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Cascade Park - Coming late June/early July 2016

Scera Park (South Playground) - Coming Summer 2016

If you have been wanting to contribute to the All-Together Playground but haven't yet, here is a quick and simple opportunity.  Pledge for each shot Jimmer makes at Orem High School as a part of the Orem Summerfest.  More information can be found below.


Over the past two years, the City has been updating the master plans of three of its utilities (water, sewer, and storm water).  Each master plan lays out the current and future needs of each service in terms of both needed projects and revenue.
The City Council has been reviewing the plans individually to understand each utility's needs and to evaluate all proposed projects. It is also considering strategies to fund needed improvements through regular fee increases over 5, 7, and 10 years. This will ensure the reliability of these essential services into the future.
In March, the City Council approved a $1.00 per month increase to cover the needs of the storm drain utility.  The City Council also adopted a sewer utility master plan and accompanying user rate study.  The adoption of the sewer utility master plan will have no impact on your rates this year; but in future years, incremental increases will be necessary to keep the utility functioning and in good working condition.  

The City Council has now accepted the water master plan and water user rate study.  The City Council understands the impact these fees have on citizens and has requested that rate increases be spread out over an extended period of time.  While there was little debate on the need for adequate utility infrastructure, there was discussion regarding how fee increases should be apportioned in the future. The City Council has recommended that water rates be ramped up over a 7-year period beginning in 2016.

The proposed water rate increases will be presented to the City Council on May 24th in the scheduled City Council meeting (6:00 PM).
The City Council has received a lot of feedback.  The majority of it has been "we understand that we need to maintain and invest our infrastructure, but please be mindful of the impact on residents."  The City Council feels that both of these objectives have been met. 

Each year, the City Council will make an accounting of what has been done with the money and carefully monitor any changes in the marketplace that may result in an opportunity to implement improvements for less money.

Do you have questions about Orem's finances or do you have questions about the budget?

Join us on Facebook as we "Chat with a Bureaucrat" on Tuesday, May 31st at 12:00 PM. Richard Manning is our Administrative Services Director. His responsibilities include finance, purchasing, utility billing, risk management, and the justice court.

He would love to answer your questions about the finances of Orem, or anything related to his above responsibilities.

Get the event on your calendar by following the link: 

Basic Information: 
  • Neighborhoods will have access to the dumpsters from 7am to 7 pm during scheduled dates
  • Regular trash, green waste, and metal recycling bins will be available
  • Residents can use any dumpster, any week, at any location regardless of home address
  • City employees will monitor the bins to help prevent cross-contamination
  • Oils and glass can be taken to Orem Public Works (1450 W. 550 N.)
Dumpster Location
Stonewood, Lakeridge, Hillcrest
May 9-14
Scera Park
Cascade, Orem, Sharon
May 16-21
City Center Park
Canyon View Orchard, Sharon Park
May 23-28
Palisade Park

When I was a teenager, I moved back to Washington DC to take a job in the United States Senate.  It was at that point that I first encountered mass transit, taking the subway underground between the various government buildings.
It was efficient, saved time, was convenient, and moved a lot of people between the buildings.  I could see how it helped a lot. I was glad it was there and I used it a lot.
With this as a background I wish to make a few comments about the Bus Rapid Transit lease agreement and interlocal government agency agreement that I signed for the city of Orem.
The Bus Rapid Transit is a mass transit bus system running from the Frontrunner
Station in Orem to the Frontrunner Station in Provo. It will run down the University
Parkway passed UVU, the University Place mall, then down to and through Provo.
This is a project that will cost a total of $190 Million dollars of which Utah County
will pay for a third of it or $65 Million dollars up front.
The BRT does not go down State Street in Orem, it will not take out any lanes of
traffic on the Parkway, it will not cost any additional taxes, it is already financed 
and was not part of the Proposition #1 vote last year, it will help to improve our air
quality in Orem, and it will help to take some of the wear and tear off the roads
as well, saving 30% of it on the roads of those who ride the buses instead of cars.
UVU is looking to use the BRT as a way to help move their increasing student
population more efficiently.  Mass transit will benefit the University Place and those
who come there to shop. It will help to curb the growing demand on our city transportation needs in the area it serves.
I believe it will be a forward looking benefit for our growing population in the future.
Many cities are looking in to doing the same.  Ogden and Davis County are working
on plans for one for their communities. Another community with a BRT is expanding
their line.
While change is hard, I believe it will be a benefit for our community as a whole for
many years to come.  I was at first against Trax in Salt Lake City.  After having ridden
it for many years, seen how many people it helps to move, and how efficient it is, I am
now a fan of Trax.  
The ridership for Trax is higher now than was originally projected.  The ridership for Frontrunner is higher now than was originally projected.  I believe that after several years ridership for the BRT will grow and be higher as well.
To keep all of the facts available I am including various items about the items on the BRT project ( now call PROTIP - Provo Orem Transportation Improvement Project) attached to this article.
Please note that with this project we will have new landscaping, which we in Orem will oversee, new hybrid diesel/electric buses, new widened Parkway access down the hill to Provo, new bridges in Provo, new trees and landscaping in Provo, and a new more modern way to move more people throughout our communities.

More information about this project can be found here.
Mayor Brunst