May, 2018
News From Cornerstone Pediatrics
Making Sense of Car Seat Shopping
If you are traveling, make sure your children are properly secured in an approved infant or child car seat. We know there area a LOT of choices out there and it can be confusing to think about which car seat is best.
Let us help. Here is a 2018 list of car seats with all the info you need to ensure safe travels for your little ones.
Babies and Feeding
Staying close to home this summer because you have a new baby? Here are some tips on feeding infants and making sure they are getting what they need. And remember, crying is a "late" sign of hunger. Try to learn your baby's signals that he or she is hungry before the crying starts.
Planning a Summer Vacay?
If you and your family are planning a summer get-away, here are some tips for safe flying with kids

It's Heating Up Out There!
Protect Your Kids From Heat Stress
Although being active outside is a key to health, it's also important to remember that infants and children are more sensitive to heat than adults. That doesn't mean they can't have fun outside though. Follow these tips to avoid heat stress.
And remember: always ALWAYS check your back seat for little passengers before leaving your car.