May flowers on hold for more showers!
Apparently Mother Nature didn't get the memo, we should be seeing flowers now, not more showers. This month has been full of rain slowing down our outside work to a crawl. Thankfully you guys have been keeping us busy with other indoor tasks, like wallpaper, hat racks, patching holes, and much much more...
Tip Of The Month: Fixing Screens
As the weather continues warming up you'll likely be opening your windows, but if you have pets, or kids you likely have one or 2 that are broken. while fret no more there is a product at Lowes where all you need is the $11 kit, scissors and a hairdryer. The product is called Screen Mend and it is sure to save you money and time.
Two new to the crew !
We will be adding two new wonderful companies to our Trade Affiliates section of our website. These 2 are wonderful companies with great track records of quality service. We are proud to introduce Mr. Mowitall and Best Plumbing to you before the general public.

Best Plumbing - New in the business AZI has shown incredible customer service skills and great work ethic. His reputation for quality work is proven by his 31 - 10 star reviews on home stars.

Mr. Mowitall - They are an incredibly professional and efficient landscape maintenance company they, work using Visa and MasterCard so there is never a need to mail a cheque, they run on one software system so all your maintenance record are logged with each employee. Their office is at Pape and Danforth and equipment yard at Greenwood and Danforth. This allows them to access your property quickly incase of emergency. They are the standard to which other landscape maintenance crews measure themselves at.
Yes, We Do Wallpaper.
Here is our patented almost before picture... one day we will remember to take it before the work starts. The drab beige walls, are beginning to transform.
The after picture, easy to remember hard to capture. This modern wallpaper was different then we were use to as you had to paint the paste on the wall first. We think in turned out great.