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Beloved Pachakuti Mesa Tradition community,

This month we are honoring the creation of Apachetas and their ability to bring people together in reverent, prayerful ceremony to remember our relationships with all life through offerings of gratitude. Physically, apachetas are piles of rocks, or cairns. They are found throughout the Andes and mark the high points of mountain passes from whence all water flows downward, nurturing the landscape. Much more than this, apachetas are understood as guardians and teachers, as powerful allies and relatives. Like the apus, which their graceful stone stru cture mirrors, they channel energy from the heavens into our beloved Mother Earth.

You can find more about the meaning of apachetas along with written instructions and a video demonstration by don Oscar under Ritual Arts Earth Offerings on our website. You may also find inspiration for building an apacheta in these articles in our Writer’s Forum: Prelude to an Apacheta by Joan McDougall, and The Sacred and the Dance with Destruction by Yola Dunne.

By yourself or with friends and family, now is the perfect time to begin practicing the art of apacheta building.

Honoring Pachamama,
Cindy, Michele, Marin and Amy
By doing earth-healing rites and ceremonies, we reestablish a conscious, awakened relationship with the Earth .
~don Oscar Miro-Quesada from Lessons in Courage
Upcoming Community Events

Pachakuti Mesa Tradition Gatherings and Workshops are being offered by our community in California | Colorado | Kansas | Missouri | New Mexico | New York | Texas | and Virginia. Please follow the links for event information and MULTIPLE gatherings and locations within each region, AND check back on the calendar as events may be added during the month.

Wednesday Night Link-Up Gatherings this month are being offered in Kansas | Missouri | New York | Utah | and Virginia. Be sure to check the calendar as more may be added.

Retreats and Pilgrimages: Travel to Peru includes Los Apus: A Sacred Pilgrimage with the Apukuna led by Mona Rain; Amazon Jungle Medicine Journey with Alan Waugh; and Qayllata Hatarichiy: Evolving Presence with Susan Bookman. In British Columbia, Resonance Retreat: The Blessed Mother with Robin Flynn & Darcy Kopas and the Sāmi Brothers. Pachamama Rising! in California and Antisuyu September Gathering in New York.
The building of an apacheta is a community endeavor in which we all can come into sacred union and reciprocity with the natural powers of the planet. There will be drumming, sacred fire offerings, and more! Please come and join us, as this apacheta will be a permanent structure at Hollis Renewal Center, which can be used as a site of pilgrimage for all members of the greater Kansas City community!! More Info
Five-part Apprenticeship Series Starting Soon
The Pachakuti Mesa Tradition : Cross-Cultural Shamanic Arts for Personal and Planetary Renewal


Yola Dunne

Heather Holden

Darcy Kopas & Robin Flynn

Darcy Kopas & Robin Flynn

Cynthia Greer

Autumn Paige Moler & Daniel Moler

Mona Rain

Mona Rain
Bring an apprenticeship to your region! To learn more about the benefits of sponsoring a PMT Five-part Apprenticeship, contact Amy@heartofthehealer.org
We wish to extend a warm welcome to Sanctioned Teacher Heather Holden . Heather will be starting a new Five-part Apprenticeship in Denver later this month! Learn more
Featured Teacher

Garry Caudill began his journey on this path in 1998 while living in Chicago, participating in a 7-weekend apprenticeship with don Oscar. The following year he moved to Boulder, Colorado and began to sponsor don Oscar to teach weekend workshops in that area. Deepening his commitment through travel to Peru, Guatemala and Mexico, his formal studies with don Oscar culminated in a four-year intensive apprenticeship completed in 2007. Garry volunteered and became a board member of the THOTH Foundation. He led donor trips to the Las Piedras area in Peru, and a pilgrimage to Palenque as well. Soon after the launch of the Sanctioned Teacher Program in 2009, Garry began facilitating Five-part Apprenticeships in the Boulder area, beginning in 2010.

Garry has now retired from the corporate world after a long career as a sales, marketing and business leader. He is focused on creating community for like-minded souls in the Muyu Ayllu. He enjoys time in mamapacha and maintaining the apacheta network for his local community, hosting seasonal equinox and solstice ceremonies. Garry and Lisa recently moved to a new home in Lafayette where he enjoys cycling and skiing for relaxation.

Learn more or contact Garry Caudill.
PROGRAMS with don Oscar Miro-Quesada
Why the World Needs Shamanism Now More than Ever

In this brief video, don Oscar discusses how shamanism has the ability to reconnect us with the sacred dimensions of life in a way that is accessible to everyone, a path to healing our collective post-modern psyche.


THE PATH OF THE UNIVERSAL SHAMAN: Transform Your World Through Shamanic Ritual, Heart Wisdom & Sacred Living Perhaps you felt shamanic healing wisdom was reserved for those who were ‘born into it’. However, these ancient skills are available to all! Here is the essential introductory course for anyone interested in exploring The Pachakuti Mesa Tradition.

REVERENCE, RITUAL & RENEWAL: Being a Shamanic Evolutionary Healing Force for Our World Become the medicine the world needs! Discover how to work with the energies, intentions, and spirits of nature. Learn shamanic rituals related to the proper ceremonial activation of spirit bridges into Pachamama’s subtle energy body. Recommended for those already familiar with the mesa or who are willing to do preliminary study.
BECOMING A SHINING ONE: A Shamanic Initiation into the Ancestral Energy Healing Practices of Peru Are you seeking to maximize your presence as a source of healing light in the world? Activate your light body for healing, vitality, and spiritual awakening. You’ll practic e hands-on ritual arts of prayerful invocation, evocation, and decree empowered through shamanic breathwork, Quechua sacred words, and more.

See more of don Oscar’s offerings:  free podcasts, and  products.
In the Writer’s Forum

by Pieter Lefferts

by Joan McDougall

by Yola Dunne
The Heart of the Healer Writer′s Forum welcomes our newest contributor Joan McDougall. Joan’s first contribution Prelude to an Apacheta describes a ceremonial process that strongly connects her and a fellow pilgrim to the Apus they are honoring, long before their actual visits. The Writer’s Forum features gifted writers inspired by the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition Lineage. If you would like to be considered as a Writer’s Forum contributor, contact michele@heartofthehealer.org.

The Antisuyu, the Northeast Region of Turtle Island and beyond, invites you to join us and let us know who you are by visiting our new website www.antisuyu.org and completing our brief survey. Welcome one and all!
For over twenty years medicine woman, ceremonialist and THOTH Writer’s Forum contributor Deborah Sullivan has been blending high-quality organic, wild-crafted, and therapeutic essential oils. Her Elemental Nature Shamanic Aromatics’ are lovingly handmade in small batches for clea nsing and blessing our mesas, rituals, ceremonies, and healing sessions. Purchase Here

Sound healer Madhu Anziani and fellow mesa-carrier Egemen Sanli co-created these songs with intention to carry forth the remembrance of our true nature as luminous multi-faceted, multi-dimensional beings of love. Listen Here

Featured Video

Building an Apacheta
Don Oscar Miro-Quesada demonstrates the ceremonial creation of these stone cairns which are powerful channels of energy from the heavens into our beloved Mother Earth. Learn more about apachetas.

View more of don Oscar’s and THOTH community videos and become a subscriber to don Oscar’s YouTube channel.