Collaborate PASadena: A Time-Line
Much work and the efforts of many have gone into the development of Collaborate PASadena. Click here to learn more about the history of the initiative!
The Vision | The children of Pasadena, Altadena and Sierra Madre all grow up in a safe, stable,
                        and supportive environment that prepares them for success in school and in life.
A is for Altadena
The A in Collaborate PASadena's logo represents Altadena, Pasadena's 8.5 square mile neighboring town directly to the north. With approximately 42,000 residents, Altadena is characterized by historic neighborhoods, many life-long residents, and homes nestled in the beautiful foothills of the San Gabriel mountains.

Collaborate PASadena is now in discussions with Altadena leaders about joining efforts to benefit the children and families of Altadena.
Gloria Sanyika of the Altadena Town Council, sits on Collaborate PASadena's Leadership Council and is passionate about Altadena's schools, working to bring reading help programs, books and other resources to them. Says Gloria, "I just love the 'Great Outdoors' feeling that Altadena offers. I am happy to be part of Collaborate PASadena that promotes UNITY in the community through collective work and responsibility."
Supportive Communities Work Group
The Supportive Communities Work Group is dedicated to the improvement of the quality of life in our community's neighborhoods. By strengthening neighborhoods, families are better able to care for one another, access existing resources and actively improve their surroundings. To this end, the SC WG is organizing a 'Neighborhood Summit' where representatives from neighborhoods all over Pasadena, Altadena and Sierra Madre will come together and learn from each other how to create a more "caring community."  
Please save Sept. 9 for this informative and fun-filled event! Click here if you are interested in joining this Work Group.

When summer school in Pasadena was at stake a number of years ago, the Lake Avenue Community Foundation, along with Flintridge Center, Day One, College Access Plan and the Pasadena Unified School District, stepped up to provide the five-week SKILLZ program that has served more than 500 students to date. Eric Johnson played a big role in pulling it all together.

Eric serves as LACF's Director of Partnerships and Collaborations, and sits on Collaborate PASadena's governing body, the Leadership Council. He was born and raised in this community and has served in youth ministry for more than 35 years. He is a genuinely compassionate and caring man who lives for improving the lives of the young people of the Pasadena area.

After over 50 years of living here, one of my recent joys is seeing Pasadena evolve from a divided city to a collaborative community, something that was unheard of even a mere 10 years ago.." Click here to learn more about Eric and the programs of the Lake Avenue Community Foundation.

Collaboration Mix & Mingle Held
On the evening of April 10 more than 40 people came together at the Armory Center for the Arts to learn more about Collaborate PASadena's Work Group collaborations, and to discuss the joys and challenges of collaborating. There were reps from the city, schools, neighborhood associations, faith community, and nonprofits, as well as parents and youth. Click here for the meeting notes. 

Work Group Meeting Notes
Now on CP Website
In an effort to be as inclusive and transparent as possible, meeting notes from each of the five Work Groups' monthly meetings, as well as other special gatherings, will be posted on the Collaborate PASadena website. Click here to explore notes from 2017; older meeting notes will be added soon.
News and Events
Click here to find the latest news and events on the Collaborate PASadena website! We happily post partner news and events on our site and on our Facebook page. Submit to
Partner Praise
Thank you to the Day One team for leading the recent Mix and Mingle, and for the many ways they collaborate to help youth and families in our community. Day One staff members sit on each of CP's Work Groups, bringing intelligent and youthful insights and compassion to our work.
Seeking Part-Time Bilingual (Spanish) Program Assistant
Please help us spread the word. Application deadline is May 10.
Click here for job description and application instructions.
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