Greetings from SAVE!
Mother's Day Appreciation
For Mother’s Day, the community came together to ensure the survivors we serve in our safe house were remembered. Rewire Community prepared a lovely brunch. The Christmas Dream Keepers assembled gift bags and donated Mother’s Day cards. Boy Scout Troop 237 made beautiful succulent arrangements. Generous members of the community made gifts in honor of a mother in their lives to help us exceed our Mother’s Day appeal goal to raise $2,050, the cost of serving one mother for 30 days in our safe house. Everyone at SAVE is grateful for the support we receive for our community. It makes what we do possible.
Join the Movement
Every day at SAVE, we provide intervention services by assisting survivors who are seeking safety and we offer education to community members with the goal of preventing intimate partner violence. What is less known is that we also actively engage in policy work from the local to the national level. Some of the ways we do this are to participate in community activism, support and disseminate petitions, and assist in developing policies that address domestic violence. Policy reform and advocacy are essential to the domestic violence movement; it is how we shift our cultural values to demonstrate that domestic violence is not tolerated within our society. If you would like to become more engaged in the movement by participating in policy and advocacy, sign up here , and you will receive notifications about petitions, legislation, community events, and more! Together, our amplified voices tell our leaders that ending domestic violence is a priority.
101 Signs
Last fall,  the SAVE Youth Services team noticed some health classrooms had abstinence-only posters hanging on the walls. Many of these posters dated back to 1997, describing abstinence as a way to "avoid abuse” and included
many other harmful, untrue narratives about sex and dating. Sarah Hyde, Youth Services Coordinator, had the idea to create new posters that focus instead on consent and healthy relationships to offer educators. Sarah collaborated
with a Fremont high school student, Will Kouch, who took on the poster campaign as his senior capstone project. Together they created the content for the posters. Jennifer Tran, another high school student and member of SAVE's youth group,
Team Stronger Than Youth Think, designed them. The posters were printed and and delivered to our school champions! The two posters, "101 Ways to Ask for Consent" and "101 Signs You're in a Healthy Relationship," are big hits with the teachers!  

The Button Tree
You may have noticed the button tree painting on information for our 2018 Evening of Empowerment . This beautiful piece was made by artist, and friend of SAVE, Allie Nardella for International Women’s Day. When asked what inspired this piece, this is what Allie said:

“Doing this tree was a meditation. I was deeply feeling the sadness around all the violence that is happening in our world, particularly with women. I knew that all of my "buttons" had been pushed and tears flowed as I did my art. I thought about my choice of words and how buttons are used to connect things. When the symbolism came, I knew that I wanted to create a piece of art that represented healing prayers. With this intention, I intuitively painted, knowing we are connected to the Golden Tree of Life. The tree has a very feminine form. I also have a "love" for buttons and have a collection of them so the piece came together and my heart was healing. My hope for International Women's Day was to invite each person to pick a button and create their own intention for healing our world of the violence as they added their "light" to the tree. Each button of light represents a prayer and a symbol of connection. That day, I added the first button in the center; it was one from my Mother that I had saved. It grounded the tree in Mother love. My own daughter and her daughters, my granddaughters, attended the celebration and added their prayer buttons too. I do believe we are each a spark of light on this Golden Tree of life.” 

We’re proud to have Allie’s button tree represent our 2018 Evening of Empowerment.
Click here to learn more about the event, including sponsorship opportunities and how to purchase tickets.
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