Katie's Kids Mission Statement

To elevate child development to a new level by leading the social and emotional growth and education of young children by providing a safe, welcoming home-like environment with a caring, educated, and professional staff that promotes partnerships between parents children and other early childhood professionals. 
Upcoming Events

May 4       Room 7  Parent Teacher Conferences 
May 13      Mother's Day
May 19      Saturday Night Live at Katie's Kids @ The Links
May 24      Summer School Age Program begins
May 28      Closed in Observance of Memorial Day

                  May 28 

Katie's Kids will be closed for the 
Memorial Day Holiday 

MAY 7 - MAY 11

Help in saying "THANK YOU" to our teaching staff and celebrate the teachers of Katie's Kids.  
Please see the sign up sheets located in the lobby at Katie's Kids or make a monetary donation.  

May 19
Saturday Night Live
Katie's Kids @ The Links
5:00 -10:00 p.m.

Need a night off? Can't find a babysitter? Check out Saturday Night Live @ Katie's Kids! Saturday Night Live is a Saturday evening full of fun for children while families go out. Children can enjoy playing, having dinner with friends, and snuggling in for a movie.  

  Meals to Go   
Tuesday Night

May News Blast...

Water Feature will be opening soon.  
We ask that your child has the following items:
    swimsuit/swim trunks/ water shirt
  •      water shoes - similar to the picture shown
  •      water swimmers if needed  
Change of Clothes
  • Please check your child's cubbie for appropriate change of clothes for warm weather

Mud Kitchen
This summer we will be adding a mud kitchen to both the toddler and preschool playgrounds.  A mud kitchen provides the children an opportunity for:
  • Creative expression and invention (mud can become anything!) 
  • Problem solving opportunities (e.g. how to make soup thin or thick, how to make mud meatballs stick together)
  • Cooperative play possibilities (e.g. let's cook dinner, let's have a restaurant, let's feed the baby-you be the baby) 
  • Stress reduction (being outdoors in nature helps children relax) 
  • Growing affection for the stuff on our earth-soil, stones, sand, and growing plants (leading to care for our planet)
Please let your child's primary know if you would like your child's clothes changed before they participate in this potentially messy play.  


Highlighting the 
Katie's Kids Support Staff

Nadya Room 7

Hello, my name is Nadya Chiavola! 
I am from Plainfield, IL but currently a student at Illinois State University. I am studying elementary education with an ESL (English as a Second Language) endorsement. I just recently became a member of Katie's Kids staff mid-February of 2018. I have been helping children learn and grow, for the past 5-6 years of my life in a home daycare center. Outside of my education and work, I enjoy spending time with my family, reading books, photography and yoga to stay active. I am so thankful to be a part of this amazing learning center and create loving relationships with the children and staff members! I aspire to be a Chicago Public School teacher after I receive my bachelors degree at Illinois State University. Though my career choice primarily focuses on school-aged children, being a member of Katie's Kids learning center has provided me the opportunity to gain knowledge about child development of all ages through hands-on experience and interactions.

Less Play, More Sensory Issues

Writing in the Washington Post, Valerie Strauss quotes Angela Hanscom, Founder of TimberNook, who explains how the decline in play in preschoolers is leading to a rise in sensory issues:
"As parents and teachers strive to provide increasingly organized learning experiences for children (as I had once done), the opportunities for free play - especially outdoors - is becoming less of a priority. Ironically, it is through active free play outdoors where children start to build many of the foundational life skills they need in order to be successful for years to come...
Preschool years are not only optimal for children to learn through play, but also a critical developmental period. If children are not given enough natural movement and play experiences, they start their academic careers with a disadvantage. They are more likely to be clumsy, have difficulty paying attention, trouble controlling their emotions, utilize poor problem-solving methods, and demonstrate difficulties with social interactions. We are consistently seeing sensory, motor, and cognitive issues pop up more and more in later childhood, partly because of inadequate opportunities to move and play at an early age."