The Office for Diversity Learning Community, Yusra Aziz '19, Redeem Francis '21, and Morgan Gimblet '20 participated in an undergraduate research and a fellowship program, with the Department of Multicultural Services , to present at Texas A&M Race, Identity, & Social Equity (RISE) Conference . The RISE fellowship is a year-long initiative where select undergraduate students conduct research on issues of race, identity, and social equity in their disciplines. The Office for Diversity RISE fellows attended NCORE in May 2019 in Portland, Oregon, one of the largest national conferences on race and ethnicity in higher education. During the Fall 2019 semester, the students conducted research with the help of the Office for Diversity and the guidance of Dr. Jennifer Reyes

Yusra researched "Muslim Student Campus Engagement at Texas A&M University." Redeem's research was about "Black, Woman and Angry: How Black, Woman, Undergraduate Students Navigate the Narrative of the 'Angry Black Woman' in Higher Education." Morgan researched "Young Activist Burnout: Causes and Self Care."  
Written by: Morgan Gimblet (she/her)
Image (l-r): Dr. Jennifer Reyes, Morgan Gimblet, Redeem Francis, and Yusra Aziz during NCORE 2018 in Portland, Oregon.