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Tricks of the Trade from Ann & Sarah
Avoid the "Negative Nancy" Conversations
Meetings, while the number one goal is education, an equally important side effect is inspiration! Who is able to feel inspired and motivated if your energy is being pulled down by "Negative Nancies?"

You know the pessimistic types of people I'm referring to... at a meeting they usually have these types of comments:

"Wow, breakfast was horrible; I can't believe they fed us all sugar and carbs."

"The lectures have all been so commercially charged; I can't believe they're letting the speakers get away with this."

"The sales rep in the exhibit hall are so pushy; I can't go in there without feeling like I'm being harassed by a million used car salesmen."

It seems to go on and on.... and what's worse is that it can be very easy to get sucked into it as well. Even if you agree with some of the comments that a negative individual is bringing to the table, it's a waste of time to focus on the unfavorable side and things that you won't be able to change/control anyway. Instead, your time will be much more productive if you're able to do a number of things:

Focus on the aspects of the meeting that you do find enjoyable and that are meeting your learning goals. Then, instead of talking to others about the poor experiences, lift everybody up by talking about all of the portions you are finding useful and interesting. You will see others' eyes light up and they will be more inclined to share their positive stories too! I would much rather spend time with smiling people.

Bail!!! Get away from the energy suckers!! It's so true that misery loves company and this is all these types of people like to dwell on. It's not going to bring you any joy or motivation to keep pushing through a long day of learning, so when you feel the happiness in the room being sucked up by a "fun vacuum," simply walk away and avoid further engagement.

Flip it. There's nothing that makes a Negative Nancy feel more uncomfortable than feeling like he/she is not in the right with his/her thoughts or feelings. When a person is so determined to only talk about the portions of the meeting that are unfavorable, try to throw in a comment about the silver lining of the situation or see if you can save this person from him/herself by providing some positivity yourself. It may make that person change his/her tune; plus you will walk away feeling better about sharing happiness instead of spreading misery. And if the person is just unwilling - revert to principle two!

TIP FOR: Vendors
Engage Without Being a Sleazy Salesman
It’s time to dust off your sales and people skills. You are about to be back in a trade show booth, attempting to engage passers-by to tell them about what you have to offer. Being a good booth rep is a delicate balance of being friendly and unintimidating while also enticing visitors to step into your booth for a chat. We are all familiar with the kiosks in the mall that are giving away samples of a miracle lotion or a hair straightener. We know we don’t want to be that type of person. We have to keep in mind the trade show etiquette rules and refrain from pulling people away from other booths or peddling brochures in the middle of the aisle. That’s not good for anyone. So, how do you get someone to chat with you when there are over 90 other booths?
(Fun fact: 96 companies are registered for the National, as of today 5/26/21!)

Step #1: SMILE. Seriously. I’m guilty of RBF (Resting B*tch Face) when I’m thinking about something or just daydreaming and people always think I’m mad or unfriendly. Don’t be me. Smile at everyone that walks by.

Step #2: Hide your phone. Do not be the person that is sitting in the chair at their booth with your head down looking at your phone. We are all busy but especially during break times you want to be standing up and looking like you are available to chat.

Step #3: Don’t greet passers-by with a sales line such as “Have you tried our new products” or “Do you use our machine in your office” or my personal pet peeve, “Do you want to increase your bottom line”. Duh. Everyone wants to increase their bottom line. It sounds sleazy. Greet everyone in a friendly way by saying “Hello” and “How are you” or “How’s the conference going for you?”. Give them a compliment. I frequently notice someone’s bag or top and think to myself how cute it is. If a thought like this crosses your mind, say it out loud to them (don’t be creepy though). “I love your bag!” or “Those are great/cute shoes.” If you recognize them, say so! Greet them personally by saying their name and asking how things are going in Florida, Maine, Chicago…

Step #4: Prepare and test your elevator pitch. Draft and practice a few sentences that tell about your products in a clear and meaningful way. As you use them, take note of the response you get and adjust your plan as necessary.

Bonus Tip: Avoid negativity. Do not be sucked into negative chat with fellow exhibitors complaining about hall traffic, schedule, or food. It will impact your entire attitude.

I wrote an article about this back in February. You can read the post here: https://podiatrymeetings.com/2021/02/10/experienced-exhibitor-mindset-buzz-february-2021/

How to make the most of “dead” time in the exhibit hall during a conference. Read our post with ideas here: https://podiatrymeetings.com/2020/07/15/tricks-of-the-trade-vendors-taking-advantage-of-dead-time-at-a-conference/

Bring a book. Our faves: The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson, Start with Why by Simon Sinek, Raise the Bar by Jon Taffer, What Got You Here Won’t Get You There by Marshall Goldsmith and Rework by Jason Fried, to list a few.

Reply to this email with a title of a book you recommend and you will be entered to win a bundle of our favorite books.

TIP FOR: Meeting Planners
Acknowledge All Feedback But Embrace the Positive.
We are all guilty of it - dwelling on the negative things people have to say about us (personally or professionally) versus thriving from the positive.

We are professionals. We care about performance, so an unsatisfied customer bothers us. Trust me - I get it. Here's the thing... I've also seen it consume meeting planners and organizers to the point where they spend an entire weekend trying to please the unpleasable versus moving forward and embracing their meeting strengths.

I know how it goes. I've allowed a single negative comment to ruin my whole day when ten other people are telling me how great my work is. We are perfectionists; it stinks when someone doesn't recognize it.

