May Newsletter - 2nd Week               May 12, 2016

Gratitude can transform
common days into thanksgivings,
turn routine jobs into joy, and change ordinary opportunities into blessings. 

~ William Arthur Ward

Beginnings are usually scary and endings are usually sad, but it’s everything in between that makes it all worth living.

~ Bob Marley

My life, like most lives, is full of beginnings, endings and everything in between.  Our oldest just graduated high school.  I have new beginnings in my business.  I also have all the things in the middle that make up my day. 

How can we each move through our days with more gratitude
for everything, including the middle? 
How can we all feel like we are living a meaningful and purposeful life?  

On Wednesday I had MD Mark Morgenstern on my Journey into the Light radio show. It was amazing!  He is so well spoken and shared so much wisdom and appreciation for life.  I loved his passion for spirituality.  I am honored that he will join me on-air several times a month!  One of our topics that really resonated with me was our physical, spiritual and emotional need for connection. Suffering from a feeling of lack of connection comes with depression, anxiety, stress and a host of other things. We currently have a society that has created a pandemic of no connection.  When we honor our individual need for connection it can bring healing, peace and balance into our life.  

Below are some quick ways to bring more personal connection into your life.

•  Meditation  Take time to connect with the Divine.  Refresh your connection to the divine and acknowledge your soul’s intention.

•  Prayer  You are connecting again with the Divine, but on a different level.  Although I do believe some forms of prayer are meditative.

•  Soul groups   Find a group locally, or distant, that shares a similar belief system to yours.  I think it’s an amazing opportunity to find a group and work together or learn together.  This is a big reason why we are here!  

•  Service to others  Contribute to society at large.  Make a positive difference.  Sometimes it’s as easy as signing a petition.  

•  Family time  Recognize the special  people in your life.

•  Children  Contributing to our society’s future through kindness to children is huge!

•  Animals  We are all connected .  When we respect animals, we are respecting ourselves.

•  Environment  How we treat our environment is huge.  It is easy to recycle and reuse.  We can work together to undo damage to our planet.

•  Humanity  We are all connected.  It’s as simple as recognizing this.  

We each can achieve more connection and balance and peace.  One of my goals in my life is to help remind people we are all connected.  I do this with my intuitive readings and coaching.  I hope I also do this by the way I live my life.  We are part of something so much greater then we can imagine.  We are supported in our journey through life.  You are never alone.

I will have my Sunday group May 15th and May 22nd 
I would like to explore universal laws and the book Autobiography of a Yogi.  
Bring your cards, questions and input to our group!!

I just have to add.....  I’m sitting outside in the radiant  sun. Birds are making bird noises and I am incredibly grateful for this moment.....

Many Blessings to you!

~ Polly
I am available for intuitive readings and intuitive life coaching.
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I am available for intuitive readings as well as
Intuitive Life Coaching. Max Ryan and I together,
have also started offering team readings.

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The goal is to help you create a life that has passion and peace. I will have exercises and homework for each class in the 8 week series. If you miss a class, we will simply keep up on lessons by phone or email. I will be following an outline, but there is much still room for sharing and spontaneity and I always bring the magic of the Divine into my classes. 

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