Pulpit Harbor Morning                                                                     courtesy of Sarah Collins

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May  2017
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 Our first cruise of the season was over yesterday; a group from a large university in Boston, on their second trip aboard. We may already have seen the season's record for furthest guest. Of the 26 aboard, three were born in Iran, two from India, three from China, one from Vietnam, and one from Romania. If that wasn't enough, one of the chaperones is working on climbing the 48 highest peaks in the US, visiting Israel, while the other will lead a group to Scotland and Ireland but will be back in time to visit us when we're in Boston next month for the Tall Ships parade.

first lobster bake, keeping warm by the fire

And we had plenty to keep us warm: hot lobsters, hot dogs, veggie dogs, 
veggie burgers,  hamburgers, camp coffee, and two kinds of pie!

I'm rowing out with the shells to reseed the lobster beds.

Tyler furls the staysail by himself while Christa and 
four students furl the jib out on the bowsprit

Three days of wind, some rain, some fog, and a little bit of sailing and everyone smiling.

and there we all are!

Cruise News

Wait a minute.. this is cat tv at home

Sailing into Boothbay inner Harbor for Windjammer Days
June 28 this year

Ralph Smith always gets a good picture.

Crew's News

I forgot to show you the new propeller, a Luke feathering prop made in East Boothbay. The original patent and design was from the Hyde Windlass Company in Bath. When the schooner was first launched 87 years ago next month she had a Hyde fixed wheel.

Homework for Sail Boston 2017
Captains' manuals from our previous tall ship events in 1986, 1992, and 2000

   Brunch # 1 for 2017. The fog is clearing and the biscuits are out of the oven.

and lobster or vegetarian or sausage and leek quiche

 Pictures from away

This is Velsheda, an English built J boat from the 1930's, in an image taken during her early racing days.  We saw her at anchor outside a harbor in Penobscot Bay a few years ago, restored, looking elegant, and painted black. A guest asked about her name. I theorized that she was named after a Hindu goddess. Some one on board with an iphone soon corrected me. Her first owner had three daughters: Velma, Sheila, and Daphne.

                                                             with permission from Beken of Cowes

The picture came from one of our 2016 sailors, a member of the Jolly Roger Sailing Club

While we are thinking in black and white, here's an ad for a 1933 Invicta 
from a 1960's car magazine. If you have one of these I'd be happy to 
take it off your hands.

Our only postcard this month

Galley News
No need to explain these pictures

                                                                                                                    thanks to Ralph Smith

                                                                                                  and Ralph again

                                                                                                    by Sarah Collins

Maybe we'll see you in Boston next month or preferably here for a cruise!


      John and the crew

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