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Update from the Nevada County Fairgrounds Foundation
What’s New? The 2022 Strawberry Music Festival!

The Strawberry Music Festival is just around the corner – Memorial Day Weekend on May 25th – 30th! It’s a perfect holiday weekend get-away activity! The festival has a marvelous ambiance with live music featuring nationally recognized touring acts and local up-and-coming performing artists. 

More information on the festival is available by clicking the link below:
We need your help! Strawberry’s promoter is a great supporter of the Fairgrounds Foundation and offers us the fundraising opportunity of operating Foundation Station during the event. Please consider volunteering at the Foundation Station, pouring beer, seltzer, and wine while enjoying the fabulous festival. 

Volunteer signing up is quick and easy at the following link:
Making a Difference! Scholarships Awarded!  
Congratulations to Sofia Helen Monical, Bradley Gribas, and Bailey Ham, recipients of this year’s Nevada County Fairgrounds Foundation scholarships! 

The Foundation’s scholarship is awarded to local high school students who exhibit in the Fair, maintain a specific grade point average, and express how their participation at the Fair has influenced their life and how it will be beneficial to them in the future.

A committee of Foundation directors interviewed the applicants and selected these wonderful young people to receive the 2022 scholarships. The Fairgrounds Foundation committee was very impressed with the recipients, finding them mature, outstanding individuals with a passion for their future endeavors.

Sofia will be a graduate of Nevada Union High School. Sofia plans to attend NCTI in the fall to obtain her EMT certification and aspires to pursue a nursing degree at the University of Nevada, Reno. 

Bradley will also be graduating from Nevada Union High School and plans to attend Yuba College Fire Academy next year. 

Bailey will be graduating from Bear River High School and is the recipient of the Nancy Garcia Memorial Scholarship. Nancy Garcia was a great supporter of the Fair and the scholarship was developed by her friends to honor her impressive contributions to our community. Bailey aspires to be a veterinarian or an agriculture teacher.

Congratulations scholarship recipients!!
Annual Membership Drive
The mission of the Fairgrounds Foundation is to build a better Nevada County Fairgrounds through fundraising and contribution to the fairgrounds. Your membership will contribute to protecting and enhancing the fairgrounds, our great community asset! If you have not already joined, please consider becoming a Fairgrounds Foundation member TODAY. Being a member has its benefits!

Membership benefits for the 2022 Season include:
  • Tickets to the Fair and the Draft Horse Classic
  • Benefit packages tailored to your desires  
  • Contributions are tax deductible
Membership applications are available on the Foundation’s website, just click below:  
Nevada County Fair – August 10 – 14 
“Who Let the Hogs Out?”
If you make it, bake it, grow it, or show it – think about exhibiting it at the Fair! 

Entering an exhibit is great fun! Perhaps you will win a ribbon, garner fame, and receive a small fortune! BTW - Did you know that Fair exhibitors receive FREE tickets to the Draft Horse Classic?!

The Competition Handbook is in production and entries will be opening soon! You can get entry information and ideas at the Fair’s website:
With a passion for the Fair’s fabulous exhibit program, the Fairgrounds Foundation is pleased to sponsor numerous awards. 
Draft Horse Classic – It’s Back! September 15 – 18
Ticket sales just opened for the Draft Horse Classic, the premier draft horse show on the west coast with the ambiance of an old-fashioned county fair!

Exhibitors and their magnificent gentle giant horses travel from across the United States and Canada to be showcased in captivating competitions. This event draws thousands of fans every year. The fairgrounds will feature musical entertainment, barn tours, community exhibits, western trade vendors, a horseshoeing competition, delicious food, and a fine art show, called Art At The Classic. 

You may order your tickets here:
“ROSEBUD” will be this year’s official Draft Horse Classic poster and was selected from the 2019 Art At The Classic. The artwork of the popular red roan Clydesdale exhibited at the Classic was created by Katherine Plumer, a talented and long-time Art at the Classic exhibitor. Congratulations Katherine!
Member Suggestions and Inquires
We’re open to your suggestion and inquiries. Please email us at
The Nevada County Fairgrounds Foundation’s Board of Directors meets on the 2nd Tuesday of the month at 4 pm in Ponderosa Hall at the Nevada County Fairgrounds. All Fairgrounds Foundation members are always invited – so feel free to join us!

Are you interested in being a Foundation director or volunteering? We like to think of ourselves as passionate about the fair, dedicated, fun-loving, creative, and warm hearted. Come join us!
As always - your support of the Nevada County Fairgrounds Foundation is greatly appreciated!