May 2016
The willingness of America's veterans to sacrifice for our country has earned them our lasting gratitude. 
-Jeff Miller

Why Shop at a Second Hand Stores?

1)       Everything in the store is unique. You'll rarely find two of the same shirt in a thrift shop, which means you end up with a really unique wardrobe with personality. It will also mean that you can head to work and be assured that a co-worker will not have the same outfit.

2)       It's a steal.  Have you ever looked at the price tag of a cable knit sweater or a pair of jeans and say why would anyone pay $50-$80 or more? It's painful to pay so much for an article of clothing. A lot of the same name brand clothing can be found in thrift shops in near perfect condition for a fraction of the price.

3)       Helps to stay in budget. If any of you have kids, you know the pain of trying to keep them in clothes, when they seem to grow out of them every six months. You could spend $50-$80 at Walmart and get one or two out fits. But if you catch a thrift shop having a sale you can spend the same amount and walk out with twelve or more outfits.

Sometimes, walking into The Salvation Army Family Store, Goodwill, or other consignment shop can be quite overwhelming. Racks of random shirts, piles of faded jeans, rows upon rows of gently-worn t-shirts - somewhere in there, there's treasure to be found.

You just need a solid strategy so you don't get lost in the chaos of all that second-hand goodness:

1)       Eat before you go and plan time.  As most consignment shops are very loosely sorted, it takes some time to go through the racks and shelves to find that one of a kind item, and if you have not eaten before you arrive, you may run out of energy before you get through the racks.

2)       Have an open mind. You may go into the store looking for a shirt, but have an open mind to check for other items in the store. You never know what treasures you may find.

3)       Know the sales. Many second hand shops have daily sales like a color of the week, manager sales, and/or holiday sales. Knowing the sales can save you even more money. Some stores may even have a mailing list, Facebook page, or website that you can go to and get information on upcoming sales.

4)       Don't get discouraged. Sometimes you may leave empty handed, but most of these store are putting items out daily, and you should visit them frequently to find the treasures as they arrive.

Beneficiary of the Month
Montreal H. 

     My life was entangled in sin. Alcoholism had totally dominated by my actions to the extent that everything I did and everywhere I went there had to be drinking. As the drinks kept coming, so did the drugs. Before I knew it, I was powerless. My life was no longer manageable. 

     I heard about The Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Center (ARC) from several people and even looked it up online, but my pride would not let me take the next step. Through several experiences, God made himself known to me, but again I kept drifting away and could not understand why. When I was at the point of losing EVERTHING, I thankfully made it into the ARC. 

     I have learned so much here at the ARC from the clothing line, trucks, docks, and now at the front desk. The staff and beneficiaries have also been very encouraging. I now look back on my life and know why I kept drifting. I placed more focus on the external than I did the internal parts of my life. Since coming, I have gained much greater awareness of my internal strengths and weaknesses through my experiences here at the ARC.

     I now look forward to getting a stable job to help support my twin children. They are after all, my first and most important ministry. I also see a real need in the community and believe that God wants me to utilize what I've learned to minister to my neighbors. I just want to say thank you, and God bless everyone that has and continues to help those in need including me. 

Now You Can Save Using Your Smartphone

     All you need to do is download the FLOK app from your app store (or click on the picture) then join the store(s) of choice and start saving. Includes Sign-up gift, punch card, up coming sales notices, pictures of hot items in the store and so much more...   

Punch Card and More

Upcoming Sale Dates  (details to follow)
Cinco De Mayo Sale - May 5
Memorial Day Sale - May 30


Majors Roger and Cecilia Senn, Administrators