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May 2020 | Newsletter

Celebrating Two Big Anniversaries at PAWS!
May marks major anniversaries for two of the animals at PAWS: Black bear Winston and African lion Camba.
Winston (above) arrived at PAWS in May 1995 - 25 years ago! He was born at a breeding compound where he would have been torn from his mother shortly after birth to be raised by humans. Baby bears naturally spend about two years with their mothers, learning the skills they need to thrive. Instead, Winston was prepped to become someone’s “pet.” The young bear was eventually confiscated by wildlife authorities.
Click on the arrow above to watch Winston playing in his pool.
At PAWS, Winston joined another young black bear, Boo Boo, who had been a child’s “pet.” The two formed a close friendship that still lasts today. These aging friends share a spacious natural habitat in the Bob Barker Bear Habitat at ARK 2000 filled with shady oak and fir trees, a pool, and a cozy den to rest in.
It was 10 years ago this month that African lion Camba (left) joined the PAWS family, along with lions Bambek, Simba and Daktari (now deceased). The lions were forced to perform in a circus in South America, trucked from city to city in cages so small they could barely turn around. Captive big cats in circuses are brutally trained to ensure they perform consistently and on cue. The only time they are “free” from their cages is during brief performances or cruel training sessions.

At PAWS, Camba roams a large hilltop habitat where she has a view of the world and plenty of room to roam – far different from her days in the circus. Her soft, padded feet touch grass and soft soil, a welcome relief from the hard metal flooring of her circus cage. Camba often can be found lounged across a log relaxing in her shaded habitat, or eyeing wild turkeys as they pass by. 
Thanks to you, our supporters, Camba, Winston, and all the animals at PAWS have a more enriched and far more natural life and the dignity and respect they deserve.
Mungar, Camba, Rosemary
and Morris Thank You!
Many of you answered our call for donations toward the purchase of a special toy that would provide physical therapy for rescued tiger Mungar, helping to strengthen his rear legs and improve his mobility. You may recall that Mungar was born with multiple physical disabilities, likely the result of inbreeding by an unscrupulous private owner. Click on the arrow above to watch Mungar play with his new toy.
Toys that are specially designed to withstand a big cat’s powerful grip are very expensive. But thanks to an amazing outpouring of love, not only were we able to order a new toy for Mungar, we purchased indestructible toys for other animals, including African lion Camba (above) and tigers Rosemary and Morris (see story below).
Thank you for your kindness and generosity!
More to Celebrate!
Animal Birthdays in May

Four of the animals at ARK 2000 have birthdays in May. Won't you join us in sending best wishes to these very special animals. . .
Tigers Morris and Rosemary (above) – part of the Colorado Eight – both turned eight this month. They arrived together at PAWS in early 2017, rescued from a roadside zoo that was “speed breeding” animals, tearing the cubs from their mothers, and charging the public to handle and take photos with the babies. Today these tigers have a very different life! Click on the arrow above to watch Rosemary and Morris enjoying a beautiful spring day in their habitat at ARK 2000.
Tiger Apollo , now 18 years old, arrived at PAWS in 2012, along with his brother Zeus and Jake (now deceased). He came from a failing facility in Ohio that decided to place its animals elsewhere. Similar to his tiger neighbor Mungar, Apollo has mobility challenges. Special medications, playing in his pool, and the natural physical therapy provided by exploring his habitat all help to keep him comfortable and strong.
Asian elephant Prince turned 33. Born at the Oregon Zoo and sent to a circus before he was two years old, Prince arrived at ARK 2000 in July 2011. Free from the stresses of his former life, he now strolls an expansive habitat where he can be spotted taking a nap on a sunny hillside, joyfully tossing and destroying large logs, mudding, or swimming in one of his two pools.
Monthly Giving Helps
PAWS' Animals Year Round
Celebrate all the special animal anniversaries and birthdays at PAWS by becoming a monthly donor. These gifts provide a steady source of funding and ensure that our elephants, big cats, bears, and other animals continue to receive loving, expert care and the individual attention they need.
Visit the PAWS web site by clicking here . Under “Recurring Donation,” choose “Monthly” from the pulldown menu and enter the amount you would like to give, then click on “Donate.”
For those of you already making a monthly donation, we thank you!
We Can't Thank You Enough!
Thanks again to everyone who donated to PAWS on the Big Day of Giving on May 7. You donated $88,535 – far exceeding our fundraising goals! This year, donations came from 32 different states in the U.S., and from Israel and Canada.
We are grateful for all donations , large and small – especially during this uncertain time – because we know you are giving from your heart . You play an important and compassionate role in providing a better life for the rescued or retired wild animals at PAWS.
PAWS also thanks these friends for their matching gifts: The Harriet E. Pfleger Foundation, Sandy Monticelli, Peg Cheng and Andrew Baldinger, the Lapides Foundation, and a donor who wishes to remain anonymous.
The Big Day of Giving is an annual fundraising event to benefit Sacramento, California, area non-profits.
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Thank You May
Amazon Wish List Donors
Bill and Irene Ulrich: one 5 lb. tub of Psyllium; one pack of AA batteries, 24#. Azadeh: one plastic shovel/scoop for the elephant barns. Kelly and Mark Heidel: two 64 oz. boxes of raisins; one Probiocin; one bottle of Renal Essentials, 60#; one 5 lb. tub of Psyllium; one 5 lb. bag of Missing Link Ultimate Skin & Coat. Irene: one plastic shovel/scoop for the elephant barns. Anonymous Donor: one 32 oz. bottle of EicosaDerm.
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African elephant Thika at PAWS' ARK 2000 sanctuary.
That's Thika's best friend Mara standing behind her.
PAWS provides lifetime care to the tigers, bears, elephants, and other animals who call our sanctuaries home. Your kind support provides expert daily care, necessary veterinary treatments, and specialized nutritional support, all tailored to the individual needs of each animal.
Your generous donations make this excellent care possible.