It's been a challenging year. Isolation. Distancing. Vaccinations. Masks. Elections. Cancel culture.

It's May. Mother's Day. Cinco de Mayo, Indianapolis 500, Memorial Day. Blooming flowers. Warmer days. Start of summer. Return to normal? Time to plan for long-term care expenses.

Given this past year, planning for long-term care expense could be a walk in the park. Yes, it's complex. And there are a lot of factors to take into consideration like cost and coverage along with new health issues that might make underwriting more challenging.

We offer reasons and resources to help you as you plan for long-term care expenses. Will this year be the year that you check long-term care expense planning off your list of to-dos?
Have you considered how much care costs where you live? We break down the top 10 states for the lowest cost of care.
Something that can be done at any time often doesn't get done at all. Learn why now is the time to plan for long-term care.
A family on the beach brings a smile to our faces...and a reminder. Creating an end-of-life plan isn't for you, it's for them.
For most Americans there are three ways to play for long-term care expenses. Hint, Original Medicare isn't one of them.
Did You Know?

It's ok if you move! Policies sold today are portable which means they can be used anywhere within the U.S. Some carriers have policies that cover benefits outside of the U.S.
Nicole Gurley, CLTC
Gurley Long-Term Care Insurance