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May 2020 Newsletter
It's a pretty crazy time in our world right now... and everyone needs something to look forward to! Ontario Wilderness Houseboat Rental is STILL taking reservations for the 2020 season!

Get outside, get some fresh air, and relax surrounded by the beauty of nature on Lake of the Woods, once this is all over!

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See you on the Lake!
April 29, 2020

It's official - the ice is OUT in Morson and most of Lake of the Woods! The official date for the Morson area of the lake is April 29th - a fair amount earlier than last year! Check out the photo below, the same view as above, but from May 5th, 2019. You can see that there is still some ice out there!
May 5th, 2019

Just over a week and we will be back to Walleye fishing in open water!

Want to know Lake of the Wood's best kept secret?!? Shhhhhh... don't tell anyone... but September is the best month to visit!
Why, you ask?

Let me show you....
The colorful fall foliage
BIG Walleye!
The Crappie bite!
The best Bass fishing!
The beauty of Lake of the Woods in the Fall
September is quiet on Lake of the Woods, but only because it is our best kept secret! When the calendar flips to September, a bunch of magical things happen... many of the summer residents head back home, the bugs disappear, the water cools, the fish get more active and the trees turn brilliant shades of red, yellow and orange. Most days are still long, warm and sunny but you can feel the crispness of autumn in the mornings and evenings. The big fish bite, the sunsets become more spectacular and the Northern Lights show themselves more often.

We are open in September AND we give you a 10% discount on your houseboat!
What are you waiting for? Come and experience the magic of September for yourself - before our best kept secret is common knowledge!

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We've spoken with many guests who have concerns about the current CODIV-19 virus pandemic and we are happy to answer your questions!

As of May 4th, Ontario has started to lift some of the restrictions on opening businesses. Morson Marina is allowed to begin preparing to re open, with proper social distancing and sanitizing protocol in place. Currently, the Ontario State of Emergency is in place until May 12th. The Emergency Orders are currently in place until May 6th. We anticipate having more news to share on May 6th, when the government of Ontario releases the decision on whether or not the emergency orders will remain in place. With some restrictions already being lifted, we anticipate some good news!

Northwestern Ontario currently has NO unresolved cases of COVID-19. There were only ever a few in this area (none at all ever in Morson) and none of the confirmed cases have had ANY community spread.

Although the US/CANADA border is currently closed for non essential travel, we do anticipate it will be opening this season. We recommend booking your trip in July, August or September.

Anyone with a current reservation or anyone considering booking a trip this year - should the borders be closed 2 weeks prior to your arrival, we are allowing you to move your reservation any time within the 2020 season OR to 2021, without penalty.

When the borders do open back up and houseboats trips are taking place, we will be implementing additional sanitation protocol for our housekeepers in between houseboat trips, proper social distancing procedures in the marina as well as other recommended heath and safety guidelines to ensure our guests, customers and employees remain safe and healthy.
Young man fishing on a lake from the boat at sunset
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April was a fun month for the Gill Family! The Easter Bunny stopped by, we celebrated some birthdays, we went on our first boat ride of the season and even spent a little time on our deck!

We celebrated some big birthdays!! Jake turned 13 and Aaron turned 5.
Happy Birthday, Boys!
The boys were excited for birthday gifts
We enjoyed the first deck cocktail of the season!
First boat ride! And Carmen got her boaters licence!
The Easter Bunny brought some treats - and some cool shades!

Thank you all for your support during these uncertain times!
We look forward to everything getting back to normal and seeing all of our guests later this season! Spring is here, summer isn't far away and we are confident that things are turning for the better! Stay tuned and keep up to date with us!

See you on the Lake!

See you on the Lake!

The Gill's
Terry, Crissy, Jacob, Aaron, Carmen
Tony, Nolan, Keston, Hayden
Stewart & Yvonne
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