess, Vienna - Austria

July 5 & 6 Canaris Jazz

Friday, July 7, Jazz Cafe Posk, London - UK


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