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Mike Daust Scuba Diving
Mike Daust gives us an inside look at the life of professional Scuba Diver


This time of year, scuba enthusiasts are breaking out their scuba gear, wiping off the cobwebs from the long winter storage, fine tuning the equipment, and getting it ready for the season. One may think that since we live in Minnesota our dive season is limited. However, this is not the case for the dedicated and fearless divers. Winter introduces an extreme form of diving. Ice Diving pushes the limits of human endurance. Scuba diving in Minnesota offers many opportunities for the dive enthusiast to keep their dive skills sharp. With the many lakes, quarries and of course, the Great Lakes, the opportunities are endless to explore.



Helping Our Data Center Managers Sleep at Night


Data Center managers have lots of reasons not to sleep at night - they are responsible for very critical I.T. operations and must keep them running through all types of catastrophic events, mechanical and electrical system failures, fires, storms, and other potential external threats.  The data center continual operation with operation should nearly read like the postman's creed- "Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night". 

  Nate Clyde

The ultimate goal with data center monitoring is not only peace of mind, but the confidence to know the operational status of the data center to maintain operational services for the corporation, institution or organization.   Data center managers also want to have some advance warning when things are starting to go haywire.   It sounds fairly simple and I would venture to say that EVERY data center makes use of some form of remote monitoring.   Data center monitoring systems also can assist with preventative maintenance, energy efficiency and, if properly understood and implemented optimization of the data center operation.


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Be The Match Walk+Run Group Picture
ASIS International
National Marrow Donor Program
Every three minutes, someone is diagnosed with a blood cancer like leukemia. Be the Match Walk+Run helps raise money to match donors to patients for a marrow or cord blood transplant. To learn more about the foundation, and to view some photos from the event
ASIS Women in Security
Security leaders from the public and private sectors share their experiences, challenges and success stories. 
For more information on the Second Annual Leadership Forum, click the link below, or the ASIS logo above.


With the MN home opener approaching fast, Tony gives master tips on jigging, rigging and bouncing.

Parallel Technologies hosted an event at Target Field for a discussion about Data Centers and the difficult decision facing most organizations: Build, Colo, or Cloud? 

Brent answers questions from several customers about flash storage. In this video he explains how he views flash storage progressing to answer objections and concerns.

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