Concerned Citizens for Avila Newsletter
May 15, 2017
Together we can protect the natural environment, 
safety and accessibility of Avila.

View of Cave Landing, a treasured part of Avila Beach.
Improvements for Cave Landing:
Here's Our Chance!
The SLO County Parks Commission is meeting on Thursday, May 25, 6:00 PM in the County Board of Supervisors Chambers to prioritize a long list of projects. Cave Landing in Avila Beach is not in the top ten, so far. If you have concerns regarding the Cave Landing/Pirates Cove area and would like to see this area prioritized, please consider voicing your opinion at this meeting.

In addition, or if you cannot attend, writing an e-letter to the commissioners would show how many people care about this neglected area and increase the chances for funding. Suggestion for wording:
Subject line: Please Prioritize Cave Landing Improvements in Avila Beach

Dear Parks Commissioners,

I would very much like to see improvements for the Cave Landing/Pirates Cove area prioritized in the SLO County Parks Priority Projects List. This amazing piece of coastline is a treasure long neglected and needs your attention. Garbage, graffiti, fires, alcohol, and dangerous parking of cars on both sides of the narrow street all contribute to serious safety concerns and pollute the natural beauty and attractiveness to visitors. 

Thank you for prioritizing Cave Landing improvements!
(Your Name)

Send to (you can cut and paste this list):

For more information on how the commissioners use a point system to prioritize projects, please click on:
Capital Project Rating Criteria for SLO Co.Parks.

DISTRICT 2 Bruce Gibson, Supervisor Cherie McKee, Leg. Aide  (805) 781-4338 Pandora Nash-Karner, Parks Commissioner
DISTRICT 3 Adam Hill, Supervisor Hanna Miller, Leg. Aide  (805) 781-4336Bruce Hilton,  Parks Commissioner
DISTRICT 4 Lynn Compton, Supervisor Caleb Mott, Leg. Aide  (805) 781-4337Connie O'Henley,  Parks Commissioner
DISTRICT 5 Debbie Arnold, Supervisor Jennifer Caffee, Leg. Aide  (805) 781-4339 Kenny Dahlen, Parks Commissioner