Three ways YOU can help:
You don’t need to be anywhere NEAR as amazing as Zaki to help. Here are three things you can do easily, right now, right from where you’re sitting:

  1. If you’ve not already (what’s holding you back?!?!?), click here to send your senator and representative a letter asking to increase the BOP’s FY23 budget
  2. Take 5 minutes on June 2, after 3pm, to click here and listen in on the BOP as they decide who merits a public hearing on their pardon applications – hear the sausage being made
  3. Click here to make a gift to PLSE in honor of Renee Chenault Fattah and in thanks for her leading the statewide quest to make restorative justice a reality for those who have fully repaid their debts to society and then some

Because Social Justice Requires Social Action

Renee Chenault Fattah, JD
Executive Director