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Charles B. Jimerson - Allow Us to Introduce JB FOR ME
I started this firm twelve years ago out of a small, colonial revival house converted into a commercial office space in Jacksonville’s Riverside area. The firm was born in the summer, because my wife was a teacher and I needed the free secretarial support to make sure we got off the ground without going bankrupt. It was just us and our 16 clients, with one client comprising 95% of our receivables concentrations. She and I both wore many important hats, with neither of us taking a paycheck for the first year of the firm. We initially shared a retrograde 300 square foot workspace, and as you might imagine, business became very personal to us as a young couple working side-by-side to build a better future for the family we dreamed of one day becoming. My relentless (and sometimes exhausting) ambition coupled with her intelligence, selflessness and unwavering commitment to never let anyone down, set the stage for greater growth of the law firm and for both of us as individuals. We eventually hired a handful of employees and my wife went back to her more important day job teaching kindergarten children. All of our earnings were reinvested into our people and the firm’s infrastructure. Even though that one client that was 95% of our business folded within one year of the firm starting, and our core industries were hit with the worst economic downturn of our lifetime, we survived. There are always moments in life where you think you won’t survive. And then you do. Moving forward is the only way to survive. Looking back, I am extremely grateful for those challenging early years because of the great lessons we learned, like what is possible when people united in purpose experience the fulfillment that comes with achievement. The work we put in, like bricks being laid one by one, added up to a solid footing that has secured the upward development of this firm in the years since.

From our main office now in the Wells Fargo Center with sweeping views of the city, a presence around the state of Florida, and our talented team of 40 highly-motivated individuals serving 17 different business sectors, our firm looks a bit different today. We have, however, stayed true to the spirit of our humble beginnings, and our commitment to never let anyone down remains fervent. That goes for our clients and our colleagues. As one of the Best Companies to Work For in Florida for the last six consecutive years, and a multi-year winner of the Jacksonville Business Journal’s Best Places to Work Award, being intentional about our workplace culture has been a longstanding priority. Recently, however, we decided to kick things up a notch. (See, there’s my relentless – and sometimes exhausting – ambition again.)

Across the last year, through the work of our Firm’s Culture Committee, which includes team members from all levels of the organization, we took the opportunity to recalibrate and amplify our people-focused approach. We spent time learning what is most important to our team, elevating our engagement strategies, investing in new resources, and setting up systems to regularly monitor how we are measuring up to our own expectations. We have dubbed this new comprehensive program to enhance our existing people-first workplace culture as “JB FOR ME,” an acronym which places priority on Fulfillment, Opportunities, Refreshment, Mindfulness and Empowerment. No company, small or large, can win over the long run without energized employees who believe in the mission and understand how to achieve it. Through our JB FOR ME cultural testament, our clients learn that their appreciation for our firm comes from an underpinning of employee appreciation and love for the firm. But how does JB FOR ME spring into action and become our warp and woof? 

Fulfillment. We strive to enable and maintain an environment where every team member is supported in the achievement of fulfillment, both in their professional and personal plights. We know this looks different for each person based on individual aspirations and needs, so we regularly invite each of our colleagues to provide specific feedback to measure our collective success in the key areas that matter most to our team. Our monthly and anonymous employee pulse surveys are brief and episodic with targeted points of focus that require less than two minutes of time and are written to deliver valuable insights into the variables that impact the sense of happiness that comes with fulfillment. Fulfillment is what all the components of our culture add up to, and every colleague has a voice in shaping our direction. At JB, we know that when you’re busy creating your own personal and professional fulfillment, you won’t feel the need to seek it from places that cannot give it to you. Our team has long discerned that success without fulfillment is failure.

