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Find Out How You Can Get a New Tree for Free!
You don't want to miss out on our Remove & Replace program! See below for more info.
American Arborists and their families joined Keep Truckee Meadow's Beautiful (KTMB), community volunteers and the City of Reno to plant trees at the Great Community Clean-Up event April 27th!
American Arborists staff and family team up to plant trees for Arbor Day at the KTMB Great Community Clean Up event.
Responding to the community's need for help in planting trees in Reno’s North Valleys, American Arborists staff and families volunteered their time to plant 11 out of 20 trees at Silver Lake Park. They joined over 600 volunteers for the Keep Truckee Meadows Beautiful - Great Community Clean up on April 27th. (Arbor Day was April 26th). The volunteers helped to increase the tree canopy in the North Valleys. Trees are of great importance to our lives but can sometimes be taken for granted or forgotten. Trees not only create oxygen and help clean the air, they also help reduce energy costs because they provide shade which lower temperatures in the hot summer months by as much as 20%, which can result in lower energy bills. Trees can also provide esthetic value and increase property value. Trees can also be a hazard, so it’s important to recognize when a tree is sick or diseased. Arborists in our community want to help increase the awareness on the importance of trees, and help the community think differently when it comes to tree care. An Arborist is a professional in the practice of arboriculture which is the cultivation, management and study of individual trees & shrubs. Arborists possess the extensive knowledge of tree biology, tree selection, urban forestry, and soil science, and can guide you through the tree selection and planting process. We can monitor your trees annually and keep you safe, and estimates are always free. You have nothing to lose.

Learn more about trees by listening to our Insight Radio Show on Alice Radio. Featuring: the Nevada Shade Tree Council, One Truckee River and American Arborists Joel Falgout. The panel was interviewed by Bill Schulz with Reno Radio Reps Sunday, April 28th for an Arbor Day Tribute to trees. Learn the benefits of trees, why trees are an asset, defensible space, erosion control, upcoming community tree walks and events and much more! The show is 20 minutes so leave yourself some time. It will be worth it. For Podcast Listen Here. For video, click below.
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Remove a Tree, Get a Free Tree!
To stress the importance of trees in our communities, American Arborists have just launched an important initiative called the “Remove & Replace” or "R & R" initiative which encourages people to replace the trees that were removed by us. Once removed and the stump grinded, American Arborists will provide a FREE 5-gallon tree for every tree removed. Labor included. Our Arborists help to create beautiful communities by always planting more trees than they remove.

Call us today if you need a tree removed and we'll replace it for free. Some restrictions apply. Please see the fine print on the accompanying ad. Thank you.
American Arborists offers Free Estimates (775) 352-4241
American Arborists Tip of the Day:
Did you know that some weed and feed and herbicide applications for your lawn can leach down into the soil and cause neighboring tree damage? A skilled Arborist understands the effects of fertilizers and can suggest healthier alternatives for your tree and lawn care. Discover your landscape’s full Potential this Spring with American Arborists integrated plant and turf healthcare program including; pest resistance; and proper, safe, eco-conscious applications. American Arborists iPATH program increases tree and lawn vitality simultaneously. Learn more about iPATH here.
Customer Questions: "Do my trees really need fertilizer?"
When trees lose leaves & they are raked up, trees lose their potential nutrients. When you can identify which nutrients the tree actually needs which is identified through soil testing, the proper deep root fertilization can target the trees specific needs with no competition from grass or bushes. Visit PruneWithCare.com today and find out more about our deep root fertilization program for your trees. When it comes to fertilization: Think Arborist: American Arborists. Click here for more information on seasonal tree care.
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When you mulch, you help your trees keep moisture in during the hot summer months. Apply for free wood chips from American Arborists today!