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Customer service is our # 1 priority, and we strive to provide you with the best experience possible!  

But did you know that YOU can help us be even better?

Having a complete submission is of the utmost importance to maximize quick turnaround and good service (for you AND your customer).  

If you can utilize the following list as some "food for thought" when filling out an app and/or obtaining the info to send us for a quote, it will help us provide you with better service and quicker turnaround. 

When completing an app or sending a submission, ask yourself if we will be able to tell: 

-Does your office control the account?
-Is the application fully completed? 
-Is the 'date business started' question addressed?
-If already in business, do you have the prior carrier info and loss runs? 
-If already in business but no prior, why is coverage being sought now?
-If the risk is a new venture, do they have experience in this field? 
-If the current carrier is a standard/admitted market, why are they shopping for a Surplus Lines quote?
-If the risk is currently written w/ a carrier we represent, is a Broker of Record (BOR) letter an option?
If BOR is not an option, what terms, conditions, etc. will be needed for the customer to place their business w/ us?

You would be surprised how many submissions we get where some (or all) of the above is not addressed, which means we then have to ask you for all of this additional info, which takes extra time before we can proceed w/ reviewing (and quoting) your submission.

If you don't have some of this info, but still want to send us the submission, that's okay!  Just tell us what you have requested and are waiting on (and then send it to us as soon as you can).  It's a win-win for everyone; and we appreciate your help (so that we can do a better job for you as well)!
You live in WHAT?

Your customers may not have a house built from sticks or straw, but a lot of unique construction types and materials have surfaced in the past few years.     

Here are some situations we have been able to help with recently:  
  • Earth Berm Homes
  • Morton Buildings  (Metal) with finished living quarters
  • Log Construction including true log homes (advise if hand-hewn, milled or a kit)
  • Floating homes
  • Dome homes
  • Frame with straw bales in the walls for insulation
  • Metal shipping containers converted to a residence
  • Commercial buildings converted to a private home
Whatever unique design your clients come up with, give CIU the opportunity to offer a quote to meet their needs.   

Send a completed application with photos ( if possible) to Marsha Peck, Ext 236, mpeck@ciusgf.com
so that we can underwriter your customer's "different" living space!
A Few "Fun Facts" 
About Kim Hampton...

1) I drink 168 oz of water a day.
2) I'm blessed with two beautiful children: Garrett (son) 16  & Bailey (daughter) 19.
3) I played softball in college and then continued playing out of college on a coed team - I only consider playing these days as a "fill in".
4) I love, love, love the beach!
5) I can ride & show a cutting horse. (It's a great sport, look it up on Youtube.)
6) I'm a clothing and shoes shopaholic..... only recently have I been able to admit it.
7) I started in the insurance industry 26 years ago with CIU and have been here ever since!
Are you attending the IIAOK Convention next week?
Stop by and see Christin Dancy and Marsha Peck on Wed, May 18th at booth # 16!!  They are sure to have lots of goodies and smiles to share! 
Business Auto
As an agent writing commercial or business auto coverage are you familiar with the Unified Registration System (URS)?

The Congressionally mandated URS system launched December 2015, but is being rolled out in phases, and this is bringing many changes to the current system we are familiar with.

The MC docket numbers will be going away leaving only DOT #'s.  A Motor carrier (which is now defined as "any business operating a unit 10,001 GVW or a unit with 6 tires" [dually pickups]) will have to meet the requirements of the Motor Carrier Act of 1980 with a filing.

Also, many "Exempt" and Private carriers will now be required to have filings and meet mandatory Liability limits.

All of this is set to be implemented by December 31st 2016; and because of this you will probably see an increase in insureds needing higher limits and additional filings that they had not been required to have in the past.

And we want to help you with all of this, so please call with any questions and/or send your submissions to newbusiness@ciusgf.com today!  
Upcoming Holidays!
CIU will be closed the following days: 
  • Monday, May 30th (for Memorial Day)
  • Monday, July 4th (for Independence Day)
  • Monday, Sept 5th (for Labor Day)
Our entire annual holiday schedule can be found here.
Commercial Lines  
Trailer Manufacturer- $1mil/$2mil GL; $2mil Excess (over GL, AL and EL). $7.1mil gross receipts. $30,435
Home Health Care Agency- $1mil/$3mil GL & Professional; $1mil/$1mil Abuse & Molestation, Employee Benefits & H&NO Auto; $50k/$100k Legal Media Coverage; $25k BPP.  $1.5mil gross receipts. $12,600
Used Construction Equipment Dealer- $1mil Auto CSL (incl H&NO Auto, Med Pay & UM/UIM). $936,500 Physical Damage (w/ $5k comp/coll dedts). 20 scheduled units. Local radius. $38,090
Trucking/Delivery Service/Warehouse- $50k Motor Truck Cargo (schedule item/s) w/ $100k max loss. $2.75mil Terminal (Warehouse) Coverage. $2,500 MTC Dedt/$5,000 Terminal Dedt. $24,250
Trucker (hauling equipment & building materials)- $1mil Auto CSL (incl H&NO Auto, Med Pay and UM/UIM). $302k Physical Damage (w/ $1k comp/coll dedts); Motor Truck Cargo w/ $200k per Occ/$100k per vehicle (w/ $1k aop/$2,500 rust/warpage/water dedts). 15 scheduled units. Unlimited radius.   $44,310
Senior & Subsidized Housing Apts- $1mil/$2mil GL (including Employee Benefits & H&NO Auto); $10mil Excess (over GL/H&NO Auto); $15mil Primary Property coverage w/ $2.5mil EQ and $2.5mil Flood sublimits; and $2.6mil Excess Property. 161 units. $10k aop/2% w/h/$50k EQ/Flood Prop Dedts. $56,582
Armed Security Guard- $1mil/$2mil GL (incl E&O); $100k/$200k A&B; $25k/$50k Lost Key Coverage; $10mil Excess (over the GL).  $65k annual payrolls. $20,515
Restaurant/Bar- $1mil/$2mil GL (w/ $25k/$50k A&B sublimits); $1mil/$2mil Liquor Liab; $885k Prop TIV. PC 10. $10k all perils Prop Dedt. $165k annual gross receipts. $7,800
Personal Lines  
HO 3- Seasonal Dwelling (located in WI); $1.55mil TIV. $5k aop/$1% w/h dedts. $3,890
DP 1- Monoline Adjacent Structure on 80 acres; $55k TIV. Fire & EC + premises liab. $2,500 all perils Prop dedt. (No farming or living quarters present.) $1,170
HO 6- Seasonal condo (located in FL); $247k TIV. In name of a trust. $1k aop/5% w/h Prop dedts. $3,745
HO 3- Primary Owner Occupied (Log Home); $199k TIV. PC 9. $2,500 all perils Prop dedt. $1,470
DP 3- Primary Owner Occupied (Metal Const); $300k TIV. $2,500 all perils Prop dedt. $2,165
HO 3- Primary Owner Occupied (Earth Home); $223k TIC. PC 9. $1,500 aop/$2,500 w/h Prop dedts. $2,255