Ultimately, this leads me to another point - many organizations/people run into the pitfall of trying to master all their weaknesses instead of focusing and pushing forward their strengths. Don't get me wrong - we all have room for improvement, and we need to seriously be aware of where we're lacking. But try to avoid working so hard on things that aren't your foundation of success keep you from building upon those elements that already make you unique and valued. Those are the things that you should be highlighting and showcasing at every opportunity to help create your positive brand.

It is important to acknowledge negative feedback, but don't let it drag you down into a deep hole. Most of the time, anyone who has a negative comment doesn't feel that the entire event is a disaster; they just want to be heard about their specific situation. It could be the food; it could be the way credits are provided; it could be any number of things. Fine. Listen and swallow it; don't forget it and let the person know you hear them. Some people are straight up nasty and can't be pleased (so smile and move on), but for the most part, stress creates stress and kindness creates kindness. So let's spread kindness, yes?

You put in countless hours of work to run a successful meeting. None of that should disappear because of a few negative comments. And they will exist. No event has 100% positive comments on every single aspect (if I'm wrong, please make me aware of this majestic situation!)

We also highly recommend finding your "brand champions." The ones that seem to love you no matter what you do! Use their voices to create positive buzz about your event. Make sure they are the ones helping to shape your brand by focusing on what you're really good at. Send them to the survey page on podiatrymeetings.com to share their feedback publicly! You'd be shocked at how many people will take the time to share your graces.

The main point here - don't let the haters get you down... and allow your fans to create a positive, meaningful brand for you.

Voice of the DPM
April Vote-N-Go Results
Last month we asked our DPM readers:

Which topics would you like us to feature in our webinar series? Use these ideas when planning your next lecture or educational piece.

Here are the results.
Footwear and/or orthotics (pre-fab and/or custom)
Equipment and new technologies
In-office dispensing
Marketing and practice management
Physician supplies and instruments
Billing and coding
Check out the recordings of our recent webinars:
Podiatry Content Connection
How Patients Really
Find You in 2021
Zuckerman Future Technologies
Cash Services: The Remy Class IV Laser and PodoExpert

McClain Labs
Pathology Q&A with Industry Expert, Dr. Steve McClain
DPM Vote-N-Go
Lately we've been "preaching" that you need to have a meeting plan. We are currently in the process of finalizing a "My Meeting Workbook" to help ensure that the next conference you attend is maximized from start to finish.

This tool will help you create pre-meeting goals, help you stay on track during the meeting, and provide a road map for post-meeting implementation.

We want to know... would you be interested in learning more about this upcoming meeting resource and receiving information on a pre-order discounted price?

ACFAS is one of the industry's largest meetings of the year, and because it was a hybrid meeting, we are curious to get your feedback on your experience!

Voice of the Vendor
April VOTE-N-GO Results
Last month we asked our vendor family:

Do you plan on exhibiting at the APMA National Conference in person this year?
Yes, we are sending a rep or a team
Not this year
Vendor Vote-N-Go
We (Ann and Sarah) are continuously striving to provide tools and resources to help you succeed while exhibiting at live and virtual events.... but we need to make sure we know what you need from us!

We want to know...
What kinds of tools/resources would be helpful to you or your team in regards to exhibiting?
Pre-show marketing ideas
Money saving strategies
Post-show sales processes
If your response is other, please email us at beheard@podiatrymeetings.com
Start planning for the APMA National
in Denver
with these helpful tips!
The slogan for Denver, CO is "Denver Means Energy," and we couldn't find this phrase more appropriate for the upcoming APMA National Conference.

Traditionally, there is always a sort of magnetic energy that comes along with the APMA National Conference. While every year is a little different than the last, there's an undeniable buzz and excitement every year as we get ready for this special event.

This year - especially - after the grueling experiences of 2020, it seems most fitting to be in the city of Energy!

It has even been a while since we posted a travel tip because there's been such a lack... but here we go! Below are some of our recommendations for eating and playing in Denver (of course once class is dismissed).

CONFERENCE HOTEL - Gaylord Rockies Resort and Convention Center
Pack your bathing suit. Average temps should be in the high 80s with lows in the 60s. The Gaylord Rockies has an awesome pool with waterslides and a lazy river.

Hopefully, we will have a bit of free time to enjoy a cocktail by the pool and relax after long days of exhibiting and networking. Reserve a cabana to truly take advantage of your time away from the office. Don’t forget to come by our booth and invite us! ;)

The hotel offers a ton of activities for kids and adults including Pirate & Princess themed experiences, scavenger hunts, smores and more. For the adults, check out The Captain’s Quarter’s and enjoy a frosty cold beverage in a souvenir mug.

The hotel is about 20 minutes from the airport. Find out more information specific to the conference at apma.org/thenational

Denver is definitely a town for foodies!! There are so many different types of places to eat, it's hard to choose which ones we recommend... but we'll give it our best shot!

Steuben's: If you're from the Boston area , you may already be familiar with this trendy diner as it is named after a restaurant of the same name. Enjoy classic American food - but we would definitely say grab some Fried Pickles (I mean, why wouldn't you?) to start and then either the Cubano or the Main Lobster Roll as your main course. Click to see more.

Roaming Buffalo: A Denver original, you will be served Colorado Craft BBQ! Sign us up! With pretty much any combination of BBQ you can imagine, you will feel that Denver may just be able to compete with Kansas City and North Carolina as a world-renowned BBQ contender. Click to see more.

Microbreweries: Microbreweries have become more and more popular over the last decade. If that's your gig, definitely check out all that RINO (River North Art District) has to offer. With so many to hit, the best bet could be to sign up for Denver's Best Brewery Tours.
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