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With summer approaching my activities change with the season. As sea turtles begin nesting this spring, I will be back on the beach one night a week to protect the nests and emerging sea turtle hatchlings. This volunteer work is special in many ways, from saving the turtles to enjoying the beach at night. 

Outdoor exhibiting is now over for me until fall. It was a very rewarding season, even in that I learned what can be improved on next year. As a result, I hope to enter and participate in additional juried festivals along the coast for the upcoming 2018/19 season. As always, my exhibit and festival schedule is kept up-to-date on my website. I so enjoyed interacting with art lovers who visited my booth, and some found me from show to show. I'm so grateful for my collectors and followers.

The event, Art & Soul, benefiting Business for the Arts of Broward was a success with the sale of two of my paintings, shown below. I love this event as it supports the organization, as well as the artist participating.

For the month of May, I have been presented with a wonderful opportunity to s how my large format sea turtles and pelican at Bailey Hall at Broward College through June 6 with the National League of American Pen Woman, of which I am a member. This is a beautiful space and I am thrilled to be exhibiting these special pieces there, and even better, I was give the huge space across from the main entrance. Because these pieces are reproductions, my opportunity to show has been limited to my booth at outdoor festivals. 

What are large format reproductions?

Large format pieces, as I call them, are all pieces over 30" on at least one side and reproduced from my watercolor paintings. The originals have been digitized and are printed on high quality photo paper and mounted behind 1/4" acrylic glass. I prepare the digital images of the paintings making them suitable for printing on such a large scale. So far, I have been very pleased with the outcome.

About 50% of my collectors of these large format pieces have been opting for custom sizes of 48" or more. As long as the height of a piece does not go over 48" (h), the width across can go as wide as 72" depending on the piece. 

Thank you to all my collectors. You keep me painting and enjoying this business of art.

Festivals & Exhibitions
Bailey Hall at Broward College
Through June 5

Pre-hanging for exhibition
New photo coming for next month's newsletter

Delray Beach Chamber of Commerce
Through July 25
Original Watercolor Paintings

Red-winged Blackbird Framed 17x13"

Purple Gallinule Framed 13x17"

Flamingo Framed 20x20"

Iguana in Velvet Hues Framed 22x29"

New Works in Process
8x8" unframed

I remembered to take photos of my progress painting this rhino,
which I thought might be interesting. 
11x15" unframed
Original Art SOLD at Art & Soul - April 27
Coneflower 2

Sea Turtle No. 25

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Large Format Reproductions
No frame necessary. Ready to hang.
Various sizes available. Clean, contemporary look. 

Sea turtle no. 5 behind acrylic glass

Sea Turtle No. 5
45 x 36"

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Most of my paintings can be ordered as a print on acrylic sheet, metal, canvas and more, in open (unlimited) edition.
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