Opportunities. Opportunities abound at our firm for those who desire to meet them and advance their careers. As an employer, we are committed to enabling our team members to establish financial literacy and security by offering fair and competitive compensation for their contributions, and professional resources to help manage their financial planning. We couple that with a professional development platform that facilitates hands-on professional experience and ongoing training opportunities to maximize career growth. Further, we have instituted a mentorship program separate and apart from the path of direct supervision to augment and extend beyond employee onboarding that is designed to promote growth, achievement and leadership through person to person camaraderie-building and coaching. The firm’s commitment to programs that promote and police completion of annual training initiatives on an individual and firm-wide basis ensures that our workforce is well-trained, apprised of important legal developments, and technologically advanced in methods that promote efficiencies in the practice of law. Our professional development programs play an increasingly important role in legal innovation and client cost reduction, as our program is designed to help each employee learn core skills to propel their career growth and ability to competently service our clients. JB is proud to give back to our employees through our multi-faceted upskilling programs and intends to continue creating opportunities for career-oriented professionals for years to come. The growth and success of our firm is directly correlated to the degree to which our team members pursue their own growth and success.
Refreshment. While we are an ambitious group, we recognize the importance of work-life balance, workplace flexibility, and the special benefits and perks that make work fun. We are serious about maintaining a collegial and accommodating workplace, and enabling our team members to achieve their personal health and wellness goals. Some of my own most memorable work-related reflections include not only the big victories for clients in and out of the courtroom but the laughs and storytelling shared at events, fun competitions and activities that have been part of our Firm Cup tradition. Every month of the year, we offer a fully programmed schedule that includes a mix of physical and mental competitions, socials and celebrations, philanthropic initiatives, health and wellness options, and team spirit challenges, the vast majority of which are offered during work hours. Completed activities build Firm Cup points throughout the year, which, besides putting someone in a position to receive our coveted Karate Kid, All-Valley Tournament-sized traveling trophy for the year, can also be redeemed for some pretty cool swag. From our Mental Health Monday group walks to our Bob Ross team painting challenge, there’s something to lighten everyone’s day and offer reprieve from the pressures of workday demands. Beyond the Firm Cup, we also make celebrating each other a priority, promoting a positive environment through our recognition programs and annual cycle of employee awards.
Mindfulness. As a mindful firm, we take responsibility for our thoughts, impacts and interconnectedness with the world around us. As a team of problem solvers, we see challenges and desire to be part of rendering and implementing solutions. Our Seven Superior Service Commitments, guide not only our interactions with our clients and fellow colleagues, but also our interactions with the community we are proud to support. Through our involvement in civic, professional, trade and philanthropic organizations, we thoughtfully select social responsibility initiatives on an annual basis to invest in and invite our team members to give of their time and talent in a way that is most meaningful for them. Whether we are taking on special service projects, serving on boards, or delivering pro bono work, we are delighted for opportunities to serve as advocates, ambassadors, thought leaders and volunteers.
Empowerment. Among the most important of determining factors of employee happiness is the feeling of being empowered. In psychology, it is noted as one of the greatest, most confidence-inducing states. Empowerment requires access to proper resources and information to make informed decisions and suggestions, as well as an open and inclusive workplace culture where every team member feels invited to the table, valued and trusted to make his/her best contributions. Here, our transparent reporting process puts the most influential metrics to our team’s success in front of all personnel to promote healthy collaboration, and we audit our internal departments on a regular schedule to monitor and anticipate how resource needs within teams may be evolving. Further, we recognize that level of seniority does not relate to quality of idea, so we welcome feedback from all levels of the organization from the very first day of service through our open-door management policy as well as our anonymous and digital feedback portal.
The development and refinement of JB FOR ME will continue to be our top priority for the upward development of this firm. We want to plant seeds of happiness, hope, success and affinity - all things that will come back to the firm and its clients in abundance through the laws of nature. To that end, we have onboarded dedicated resources in the last several months whose sole responsibility it is to provide true-blue and unwavering focus on these missions we have set for ourselves. Our firm is comprised of wonderful people who do great work, who I am thankful have chosen to invest with us. To them and all others who may join us in the future, I want Jimerson Birr to be a workplace “home,” providing a great foundation and support system for each person to be fulfilled at work, and more importantly, flourish in life. Though I am incredibly proud of where we have been, I can say with great conviction, that I will be most proud of where we are going. Thank you to all of our past, present and future employees for being a part of our journey.
Very truly yours,
Charles B. Jimerson
Managing Partner
Register for Commercial Real Estate Transactions: How to Avoid Common Buyers' Pitfalls
On Tuesday, June 15, 2021 from 12:00 PM-1:00 PM, three attorneys from our Real Estate Development, Sales and Leasing team, by Lynne C. Rhode, Esq.A. Hunter Faulkner, Esq. and Deborah L. Ruiz, Esq., will present "Commercial Real Estate Transactions: How to Avoid Common Buyers’ Pitfalls." The one-hour presentation will be followed by lunch with the presenters to allow for further discussions and networking from 1:00 PM-1:30 PM. This event is geared towards anyone involved in the purchase of land or real estate on the commercial side.

In today's hot buyers’ market and rapidly growing area, understanding key elements of real estate transactions is critical to a successful purchase experience. Topics for this presentation will include:

  • Ensuring a comprehensive letter of intent is delivered
  • Reviewing pre-purchase regulatory considerations
  • Pre-purchase corporate structure considerations to keep risks low
  • Contract drafting, including title and surveys, due diligence, and entitlements
  • Conditions precedent, contingencies and diligence concerns
  • Buyer default protections

This presentation will be held in the second floor auditorium of the Wells Fargo Center at One Independent Drive with the option to join virtually if you cannot make it to the in-person event.

