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If you know of a special CHHA who may be interested in joining Visiting Angels, ask them to call us at
609-883-8188 or complete our online job application at
Jobs card
We offer:
* Great Pay
* We Pay Mileage 
* 4-Hour Minimum Shifts
* Hourly or Live-In Assignments
* Supportive Office Staff

* * *

Thinking of becoming a Home Health Aide? 
The Department of Labor projects that more than 1.3 million new caregivers will be needed to meet demand over the next decade. Check out our Employee Resources page on our website to watch videos about being a professional caregiver and to find a CHHA training institute in your area. 

Senior Humor 

A stingy old lawyer who had been diagnosed with a terminal illness was determined to prove wrong the old saying, "You can't take it with you."

After much thought and consideration, the old ambulance chaser finally figured out how to take at least some of his money with him when he died.

He instructed his wife to go to the bank and withdraw enough money to fill two pillowcases. He then directed her to take the bags of money to the attic and leave them directly above his bed.

His plan: When he passed away, he would reach out and grab the bags on his way up to heaven.

Several months after his funeral, the deceased lawyer's wife was up in the attic cleaning and came upon the two forgotten pillowcases stuffed with cash.

"Oh, that old fool!" she exclaimed. "I knew he should have had me put the money in the basement."


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Angel Recipes
kitchenBok Choy Salad Recipe

Lettuce, almonds, sesame seeds, Ramen noodles, and a savory dressing make this a delicious salad.

bday May Celebrity Birthdays 50+:   
Tim McGraw, 50, May 1
Christine Baranski, 65, May 2
Frances Fisher, 65, May 11
Emilio Estevez, 55, May 12
Robert Zemeckis, 65, May 14
Craig Ferguson, 55, May 17
George Strait, 65, May 18
Mr. T, 65, May 21
Judge Reinhold, 60, May 21

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We frequently post new information on our company website, NJSeniorCare.com , Facebook and Twitter ! We are excited about connecting with clients, employees, referral sources, internet searchers, and our fan base. We do our best to help make our website/blog your "Go To" resource for NJ senior care and Home Care NJ. Check it out today by clicking www.njseniorcare.com!


Visiting Angels'  
Office Mascot, Max

May 2017

Sweet May hath come to love us
Flowers, trees their blossoms don
And through the blue heavens above us
The very clouds move on  
May Dates to Note:
  • May 14: Mother's Day
  • May 29: Memorial Day
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 memory10 Fun and Effective Ways to Keep Your Memory Strong    

Just as we can sharpen our kitchen cutlery, we can sharpen our minds. And guess what? The tool for sharpening our minds is FUN. If you're concerned that senior moments are coming more frequently, or that your sharp memory is less so, then indulge yourself in these activities, and sharpen up with FUN.  

GadgetGadget Corner
O ur Gadget Corner features unique products which have extra benefits for the NJ senior care population.*

Gardening couldn't be any easier with Seedsheet! Select your favorite variety such as Grow Your Own Herbs, Grow Your Own Hot Sauce, Grow Your Own Salads, etc . Each Seedsheet has a variety of organic nonGMO seeds. Simply place the Seedsheet on a container of soil and water. Soon you'll have a garden of healthy foods! Visit www.Seedsheets.com for more information and to watch a video demonstration. As seen on Shark Tank. 
2-Pocket Banjees Wrist Wallet   
If you want to go somewhere without taking a purse or bag, this wrist wallet is an efficient solution. Great for traveling, exercising, quick trips, amusement parks, sporting events, etc. Holds cash, keys, credit cards, IDs, passport, and most cell phones. Visit www.Sprigs.com for more details.

Click here to see featured gadgets from past issues.   
*Visiting Angels does not endorse or recommend any commercial products, processes, or services. Items shown are for informational purposes only. 

Have a helpful gadget you'd like us to feature in Home Care News by Angels? Let us know!

testimonialWe're Delighted to Hear from Families About Our Exceptional Care!

A Satisfied Client's Review:

"After nearly 20 years of caring for our son full-time, our family decided, with much concern, to find assistance in managing his care. We had held off for so long, worried that he would not receive the same level of concern and care from 'a stranger.' Then--we met Dee [our aide]. We can't believe the perfect fit! Her level of care, gentleness, precision, and kindness is exactly what we prayed for. She's practically family. We are so grateful and also pleased that Visiting Angels takes the time to make sure all their 'angels' are as wonderful as Dee."
--Krissa & Peter L., Medford, NJ

Visit our Testimonial page to read more reviews!

visionElder Care Strategies for Visually Impaired Seniors       
When a loved one begins to lose their vision, they often
rely on the support and assistance of family caregivers to help them manage visual impairment. But if you don't have experience with vision loss or blindness, it can be difficult to know the best way to provide elder care for a loved one who is suffering from low vision. These tips can help. 

angelsAngels Who Soar: Celebrating Our Hardworking Employees    

We are so proud of our wonderful, hard-working employees who go beyond the call of duty. Below is why our Angels are so special...

