May 2017
Serving the unique needs of women
After receiving the prestigious Women’s Choice Award in March, Lili has continued to focus on serving the unique needs of women before, during and after divorce to protect and grow their wealth. She attended the ninth annual Women in Business Conference which was held on May 16, 2017 at the Greenwich Country Club. She is pictured here with retired judge Lynda Munroe at the event. We invite you to  visit our website to learn more.
Survive your boomerang kids without depleting your retirement savings
Lili Vasileff is quoted in a recent article by Tom Anderson for CNBC’s ‘Your Money, Your Future’ on how to handle adult children moving back home. Lili says, “Create a spending plan and timeline. The plan should include how expenses are shared, what savings will be tapped to pay for additional expenses and how, if possible, those savings will be replenished.” Read more ...
This is why baby boomers are divorcing at a stunning rate
Lili Vasileff is quoted in a recent article by Angela Moore for Market Watch on why older couples are deciding to divorce in record numbers. Lili says, “What’s pushing gray divorce is people are living longer and they feel more entitled to living fully. They’ve contributed to raising children, they want an emotional journey, it’s their time now. They may have decades ahead and don’t want to be unhappy anymore.” Read more at our website.

Older couples ponder financial impact of divorce
Lili is quoted in a recent article by Veronica Dagher for the Wall Street Journal on the topic of the signs of divorce such as changes in behavior, spending habits and other signs that a spouse could be contemplating divorce. Lili says, “behavioral and workplace changes are common red flags.” Read more at  our website.