Joint Commission Behavioral Health Update
May 2018
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Greetings to Our Colleagues in Behavioral Healthcare!
We hope that spring has reached your region of the country by now and that the sunny days of summer are not far behind!
This month, our first article provides insight into the program-specific tracer on suicide prevention being conducted during TJC surveys - important for your survey preparation. Our second article covers the new TJC focus on how your organization evaluates its Culture of Safety. Be sure to share this update with your leadership team.

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Anne Barrins
Are You in your "Survey Window?"
If so, contact us soon to schedule your mock survey. Many TJC surveys are occurring "early." Be sure to schedule your mock survey soon enough to address our findings and ensure survey success!
Tip of the Month
Struggling with the new 2018 Pain Management standards for hospitals? Check out the recent FAQs on the TJC website. They clarify the key requirements and will get you headed in the right direction.
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"We've used Barrins & Associates for both CMS and TJC mock surveys. They've done an outstanding job of preparing us for both. Our recent TJC hospital survey was two months early but there were no surprises thanks to the exhaustive review done by the Barrins & Associates team. They are top-notch in the industry!"

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Be Ready for the Program-Specific Tracer on Suicide Prevention
We all know the topic of suicide risk assessment is an important focus of TJC surveys in behavioral health settings - whether it's an inpatient psychiatric unit or a community-based behavioral health program. You may not, however, be aware that surveyors are instructed to conduct a specific tracer on suicide prevention in these BH settings. Surveyors have clear instructions on what to include in the scope of this tracer. So, here are some insights into what they're expected to review and evaluate.
Evaluating your Culture of Safety
Are you expecting a TJC survey in 2018? If so, be ready for surveyors to explore how your organization has evaluated its Culture of Safety and what you've done with the results of that evaluation. We've already seen this occurring in 2018 surveys based on feedback from our clients. There are two requirements for conducting this evaluation embedded in the Leadership section of both the Hospital and Behavioral Health manuals.
Barrins & Associates is pleased to welcome two new clients:  
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  We are pleased to be working with these clients on accreditation preparation and continuous regulatory readiness
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