New Video
How to Avoid Image Burn-in (LCD & OLED)
Don't get burned! Get the facts about image burn-in on LCD and OLED display screens.

Our new video gives simple, effective techniques to prolong your display's lifespan and help avoid image burn-in.

You'll also learn the difference between permanent image burn-in and temporary image retention (also known as ghosting).
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New Quality Center

Proper care and handling go a long way in maintaining your display's performance. That's why we created our Quality Center.

This page is made to help you get the most out of your displays. It also includes information about the quality standards our products meet and the certifications we uphold.

Here are some of the things you'll find at our Quality Center:
Product Highlight
Full Color Graphic OLEDs

These 1.69" full color OLED displays are designed with a built-in screensaver to protect the display from image burn-in. They can product over 260,000 unique colors and deliver the highest contrast ratios of any display type.
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Reward Points Program Ending July 1, 2021

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