Commercial Real Estate Transactions: How to Avoid Common Buyers' Pitfalls
Presentation, Lunch & Networking
Tuesday, June 15, 2021 from 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM
Location: Wells Fargo Center, Second Floor,
One Independent Drive, Jacksonville, Florida 32202

Lynne C. Rhode
Special Counsel
A. Hunter Faulkner
Deborah L. Ruiz
Special Counsel
Managing Partner Charles Jimerson Ranks as One of Three Best Business Lawyers
Managing partner Charles B. Jimerson has earned a spot as one of the three best business lawyers by ThreeBest Rated® for the area. This expert recommended list is produced after a rigorous 50-point inspection which includes a detailed review of client satisfaction and ratings, professional experience, awards’ history, overall trust, and general excellence.

ThreeBest Rated® serves as an online resource for consumers to find the best business for their specific needs in their geographic area. The designation is awarded to only three entities in each category within a geographic region and the the award's title is upheld for one full year.

Charles Jimerson, one of the Best Lawyers in America in Commercial Litigation, according to U.S. News & World Report, is an AV® Preeminent rated and Florida Bar Board Certified attorney who was named one of the Top 100 Most Influential Attorneys in Law and Business in the country. Under his leadership, Jimerson Birr as a firm is also no stranger to recognition being named a “Best Law Firm” by U.S. News & World Report, one of Florida Trend Magazine’s “Best Companies to Work For” for the last six consecutive years, one of the Jacksonville Business Journal’s “Best Places to Work” and “Fastest Growing Companies.”

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Firm News
Curiosities, Ruminations and Various Eccentricities of Firm Biz
Jimerson Birr Joins the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation 2021 One Walk
This month, Jimerson Birr joined the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation’s (JDRF) One Walk campaign. The Your Walk, Your Way was held on Sunday, May 23, and walks were organized across the country for a shared purpose of driving awareness, education and continued resources for type 1 diabetes research. Through active community engagement, the JDRF One Walk united over 500,000 people across the country supporting the cause.

At Jimerson Birr, we dedicated our monthly Mental Health Monday Walk to this year’s campaign. As a team, we completed a 1.6 mile afternoon walk throughout downtown, across the Main Street bridge, and into San Marco to Friendship Fountain before circling back to our home base in the Wells Fargo Center. JDRF’s goal for this year’s campaign was to reach a collective goal of 1.6 million miles walked to represent the 1.6 millions Americans living with type 1 diabetes.

Then, on the official One Walk Sunday, each of us divided into groups in our own neighborhoods where we hosted walks for our friends and family. This was a great way to remind ourselves, our families and our friends that you can make a positive impact within your community by simply donating your time. We are proud of all of the miles we logged as a team, we’re thankful to those who joined us, and we are grateful to be a part of such a worthy cause.

You can learn more about the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation and become involved within your community today. Finally, we’d like to give a special thank you to Brooks Biagini, JDRF's North Florida Market Director, for her empowering leadership and dedication to sharing the organization’s mission with us and our community. 

May JB FOR ME Highlight Reel
The adults had just as much fun as the kids on Bring Your Kids to Work Day. Lila Jimerson jumped right in helping out around the office in between games, treats and Earth Day activities.
The Jimerson Birr team takes a themed day seriously. On Derby Day, there was just as much competition for who wore the best fascinator as there was for selecting the winning horse.
Our friends at Burrito Gallery provided the perfect lunch for Cinco de Mayo, and the team enjoyed a game of themed bingo during lunch followed by a hot pepper eating contest.
Energetic would be the perfect word to describe the events of the last month! Bring Your Kid to Work Day kicked it all off with more than 20 kids present for a day of activities, games, office tasks and even a craft in honor of Earth Day, which occurred on the same day. Perhaps the next generation of Jimerson Birr attorneys were amongst this group of intelligent and spirited kids.

Churchill Downs was not the only place where floral print, fascinators, linen suits and mint juleps could be found. Our Derbydashery Day Happy Hour was filled was that and more as we ended our week watching the Oaks Competition and winding down. We also engaged in a friendly competition picking our favorites in the Kentucky Derby. The coveted Firm Cup points were up for grabs in this competition, as they are in all competitive events.

A great teacher does not just teach but they change lives. We participated in Teacher Appreciation Week by setting up the JB Hallmark Popup Shop. We made a variety of cards available for our team to send cards to their child’s teacher or even former teachers of their own. We are grateful for their hard work and wanted to show them they matter.
Cinco de Mayo started with a fully decorated office to get everyone in the mood. Following a taco station for lunch, we competed in Cinco de Mayo Bingo, hosted a pepper eating contest and even released a few endorphins with a piñata.

Finally, the pièce de résistance arrived in the office this month: the Jimerson Birr Firm Cup. Standing five feet tall and covered in gold, this trophy will serve as the annual award for the team member with the most firm cup points throughout the year. Points are accrued by participating in various JB FOR ME events, and this award will stand proudly in one person's office this December.

Whether it’s providing a snack for National Pretzel Day or National Orange Juice Day, or it’s a day of programming like Bring Your Kids to Work Day, we strive to provide an office atmosphere that our team members enjoy experiencing.
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