Gloria A. just celebrated her 9-year anniversary with Visiting Angels. We congratulate Gloria on her many loyal years of service. She has always displayed kindness and love toward our clients through her words and sincere dedication. She's a prime example of the kind of "Angel" we all would want with us.

Marie B. has been one of our lovely Angels since 2014. A client's family gave her recent praise, stating: " Marie is extremely punctual, has a joyful spirit and a positive demeanor with an attentive approach in her one-on-one dealings with our mom. Marie is a consummate home health aide, one who is conscientious, taking pride in all that she does."

Thank you, Gloria and Marie! We appreciate your hard work and diligent care of our clients.   

motherMother's Day Trivia  

1). On what day is Mother's Day celebrated in the United States, Australia, and Canada? 
2). What President made Mother's Day an official national holiday in the United States? 
3). Mother's Day is the biggest holiday in the United States for what activities? 
4). What is the traditional Mother's Day flower in the United States? 
5). What is the highest documented number of children born to one mother? 
6). What is the traditional Mother's Day flower in Australia? 
7). The youngest recorded mother is Lina Medina, who gave birth to a boy in Lima, Peru in 1939. How old was she at the time? 
8). In 2015, what was the mean age of mothers giving birth for the first time in the U.S.?  
9). On average, how many diaper changes will a baby have had by its second birthday? 
10). What percent of babies are born on their due date?

1) Second Sunday of May; 2) Woodrow Wilson in 1914; 3) Telephone calls and eating out; 4) Carnation--the tradition started in 1906 when Anna Jarvis started wearing her mother's favorite flower, a white carnation; 5) 69-- Feodor Vassilyev of Russia had 69 children between 1725 and 1765; 6) Chrysanthemum--The flower's name ends in 'mum', which is a common affectionate shortening of the word 'mother' in Australia; 7) 5--Five years and seven months; 8) 26.4 years; 9) 7,300--About 10 a day; 10) Five percent  

happeningWhat's Happening at Visiting Angels

Each month, Rudy Tervooren (Co-Owner and Executive Director) travels throughout the community visiting referral sources and attending client meetings. 
   Rudy frequently gives presentations at senior centers, churches, and in offices throughout Mercer and Burlington counties in New Jersey.
  We're passionate to share how our State-certified home care employees can help seniors with all their daily living needs, making it possible for them to continue living at home safely and less expensively than in a facility.
    If you would like to schedule an elder care presentation, please call 609-883-8188 or email [email protected].

This month's Community Resource Bulletin focuses on MAY: OLDER AMERICANS MONTH. To download a printable copy of our current month's bulletin, click here. You will also find back issues of our Community Resource Bulletin from previous months on our website's resource page.  


Visiting Angels proudly services the following NJ cities and surrounding areas:

Beverly, Browns Mills, Bordentown, Burlington, Columbus, Cookstown, Delanco, Hainesport, Jobstown, Lumberton, Marlton, Medford, Moorestown, Mount Holly, Mount Laurel, Palmyra, Pemberton, Riverside, Riverton, Shamong, Willingboro, Wrightstown

Allentown, Ewing, East Windsor, Hightstown, Hopewell, Princeton, Princeton Junction, West Windsor, Titusville, Windsor, Trenton, Hamilton, Hamilton Square, Yardville, Lawrenceville, Lambertville, Robbinsville, Upper Freehold Township, Skillman
AboutOurCareAbout Our Care

Visiting Angels is a New Jersey-licensed, non-medical home care company committed to going well beyond the "industry standard" to provide an exceptional level of security, comfort and peace of mind to our clients and their loved ones. Our "Angels", all certified home health professionals , are ready to provide compassionate and dependable assistance with the activities of everyday living to seniors, the disabled, those recovering from surgery and to those who are simply frail. Our services include such simple tasks as light housekeeping, meal preparation, errands and shopping to more personal tasks such as hygiene assistance, bathing, dressing and grooming.
Visiting Angels ' in-home care helps make it possible for seniors and other adults to continue to live at home and maintain the independence of their daily routines and familiar surroundings, safely. We truly understand how challenging and alien the entire home care selection process can be...and we are experienced in working with families; with loved ones "resistant" to receiving care; and with third-parties payors (such as insurance companies and the US Dept. of Veterans Affairs) to help insure that the best interests of the family and their loved ones are met.

Visiting Angels' services help families spend more mutually-rewarding and meaningful time with their loved ones and also helps provide comfort and peace of mind to those who face the challenge of long-distance caregiving.  
For more information, please call us at 609-883-8188, visit our website NJSeniorCare.com or contact us by email at [email protected].