May Newsletter 2018

Spring Blooming,
Many spring time events are happening on our campus.

-Friday, May 25th we will welcome Grandparents and Special Friends. Invitations are going home with your children.
-Friday, June 1st  The Salt Box families will gather for  a performance and celebration lunch. 
-The final school celebration will be on Wednesday, June 6th for our annual Strawberry Festival 5-7 pm. 


Watch Us Play and Learn
 The Robins Nest welcomes Poppy !

Bunny Den enjoys the sunshine.
                                                  Bunny Den May News

                         Bee Hive spring art  projects at work.         

                                                                                      Bee Hive May News                                                                              Spring Chicks visit with Explorers
Explorer May News                                          
                                          Playing Ball  with the Navigators

                                  The Salt Box School

                                               The Beacons are on the move.                      
               Beacons News

             Spring has sprung in the Lightkeepers


Upcoming Events
Join us every Friday @9:30 for our weekly assembly
Grandfolks Day Friday, May 25th 10-11:45

Salt Box Year In View Friday, June 1 

Strawberry Festival Wednesday, June 6th 5-7 pm