May 2019 Newsletter
Boards Galore this Month
This month it's all about integrated solutions: whether you are interested in Ambarella, NXP or Intel, it's likely one of Macnica's suppliers has a system-level solution ready for you, without the effort or risk of designing your own solution from the ground up.
New Product: Teknique Oclea TM CV22 SoM
Last month we announced a new supplier, Teknique, who this month is launching a new product: the Oclea TM CV22 SoM (System on Module) that integrates the Ambarella TM CV22 processor for the next generation of computer vision applications in surveillance, industrial automation, automotive, smart home/smart city, robotics and retail markets.

Teknique is showcasing their latest ready-to-go Oclea camera modules this month at the Embedded Vision Summit, being held May 20-23 in Santa Clara, CA. Teknique is demonstrating two Ambarella -based SoMs: the Oclea S5L SoM and the all new Oclea CV22.

Visit Teknique and Macnica at the Embedded Vision Summit , in booth 613 for technical demonstrations of the OcleaTM SoMs. Or contact Macnica for more information here.
New Product: TQ Systems i.MX8M Embedded Module
Another new product launch, from our supplier TQ Systems: the new embedded module TQMa8Mx - based on the i.MX8M CPU series from NXP TM . The i.MX8M stands out for its audio and video functions and low power dissipation, making it ideal for applications ranging from human-machine interfaces (HMI) to camera and audio systems, to industrial controls.

TQ Systems is a leading manufacturer and supplier of industrial computer modules, offering high performance, German engineering quality, and long-term availability. For more details on this and other TQ Systems products, contact us  here .
REFLEX CES Video Demo of AI Vision using OpenVINO
Interested in artificial intelligence on Intel-based systems? Check out the latest demo video from REFLEX CES, showing workload consolidation and Artificial Intelligence vision using OpenVINO™.

REFLEX CES designs boards, and brings IP solutions to answer the growing demand of Artificial Intelligence in numerous markets, such as Surveillance and Transportation, Smart Cities, Manufacturing Automation, Quality Control and Healthcare.

To get find out more about this demo and the XpressGXA10-LP1151 (based on the Intel® FPGA Arria® 10 GX 1150 KLE), click here. And for detailed pricing and product information, contact Macnica.
Click on the play button above to see the video demo
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